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Erin L

Erin L

A lot of us are working from home or doing remote learning now. If you’re struggling to get your home office or your home school up to snuff, we can help.

Gadgets and tech to help with working from home

Neewer Desktop Ring Light

A lot of us are doing regular Zoom or Skype meetings now, but video calls can look so… dark and dreary. What can help? In short, light.

The Neewer Ring light is inexpensive and is a small selfie ring light with stand I found on Amazon.

  • It has adjustable lighting, you can make it warmer or cooler, and it’s dimmable so you can adjust for ambient light in the room
  • Runs off USB power from your computer or laptop,
  • also has a phone holder
  • quite inexpensive

Headphones are a must

A good pair of headphones would also help focus on Zoom calls or remote learning.  Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless earbuds with noise cancelling are super for mom and dad, while Skullcandy Indy budget headphones for the kids.

  • With Sennheiser, Noise cancelling essentially listens for outside noise trying to sneak in and it blocks it with a digital signal so you can focus on a call or the kids can focus on a lesson
  • There’s also ambient mode where you can allow background noise in, so you can keep an ear on the kids while you’re listening to a call
  • These Skullcandy Indy earbuds are cool and they’re very inexpensive at around $60 so you can get a pair for each of your kids

Make the Wi-Fi in your home better with Nest Wi-Fi

Speaking of Zoom and Skype meetings, you definitely need a strong Wi-Fi connection… and not everyone has that.You need a mesh Wi-Fi system like Google Nest Wi-Fi.

  • If your Wi-fi isn’t strong or you have dead spots in the house, a mesh Wi-Fi system can help
  • Mesh Wi-Fi can boost or extend the Wi-Fi signal
  • Place the pucks around the house to improve connectivity.
  • Google Mesh Wi-Fi also has parental controls; you can cut off the Wi-Fi to certain devices at certain times if you need to.
  • You can also prioritize certain devices so if mom or dad is on a Skype call, you can boost your own signal and downgrade the kids so you won’t have your signal interrupted if the kids are gaming and watching videos

Add more screens: small or HUGE!

It’s always a good idea to add more screens. Whether you choose a budget option like Amazon Fire HD 8 or LG’s Ultrafine Ergo display monitor.

LG’s Ergo is a 32″ widescreen monitor with 4K resolution so it looks ultra sharp. With all that real estate it means you can multitask with the best of them!

  • Ergonomic Design: Ideal for those spending long hours at their desk, the LG UltraFine Display Ergo Monitor features a unique arm type stand that can easily be adjusted to fit the unique needs of every user. This innovative design supports natural posture and can improve work efficiency and productivity. It is easy to install and adjust as needed throughout your day.
  • Eye Comfort and Clearer Picture Quality:  The 4K resolution allows for crystal-clear quality,  even the smallest details are captured. A Nano IPS display and HDR 10 provide vibrant colour and range resulting in a more dramatic and dynamic visual immersion experience. The LG UltraFine Display Ergo Monitor can also display 4K content.
  • Easy Connectivity: Users can enjoy seamless usable across all their devices with the Thunderbolt and USB Type-C connectivity features of the LG UltraFine Display Ergo Monitor.

With an 8” HD display, Amazon’s compact Fire HD 8 tablet costs just $109CAD and Amazon says it’s 30% faster than previous versions with a 2 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM that they say should allow you to easily multi-task when watching movies, playing games and browsing the web.



Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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