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EluneVision Elara Nano Edge projector screen review


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Erin L

Erin L

A good screen is so important if you’re getting a projector. While it is possible to temporarily beam your content onto a wall or a sheet, long term this will affect your enjoyment of your content, particularly if you’re considering investing in something as high quality and detailed as a 4K projector.

EluneVision Elara Nano Edge projector screen review

4K video gives you an extraordinarily detailed image and it’s extremely realistic. When you’re looking at this level of detail, every wrinkle, rip or drywall scuff will be glaringly noticeable. That’s why you need a proper screen.

Review: EluneVision Elara NanoEdge

EluneVision is a Canadian manufacturer of high performance projector screens. They make options that are retractable, or more permanent, and that’s what I’ve got installed. While EluneVision is a sponsor of this review, they let me share my own thoughts on their products and haven’t told me what to say, or not to say.

Set up and assembly: EluneVision screenEluneVision Elara Nano Edge projector screen review

I installed the 106-inch size. You’ll assemble the screen yourself, and while there is a learning curve, it wasn’t hard. It did take two of us to put it together, just because it was so big, but in essence, you assemble and aluminum frame, just like a giant picture frame, then stretch the fine fabric cloth over the frame and lock it in place. Then the EluneVision screen hangs on your wall with cleats. Aerospace grade aluminum means the frame is really strong and stays square, but it’s also lightweight.

While you might need to finesse the corners and make sure the cloth is stretched properly, the screen assembly comes together really well.

What is EluneVision Nano Edge?

The EluneVision Elara NanoEdge also has a nice, narrow black velvet wrapping on the edges of the screen to finish the look off really nicely. But this velvet edge has another purpose: the velvet covered aluminum frame means that any overscan from the projector is absorbed and not reflected, so there’s no glare or bright spots.

The white screen material is what’s called Cinema white Screen with 1.2 gain material. What that mouthful is, in translation, is a perfectly white base, meaning your colors appear brighter and more vivid than with regular screens—or blue walls! The neutral color balance means no color shifting either and it also has a super-smooth micro texture that makes it virtually invisible, so you can focus on your content, not on flaws in the screen.EluneVision Elara Nano Edge projector screen review

Ambient screen backlighting is a must

I also opted for the ambient backlighting kit option. Here, a strip of adhesive-backed coloured LEDs is stuck into a groove at the back of the screen, and it’s powered by this box. Light colours and effects are all controlled with a tiny remote control.

Ambient lighting has a couple of advantages; it looks cool and really adds a new dimension to your home theatre, but it also reduces the strain on your eyes, which can tire your peepers out if you look at a bright screen in a very dark room for too long.

Projector screen makes a huge difference

I can’t say enough what a difference having a screen makes. I should know: before I got this one, I was forced to test my tech gear out on a blue wall in my basement, or on this sad tablecloth. Embarrassing.

EluneVision Elara Nano Edge projector screen review

Now, when I’m using projectors, like the professional JVC (Model DLA-590X) projector I tested most recently in my home theatre, with some sweet home theatre chairs I’m testing from Valencia Home Theatre Seating, I get the real projector experience—which is pretty much like having a professional movie theatre in my home.

You can see so much more detail on the screen, because there’s nothing to distract from the depth and vibrancy of the picture.

Overall review: EluneVision Elara NanoEdge screen

Overall, I really love having a proper screen now, and can’t believe it took me this long to get one. I love the super smooth fabric of the EluneVision Elara NanoEdge, and the black velvet edge is a nice touch. I’m also glad I added the backlighting since it takes my theatre to the next level.

While assembling the screen was a big project, we got it done just fine, even though it took some finessing. Just set aside and afternoon to devote to doing it right and you’ll be fine.

The  EluneVision Elara NanoEdge sells for about $500-$800 depending on size and you can find it at Best Buy, Amazon,  from  EluneVision website.

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Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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