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Dyson Gen5detectEvery time Dyson releases a new product, people tend to take notice. Why? Primarily because Dyson doesn’t launch a new product unless it sees a big need for it, and at the same time, the company only launches products that are well-made, tested and bug-free, and that tend to perform better than their competitors. Dyson has just launched not just one new product, but ‘s been at the forefront of cleaning hardware for years, and they’re always looking to innovate. So, every Dyson new product release is an event that people look forward to. This year is no exception, with well-thought-out refinements to old favorites.

New Dyson stick vacuum: Dyson Gen5detect

Dyson has announced a new cordless vacuum lineup: The Dyson Gen5detect and the Dyson Gen5outsize which are upgrades to their predecessors, the V12 and the V15 (both of which are still available). The key upgrade of Dyson gen5 is supposed to be a new Fluffy Optic cleaner head should which uses light to make dust and debris more visible as you clean so you know which areas to pay more attention to while vacuuming. You can read or watch our FULL Gen5detect REVIEW right here.

All pieces of Dyson Jen five Det. vacuum laid out in display format on the floor. Dyson vacuum Gen5detect has  improved HEPA filtration system should help capture up to 99.9% of particles all the way down to 0.1 microns. Don’t forget; these are equipped with Dyson’s excellent ultra-quiet and strong-suction Hyperdymium  motor. We have had a chance to review numerous Dyson stick vacs, like the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, Dyson OmniGlide for hard floors, and the Dyson Outsize Absolute + so take a look at some of the other models that are available too.

  • Pricing: $1,199.99 CAD
  • Canadian Availability: June 6, 2023

New Dyson robot vacuum: Dyson 360 Vis Nav

Dyson 360 Vis NavOn the other hand, product designers working in the robot vacuum department decided to focus on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and navigation features of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™. It can now redirect suction power to the edges of the unit so it can suck dust and debris from corners more efficiently.

The improved AI  of Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum also helps it remember where it’s already cleaned and scout areas of the house that it hasn’t already cleaned during a session. It also gives you a dust map of your home to give you an idea of which rooms get more dust buildup and might need more cleaning.

Interestingly the botvac uses Dyson’s anti-static floor cleaning rollers combined with carpet beaters for a ‘triple-action’ underside that claims to be able to better clean both hard floors and carpets. We’re hoping to get hands-on with this machine (though it’s not due out until 2024!), so stay tuned to see if this bears out. Meantime, we’rve reviews a lot of robot vacuums so you can check out some of the top-tier competitors, like the Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI, or the Roborock S7 Max V Ultra. Or even the new Roborock S8 Pro Ultra.

Looking at the price structure for Dyson 360 Vis Nav

  • Pricing: $1,899.99 CAD
  • Canadian Availability: 2024

A quieter purifier: Dyson Big+Quiet Purifiers

Dyson big and quiet purifierThe 360 Vis Nav and the Gen5 devices are definitely excellent at cleaning dust that’s already settled on the floor, carpets, and other furniture. However, particles are ever-present in the air around us. That’s why Dyson came up with another solution to clean particles from the air as well, through the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet™ Formaldehyde, specifically designed for cleaning the air in large rooms including larger open-plan spaces.

The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Purifier, on the other hand, is targeted for smaller rooms. Both air purifiers have powerful, built-in projection motors that aid in circulating clean air around the room and helping polluted air find its way to the purifier’s filters.

These machines can often run loudly and disturb workers or sleepers, so Dyson has apparently tackled that problem with these devices. While you’re pondering this newest version, check out our reviews of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool fan, or one of these Dyson fans.

  • Pricing: $1,399.99 CAD
  • Canadian Availability: July 2023

Wet mopping: Dyson Submarine lineup

For users of the Dyson V12 and V15 stick vacs, there’s a new cleaning option; possibly designed to compete with all the hybrid wet-dry uprights we’re seeing hit the market, like the Tineco Floor One and Roborock Dyad Pro.

Dyson SubmarineThe Dyson Submarine lineup is similar to the v-line in that you get a stick vac, but the Submarine version also add a wet roller head for wet floor cleaning without oversaturating. The new wet roller head uses a pressurized chamber for even water distribution across the full width of the roller, while the powered microfibre roller scours up spills, tough stains and small debris. Dyson says these wet mopping heads can clean up to 1180 sq. ft, thanks to a 300ml clean water tank. Amazingly there’s both dirty and clean water tanks inside this small cleaning head, with Dyson explaining the unit extracts contaminated water from the wet roller and sucks it into a separate dirty water tank to make sure you’re not smearing dirty water around.

  • Pricing: $1,399.99 CAD
  • Canadian Availability: June 6, 2023

New Dyson hair tool: Dyson Airstrait Straightener

Dyson airstrait 1Lastly, don’t think that Dyson forgot about our hair. The uber-popular Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (which we reviewed here), Corrale, and the Airwrap styler now have another cousin: the Airstrait Straightener. This Dyson hairstraightner is an all-in-one wet-to-dry straightener to help you achieve a smooth, sleek look without a damaging hot plate. It works by blowing temperature-controlled air into the hair at exactly the right angle resulting in dry, straight, and, supposedly undamaged hair with no flyaways.

There’s lots to take in from this latest Dyson announcement. We are hoping to get hands-on with as many of these devices as we can, so if you have questions about them, please post them in comments below.


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