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It’s always a good idea to reduce your reliance on the power grid. Constantly relying on the grid can lead to a massive inconvenience when an unexpected power interruption ruins the flow for the day. That’s why it’s a great idea to have at least one solid back up power solution in your house. And right now you can take your first baby steps towards grid independence by taking advantage of BLUETTI’s Power Week Sale this September.

BLUETTI power stations delivers eco-friendly energy solutions to over millions of customers across over 100 countries. With a vast product portfolio covering both indoor and outdoor scenarios, BLUETTI strives for the long-term mission of building a sustainable future to over 100 countries. We’d like to thank you to BLUETTI for being a dedicated sponsor of the website, as their support helps us keep creating more helpful reviews, and fascinating content.

Consistent Power Even During Blackouts

Hurricane Dora, which contributed to the tragic Maui wildfires, and hurricane Hilary which swept across Mexico and over California, caused numerous power outages due to dozens of downed power poles. This led to tens of thousands of customers without electricity. Having a BLUETTI module such as the AC300 can provide you with an additional lifeline for you and your family’s emergency electrical needs if a severe storm ever severed power lines in your area.

The key feature of the BLUETTI AC300 is its modularity as the unit itself doesn’t have any built-in energy storage. Instead, it offers 16 outputs and two special connection ports which allow you to hook up to four BLUETTI B300 batteries. This means you can start small with a single 3,072Wh B300 battery and then slowly expand your capacity up to 12,288Wh! The system is tailor made to power outages thanks to its 24/7 UPS mode which takes a small 20-millisecond interval during the outage to fuel your important household appliances. A typical AC300 bluetti + B300 setup is enough to keep an 800W AC refrigerator running for 12 hours or a 1,000W microwave for 10 hours. Lower wattage appliances like a CPAP machine could last 260 hours.

If that isn’t enough, you can link two BLUETTI AC300 systems together via a Fusion Box Pro (P030A) sold separately and double your power output to 3,000W and capacity to 24,576Wh if you have the eight B300 batteries to fully load both inverter modules. This is the kind of power backup solution that can tackle an entire week’s worth of power outage.

If you’re looking for a more compact solution for better mobility, the BLUETTI EP500Pro has you covered. This power station is an all-in-one package sporting a built-in 5,120Wh LiFePO₄ battery while providing the same 3,000W pure sine wave output. Moving the EP500Pro is simple thanks to the four wheels on the bottom adding convenience to powering indoor appliances like refrigerators and outdoor appliances like lawnmowers and electric saws. Even though the main purpose of the EP500Pro is to provide up to 2 days of emergency electricity during an outage, you may also use it for those sudden tailgate parties or any DIY projects you need to suddenly work on and a power outlet isn’t available. Remember, the EP500Pro and other BLUETTI products support solar charging so you can essentially hook up your 1,000W electric grill for a few hours and have a nice barbecue party without adding a single cent to your energy bill.

AC300+B300+3*PV350  Was C$7,996, Now C$6,297, Save C$1,699
EP500Pro Was C$6,499, Now C$3,999, Save C$2,500

A Power Station for your Cabin

Bluetti, portable power, ac180Planning that great escape to your cabin no longer needs serious sacrifices as the BLUETTI AC200P provides a nice balance between reliable power and portability. Weighing about 60 pounds, you can easily load the AC200P on to a vehicle for transporting to the cabin. Then you can use 2,000W power spec (4,800W surge) to energize numerous power tools like leaf blowers, drills, and saws. In addition to the six 120V/20A AC ports, you can also rely on the five USB ports, dual wireless charging pads, and four 12V DC ports to charge other gadgets. Purchase a pair of Bluetti PV350 solar panels and you can funnel 700W directly from the sun to charge the AC200P in 3.5 to 4 hours. If the 2,000Wh battery capacity isn’t enough, you may also add one or two BLUETTI B230 batteries to double or triple its storage.

For a more compact off-grid living solution, the BLUETTI AC180 fits the bill weighing around 36 pounds which is 40 percent lighter than the AC200P. It can still power a variety of high-powered devices like electric kettles and dryers thanks to the 1,800W power output and 2,700W in its power lifting mode. It still offers the responsive UPS feature allowing you to use it as a backup power source and its 1,152Wh capacity makes it a silent and eco-friendly alternative to gas generators.

AC200P+B230+P090D Was C$4,147, Now C$3,098, Save C$1,049
AC180+PV350 Was C$2,698, Now C$2,198, Save C$500

Supercharge Your Outdoor Escapades

BLUETTI offers even lighter energy solutions for those multi-day hiking, camping, or fishing trips. We are living in an age where we bring all sorts of portable gadgets from smartphones to speakers and drones. When those gadgets run out of juice, you can rely on the 10-pound BLUETTI EB3A with 600W of AC power. Its built-in 268Wh battery is enough to charge a modern iPhone 25 times or a 60W drone up to 4.5 times. If you don’t think a fully charged BLUETTI EB3A is up to the task, you can add a BLUETTI PV200 folding solar panel to recharge the EB3A at 200W.

If your adventure calls for more extreme conditions, the 600W BLUETTI AC60 is up for the task. This 20-pound mini beast has an IP65 rating offering dust and water resistance for added protection to the 403Wh LiFePO4 battery within. You add one or two BLUETTI B80 batteries which are also dust and water resistant to add 806Wh to 1,612Wh worth of extra capacity. Its 7 outlets make the rugged power station fully capable of powering small refrigerators, ice makers, laptops, phones, and other gadgets. The AC60 supports BLUETTI’s Turbo Charging technology providing 600W of AC charging which is enough to fully charge the power station in less than 90 minutes. The BLUETTI AC60 is backed with a 6-year warranty and its battery is rated for over 3,000 cycles.

EB3A+PV200 Was C$1,098, Now C$828, Save C$270
AC60 Was C$899, Now C$699, Save C$200

BLUETTI Power Week is currently live until the end of September 18th (EDT) so order while there is still stock to save up to C$5,000 on BLUETTI’s flagship power products. You’ll also get some cool freebies (BLUETTI cap, BLUETTI T-shirt, BLUETTI hoodie, and BLUETTI refrigerator) if your total purchase amount exceeds certain thresholds including namely C$1500, C$2500, C$3500, and C$6000.

Visit the website now and save big on those limited time offers




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