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msi, prestige, 14, review, how to, pinkWhether you’re getting back to your studies, or working from home, now is a great time to think about a new laptop. With so many more of us working, creating and needing to stay connected remotely, a powerful laptop that can multitask is important now more than ever. I recently had a chance to spend some time with the MSI Prestige 14 (model A10SC-248CA) and I’m going to tell you all about it. But first I’d like to thank MSI for sponsoring this post, since it helps me keep the blog and the YouTube channel running.

All about MSI Prestige 14 Pink

You can’t help but stand out with the MSI Prestige 14. The modern, minimalist design gleams in a really unique pink hue which I love.

More than just a pretty face, the MSI Prestige 14 is a practical and innovative piece of technology. It’s very lightweight, meaning you can take it with you anywhere without feeling weighed down. It has a long-lasting battery life and powerful 6-core processor. This is a laptop that can keep up with the fast-paced world of design and content creation, making it ideal for bloggers, YouTubers and remote workers or digital nomads like me.

The Prestige Series is ergonomic and responsive, and the Prestige 14 has superior-quality graphics, specialized system modes for content creation and 16GB of RAM, making it an indispensable tool for independent creatives. The Prestige 14 runs the latest Windows 10 Pro, an operating system designed with creatives in mind.

Let’s dig into some of the key features….

msi, prestige, 14, review, how to, pinkKEY FEATURES: MSI Prestige 14 in pink

Backlit Keyboard and 180 degree hinge

The backlit keyboard with 1.5mm key travel means you can work easily in low light conditions and the keyboard is comfortable to type on.

The special 5-degree hinge design lets you open it wide, and also lifts the laptop off the work surface, giving you a bit of a more optimal angle for typing.

MSI Prestige 14: 14″ 4K Screen

The screen is beautiful and easy on the eyes. It’s a 14” with Ultra high Definition 4K resolution (3842×2160) and all your attention will be on that sharp screen, thanks to the slim bezel.

The screen is sharp and detailed and beautifully colourful too, thanks to AdobeRGB 100% color gamut and True Color Technology. This package is designed especially to capture the details important to creatives like photographers, video editors and graphic designers, so I definitely appreciated that.

msi, prestige, 14, review, how to, pinkMSI Prestige 14: Memory & processor

Never worry about overloading your memory; with 16GB of RAM, the Prestige 14 can flawlessly accommodate all your needs, from editing large project files, to gaming. The 6-core 10th Gen. Intel® CoreTM i7 processor (Comet Lake), will ensure high performance.

NVIDIA GeForce® GTX1650 Max Q

Working with video demands speed. Supercharge your content creation with the NVIDIA GeForce® GTX1650 Max Q graphics card. This gives you maximum support on your photo, video and design apps, so you can work without waiting for your computer to catch up to your creativity.


Two onboard speakers are part of the package here to give you clear sound quality so you can really refine your video, music or gaming experience.

msi, prestige, 14, review, how to, pinkCreate videos with the 720p HD webcam

Cultivate sophisticated, flawless videos with beautiful image quality thanks to the Prestige 14’s superb HD webcam. It’s great whether you want to chat, or shoot your videos directly on your laptop.

Ports & plug-ins: Micro SD Card Reader

The MSI Prestige 14 has a Micro SD Card Reader for fast, convenient transfer of files from your memory card to your laptop, so there’s no end to the creative possibilities! There’s also two USB, and two USB-C ports and a headphone jack.

MSI Prestige 14: Fast Charging Power & 10 Hours battery life

Need power fast? With just 15 minutes of charging giving you 1.5 hours of battery life, the Prestige 14 can keep up with even the most on-the-go individuals. What’s more, it boasts 10 hours of battery life at full charge which means no more stressing about running out of creative juices – your laptop is ready to respond whenever inspiration strikes.msi, prestige, 14, review, how to, pink

Silky Glass Multi Touch Touchpad with Fingerprint reader

Security on a laptop is important, so the fingerprint reader is ready to keep your files secure. The hyper-responsive Silky Glass Multi Touch Touchpad and Windows Hello lets you login seamlessly with face or fingerprint recognition, making for a sign-in experience that’s both faster and more secure than a simple password.

How to use Flip-n-Share on MSI Prestige 14

It’s never been so easy to share or collaborate since the Prestige 14’s 180° screen rotation allows you to lie the laptop flat and flip your screen content with the press of a button. There’s a small button on the number line near the top of the keyboard – hit it and you’re ready to flip out!

Military-Grade Durability

MSI has always been focused on durability with its laptops, and the Prestige 14 is no exception. The Prestige 14 meets the military standard drop tests, but even so it’s still lightweight and portable.

MSI Prestige 14: what is Creator Center?

One cool feature of the Prestige 14 is the intelligent Creator Center.  This all-in-one control panel gives you easy access to your apps and program systems so you can make adjustments more easily.

msi, prestige, 14, review, how to, pinkOverall thoughts on MSI Prestige 14 laptop in pink

Combining looks and power, the MSI Prestige in  Pink is a fantastic laptop for creatives.

With all the tools you need, plus the power and battery life to drive them, this is a laptop that will keep up with your demands.

MSI Prestige 14 in pink has a few different prices depending on your options. You can check prices and availability through places like Amazon.

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