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Do you have guests on the way to spend a couple days (or weeks!) at your home? Unless you’re a passive-aggressive savage, you probably want them to feel comfortable and at home. While cozy sheets, plush pillows and a nice pitcher of water and fresh towels are the basics, you can use technology and gadgets to keep your visitors comfortable, and busy too.

Slip a Roku Streaming Stick+ into the guest room

Got a TV in the guest room that doesn’t have cable? Pick up a reasonably priced Roku Streaming Stick+. This small, portable, powerful, streaming device capable of processing 4K HDR video so your guests can watch TV in the comfort of their room.

or, Add Amazon Fire TV Cube

Want to really wow those guests? Add a TV they can talk to into the guest bedroom. Amazon Fire TV Cube has Alexa integration, Amazon’s voice assistant. Alexa’s incredible voice search functionality lets them ask to turn the TV on or off, adjust volume or for shows, actors or genres on Amazon Video or via your Netflix account (pro tip: create a guest user account so they don’t muck up your Netflix profile!). They never need to get up from your cozy guest bed!

or… Install Hisense Roku R6 4K TV

Hisense, roku, 4k, smart, tv, review, how to, canadaIf your guest room doesn’t have a TV, you can actually pick up a good sized smart TV for a decent price. The Hisense Roku R6 4K TV feels fantastic with its crystal-clear details and lifelike scenes. The TV supports 4K HDR video, and razor-sharp images sometimes have so much depth and look so real that some of you may reach your hands to touch them. The built-in Roku operating system has a simple and user-friendly interface so even if they’re not used to streaming, you can easily walk them through it.

Get a Keurig K-Mini Plus for guest coffee any time

Coffee. Must have coffee. If you’re a late sleeper, but your guest is an early riser you need to make sure they can caffeinate themselves. Keep a Keurig K-Mini Plus and a box or two of pods in the kitchen. It’s a very compact design that can brew one cup of coffee of either 6 or 12 ounces. The Keurig K-Mini Plus also comes with the nifty auto turn-off feature and is easy to operate so you shouldn’t need to be awoken for instructions.

Install a smart digital assistant with speaker so guests have a tour guide

how to, guest room, tech, technologyAmazon Echo Spot with Clock

Many of us use our phones to wake us up, but sometimes when you’re in a place away from home, it’s nice to keep an eye on the time (hello, jet lag!) or to have the option of turning the phone off and letting an alarm clock wake you. The Amazon Echo Spot with Clock is a voice controlled digital assistant with a built in alarm clock feature.

Having an Amazon Echo device for guests is a great idea; they can ask Alexa what time the local market opens, hoe much admission to the museum is, or to listen to an audio book or podcast. It’s a nice little extra for the guest bedroom.

Google, Nest, Mini, review, smart home, speakerGoogle Nest Mini

Similarly, the Google Nest Mini is the new Google Assistant-enabled speaker. Packed in here are three speakers (but no clock) with improved sound quality and powerful bass. Guests can ask Google for help, directions and travel times and even for the assistant to tell them a joke. This subtle assistant package can be set on the bedside table or hung on the wall to free up space.

Give your guests a good night’s sleep

Polysleep, mattress, review, promo code, coupon code, save money, discount code, mattress in a box, sleepToss that leftover mattress & replace with Polysleep Mattress

No time to go shopping for a new bed for the guest room? Get a high quality mattress delivered to your door—all you need to do is unroll it!

The Polysleep Mattress is made of multi-layered foam with additional edge support foam that will create a super comfy guest room. Designed, sourced, and made in Canada, the Polysleep also comes liquid-repellent cover, soft support transition layers, and high-density foam base. If you want a budget-friendly foam mattress that feels like a spring-coil version, the Polysleep Mattress is an excellent choice. Click here to read the Polysleep mattress review and get a discount code!

casper glow, sleep wake, light, help fall asleep, gently, review, how toWake guests gently using Casper Glow Sleep Wake Lights

If your guests are the late sleepers but that doesn’t jive with your schedule, you can subtly wake your visitors up with these subtle lights.

Casper Glow are sleep-wake lights, but you control them with your smartphone. Set them to start to come on at a certain time, and they’ll begin to slowly glow—just like a sunrise. Let the gentle light wake your guests so you can all get on with the day. They also double as bedside lamps too and they’re portable so guests can take them to light the way to the bathroom, or to grab a midnight glass of water.

Use tech to help your guests feel pampered

SAJE AROMA OM DIFFUSER, REVIEW, essential oil, holiday, christmas, gold, how toAdd Sage Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser to the guest room

A nice smelling home is a welcoming home, amIright? If you want to freshen up the air inside your home during winter without using fake scents or sprays, diffusers such as the Sage Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser, are a good alternative, and one on the bedside table with an array of fresh oils lets guests control their own scent environment. The Sage diffuser also doubles as a humidifier which is handy during the dry winters. Try it with a festive set of essential oils like Saje Wellness Essential Holiday Oils with scents like Tree Scents, and my favorite, Peppermint Twist.

foreo ufo facial light, masksSpa at home with Foreo UFO Light Therapy

A fun way to make your guests feel welcome is to leave out the Foreo UFO and some face masks so they can papmer themselves. Foreo UFO is a small puck-sized, hand-held device that uses heat and cooling, light, and ultrasonic vibrations to give facial treatments that last around 90 seconds. The Foreo UFO is designed to be used in combination with unique beauty masks and the combination of light and serums creates softer, rejuvenated skin. It’s fun for guests to try and even more fun for you to keep using afterwards. It’s also cheaper than taking your whole group to the spa!

Those are just a few ways you can add a little tech to your house, ‘tech the halls’, we might say. Above all, enjoy time over the holidays with family and friends.

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