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Villa NERI Smart Pathlight kit: review


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Erin L

Erin L

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, costBy now we’re all familiar with smart lights; these app controlled, Wi-Fi connected lights can make home beautification and home security easy, hands-free and seamless. In North America there are a few familiar smart lighting brands, but I recently had a chance to test out a lovely outdoor smart lighting kit that combines American lighting with Italian design: the Villa NERI Smart Pathlight. I’d like to thank Villa NERI for sponsoring this post, since their support helps me keep the blog and the YouTube channel running and for that I’m grateful.

In this video, I’ll tell you all about the weatherproof Smart Pathlight starter kit and its promises, the set up process, build quality and the overall lighting effects.

About Villa NERI Smart pathlight starter kit

Villa NERI pathlights come equipped with both WiFi-and Bluetooth so you can easily control them from a smartphone or tablet using the free Villa NERI app. You can also manage the lights through a smart home system with your voice like Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Some smart light are battery powered, but these lights are electrical and hardwired to your AC power. Because the Bluetooth and Wi-FI are already built into the lights themselves, you don’t need an additional hub or bridge to get these lights working. In fact, it takes just a few minutes to set them up.

The Villa NERI pathlights can also easily be reconfigured or re-positioned, so your design possibilities are endless.

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, costVilla NERI pathlights: Build Quality & Specs

One of the biggest benefits of these lights is that they’re made of metal (painted stainless steel), compared to cheaper versions that are just plastic. That means they’re durable—a car can even drive over them (see it for yourself in my video!)—these are much like the quality of commercial lighting, but without the hassle or the need for an electrician.

Because these lights will be outdoors, they must hold up under the weather. The Villa NERI Pathlights can withstand all the elements, including extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow.

Even if your area does see some significant temperature fluctuations, the path lights can handle it no problem. They can withstand temperature as low as -30C/-22F and as high as 50C/122F, and Villa NERI says that’s a wider range than their competitors The metal housing has been designed to last more than 25,000 hours, and I can attest to the fact these lights feel well made, heavy and solidly built. The cord and connectors are also more robust than other similar lights and you can put up to 40 lights on a single line here, while with other similar lights you’re limited to just a handful. This makes them perfect for bigger projects and larger areas.

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, costLighting effects: Bright, warm light

The first thing I noticed about the Villa NERI pathlights is they are very bright. With a bright 110-lumen output, the light is also on the warmer side; think more orangey-yellow, as opposed to the harsh blue glare of typical LEDs. These can also be dimmed to any level using the app. The brighter light is thanks to a high-voltage system which allows these lights to have more power output than some other smart outdoor lights.

Even so, the Villa NERI pathlights can be plugged into your sockets without fear of overloading your system.

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, costVilla NERI smart pathlight Features

  • Smartphone/app Villa NERI smart pathlights are controlled via the Villa NERI app which works with iPhone, iPads, or Android devices.
  • Compatible with Smart Home Devices. You can also hook up the Villa NERI with a variety of Smart Home Systems, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Voice Control: Once your lights are connected to Google Home or your preferred smart home system, you can just ask your digital assistant to adjust the lights for you.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Auto-Detection. In the app, you can set up a feature where the app uses your location (via your zip or postal code) to detect the timing of the sunrise and sunset, even as it changes throughout the year. The lights can automatically be turned off or on without you having to constantly adjust them.
  • Individual control over the lights. The lights can either be controlled individually or dimmed altogether as a group. You can do this either via a timer set on your smart device or manually on the app. You can also set a specific schedule based on the days of the week or time of day.

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, costHow To Set Up VillaNERI Smart Pathlights

What I loved about Villa NERI is how easy it was to set up; no need to hire an electrician or a specialist to come in to set up the lights for you. In ten minutes or less, you can get your Villa NERI lights set up and have your yard beautifully illuminated. Here are a few step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Villa NERI path lights.

First, download the Villa NERI app and sign up for or sign into your account. Then connect the app to your home’s Wi-Fi .

Set The Scene

The most challenging part of this whole process is deciding where the lights go! Luckily, the lights are easy to move, so even if you change your mind down the road, it isn’t a hassle. The bridge should be kept closer to your home’s Wi-Fi because it communicates when the lights should be turned off or on.

Position the flange or stakes

The flange is what will keep your lights in place and these get screwed into decking or wood. These are included in the package or if you prefer to place them in a garden area, you can order add-on metal stakes, and I opted for a mix of both around my yard.

Connect The Cables

All that’s left is to connect the cables. Just push them together until they click. Then plug them in to an AC outlet.

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, costLink lights in the Villa NERI App

Once the lights are on, you can add them inside the app, and this takes just seconds; the app will ;’see’ your lights then you just tap to confirm the connection.

Overall review of Villa NERI smart pathlights

Overall, I’m really glad I added these to my backyard. The Villa NERI smart pathlights are quite bright and fill a much larger area than typical smart outdoor lights. They’re also a lovely design and very good quality since these are made of metal and not plastic; I also like that they can look either modern or traditional, depending on your yard; they’re very versatile!

The set up process was very easy and the app works well to keep these running on my schedules; they come on and off at sunrise and sunset perfectly!

Overall, if you’re looking for a higher-end lighting product that’s built to last, you should definitely check out Villa Neri. The smart pathlights sell for about $1199US and you can get them from VillaNERI’s website.**UPDATE: Villa NERI has dropped its prices to $899US for the kit and also is offering an additional 30% off for a limited time using code TechGadgetsCanada

villa neri smart pathlight, review, how to worth it, cost





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Erin L

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