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Spond, what is, how to, costEvery week hundreds of thousands of people all over the world give up their time to coach young people and adults in a sport they love.
But if you’ve ever had to organize a kids event or sports team you know it can be a challenge to keep everyone on the same schedule, and get everyone involved the same information. That’s where the free Spond app comes in, and I’d like to thank Spond for sponsoring this post. The Spond app for Android and iOS aims to streamline sport, group and coaching information and communication so there’s less time organizing and more time enjoying. It is also worth mentioning that Spond is GDPR-compliant, meaning all your information is fully secure, and even though it is free, it has no ads.Spond, what is, how to, cost

Staggeringly, the average coach spends over 8.5hrs a week organizing sessions before the team even steps foot on the field or court.

What is Spond?

Spond is an app that helps coaches or parents organize large events, groups or teams all in one place,. A website version of the app is also available, which may come in handy for the group administrator.

You can manage a kids hockey team, your recreational adult soccer club, a music group or band, scout troupe, or even your book club. Spond makes keeping all relevant info in one place easy!

Spond, what is, how to, costWhat can Spond do?

Spond allow you to invite people to games, practices, or other team or group events. The app, while handy, isn’t required for any group members, so if for some reason someone isn’t yet on the system, they can still get notifications. Members’ can get their alerts via email or as a push notification from the app, and the group administrator will still see the total information like event attendance.

Who is Spond for?

Technology is playing a larger role in a coach’s life, with 93% of coaches currently using some form of technology to manage or plan. Most use email (49%), or WhatsApp (40%), but texts (38%) and Facebook (37%) also play a role. And then there’s needing to manage all of those tools at once..

The developers behind Spond have created a smart organization and productivity tool for groups. From a small group of friends who are trying to plan an outing, to large sports leagues, everyone can stay on the same page by using Spond to communicate instead of numerous other apps or channels.

Easy and efficient communication has never been more important. As a coach or team manager, Spond lets you send direct or group messages to your team members and their guardians, another great thing about Spond— you can use it to safely keep keep the lines of communication open, and get messages across quickly, at what is still a challenging time.

How does Spond work?

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account on the Spond app or website.
You’ll get a code via email to verify your address, then you should be ready to go.

You’ll create a profile, and you can link it to your Facebook profile if you wish. Make sure you turn notifications on when prompted so you’ll be kept up to date if events or things in your group change.

Spond, what is, how to, costYou’ll choose whether you’re an administrator or a parent, and you can have multiple admins, if that’s what you need. You can even designate coaches, for example, to have some communication responsibility within the team structure; the batting coach can communicate with the hitters for a special practise, while the pitching coach can set up exercises with the hurlers, for example. This saves time because parents and team members aren’t wading through endless messages, trying to find the ones that are relevant to them.

If you have a contact list or spreadsheet with everyone’s contact info, you can import it into the website to save tones of time. Or, just add your pals one by one if you’re a small group.

Choose they type of group you want to create, then you can name your group and create subgroups. An example of this would be to create one large group for your kid’s sports team, then a subgroup for the coaches, a subgroup for the parents and another for whose turn it is to bring the snacks or the Tang. Round it out by choosing whether your group is for adults or kids

Once that’s done, you can begin inviting members.

Privacy is built in to Spond

Privacy is important to parents and it’s important to Spond. For that reason, groups on Spond aren’t searchable; you’ll need to be an invited guest to join in. That’s both a safety and a privacy feature, which is particularly great for children’s groups.

With all your members in the loop, you can create events, post messages, share event photos, documents, permission forms or files, do polls, or even collect fees so you don’t have to worry about handling cash, or running money through your own bank accounts.. There’s even a feature to eliminate notifications for folks who haven’t paid their team fees, for example.

The app interface is simple and easy. If you have the app, you can have Spond add the events to your calendar automatically! It couldn’t be simpler.

With events, you can make them one time or recurring. Spond has thought of all the possibilities.

Spond, what is, how to, costKeep team & group communication organized

There’s instant messaging built into the Spond app, so all your group and team communications are easily findable; no more hunting through emails, text and voicemails to double check that game start time, when you can’t remember how you got the message in the first place.

You can also see who’s responding to posts within your family; The child and all guardians that are connected with that child will receive a push notification alerting them that they have replied to an event. This is a very smart feature if, for example, a child has divorced parents.

Another handy option? You can tell exactly who’s read posts, so you know who’s in the loop and who may need a nudge. You can send private messages, or broadcast alerts to the crowd.

When it comes to how to communicate among large groups, and even multilayered groups, Spond has thought of everything you need to communicate.

Spond, what is, how to, costHow much does Spond cost?

Spond is absolutely free to use, but If you use it to collect fees, there is a small transaction charge.

So stop using services like WhatsApp, Email, TeamSnap, SMS, Facebook, etc. and start using a service that’s purpose- built for teams and clubs. Your life as a coach, or parent will be a lot easier!

To learn more about Spond, check out spond.com

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