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After many years on the same queen size mattress I decided it was high time to upgrade to a real grown up bed. I was ready for a King size bed, so I spent a lot of time shopping around to see what’s out there. A couple years ago I had good luck trying a mattress in a box; that’s where the mattress shows up on your doorstep, rolled up and vacuum packed inside a box, and all you have to do is open it up, lay it out and unwrap. I came across Canadian mattress company Polysleep in my searching, and since I like to patronize Canadian businesses whenever possible I thought Polysleep would be a great choice for our bedroom upgrade. So I ordered a Polysleep mattress and king sized pillow.

Polysleep mattress review

You can order a Polysleep mattress right off their website and if you use the links in this blog, you’ll get 20% off your purchase; choose your size, and any other things you need, and it arrives at your door in a few days. Shipping is free.

What happened after 1 year? Polysleep review update

I reccently posted an update to this review, about what happened a year after we got our Polysleep. Watch it here:

How do you know if you’ll like the mattress? What happens if you don’t like it?

Polysleep, mattress, review, promo code, coupon code, save money, discount code, mattress in a box, sleep

I guess the short answer is—you don’t! But mattress companies like Polysleep are getting smart about this. Order the mattress and try it out; you get 100 nights to sleep on it. If you don’t like it, they come and pick it up and give you a full refund. The logic behind this is that testing a mattress in a store for 10 or 20 minutes can’t realistically give you a good picture. Some say you need at least 6 weeks to truly adjust, which is why Polysleep offers a 100 night trial. I like this and it definitely makes me feel like I have an ‘out’ if for some reason this bed just ain’t cutting it.

Setting up the Polysleep mattress

Setting up the mattress is easy, but it’s a good idea to have a second person around. The King sized mattress weighs about 80 pounds, so, you know, lift with the back.

Polysleep, mattress, review, promo code, coupon code, save money, discount code, mattress in a box, sleepWhile I didn’t receive any instructions for exactly how to do this, fortunately I’ve tried a mattress like this before, so I knew what to do.
First, bring the mattress box into the room where you’ll be setting it up before you open it. You’ll unbox the mattress here, and it’s tightly rolled up inside a firm plastic sleeve. Maneuver it onto your bed frame and lay it out. Then, carefully start to cut the plastic open; watch that you don’t cut the mattress!
As soon as air starts getting in there, the mattress will instantly uncompress and take shape and in seconds, you’ve got a fully restored mattress.

What is Polysleep mattress made of?

Polysleep, mattress, review, promo code, coupon code, save money, discount code, mattress in a box, sleep

What is Polysleep mattress made of?

A Polysleep mattress isn’t like your typical mattress with springs and trim and pillow tops. This mattress is all specialized foam, layered to make it both strong and comfortable, according to Polysleep.

Let’s take a look at what it’s made up of:

The Polysleep Mattress has a Soft Liquid Repellent Cover. The soft cover helps minimize any spills or accidents. It’s machine washable—which you definitely can’t do with a traditional mattress. The sides are made of mesh, which is supposed to create better airflow and breathability.

The top layer of the mattress is called the Breathable Top Layer. It uses Hybrid foam which conforms to your body by identifying and relieving pressure points. This also helps to regulate your body temperature.

The Polysleep mattress has a Proprietary Support Frame. This foam ‘frame’ around the edges helps give the bed it’s shape and provides support. It also keeps your mattress from flattening when you sit on the edge and reinforces the structure.

I can definitely say that sitting on the edge of the Polysleep mattress felt like sitting on a traditional mattress; it’s firm and supportive and doesn’t feel like I’m about to slide off a scant piece of foam.

In the middle is the Polysleep ‘Comfortable Transitional Layer’. The transitional layer works as a gentle bridge between the softer, cushiony top layer and the more rigid base layer .

And on the bottom, there’s what Polysleep calls the Supportive Foam Base
Developed with high-density foam, the base layer acts almost like a box spring so you get support and reinforcement.

A couple other features worth pointing out? The mattress uses Antimicrobial foam to help keep dust and bacteria away. Plus all the Polysleep Mattresses are designed and assembled in Montreal, Canada.

black friday tech deals, canada, best,

How’s the sleep quality on Polysleep mattress?

You get 100 nights to try this out, but after just a couple I was feeling pretty good about it.

The Polysleep mattress is firm and supportive; it’s not soft and too mushy. I slept more soundly than I have in a while on the new mattress. Part of why I slept so well might very well be the larger size compared to my old queen, but one of the things I noticed was that there was very little motion transfer across the bed. Even when my husband got up in the night to let the dogs out he didn’t wake me.

The mattress has a noticeable ability to keep any movement localized, so tossing and turning also wasn’t a problem.
I didn’t find the mattress too hot either. I’ve added some more blankets to the bed since Calgary is already in the early throes of winter, and even on warmer nights I wasn’t sweaty.

How will this mattress hold up over time? It’s pretty early in the game for me to guess, but since the Polysleep Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty, I’m not worried.

Polysleep Pillow Review

Polysleep, mattress, review, promo code, coupon code, save money, discount code, mattress in a box, sleep, pillow

I opted to try a Polysleep Pillow along with the mattress. This pillow it adjustable as it turns out. The pillow is a combination of a 100% cotton outer cover, a microfibre fill for softness, and 4 supportive inner layers of different size hybrid foam for support. To make it perfect for you, add or remove the different layers of hybrid foam to adjust its size, and shape.

The outer-cover can be washed, we recommend hand-washing, or to tumble in dryer on low, using dryer balls. The inner layers cannot be washed, again, unlike a regular pillow.

In my weeks of testing I found the pillow never compressed or lost its shape; it felt exactly the same night after night, which is the complete opposite of every other pillow I’ve ever had where you need to fluff, flip and twist it to get it right.

The pillow is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Polysleep, mattress, review, promo code, coupon code, save money, discount code, mattress in a box, sleep

Overall review of Polysleep Mattress & Pillow

Overall, I’m about three weeks into my trial period and I really like this mattress and so does my husband. It’s comfortable but supportive, cool, and keeps its shape well. The pillow is a dream too. If I had any cons about this mattress, it’s that there should probably be instructions in the package. If I hadn’t done this before I probably would have made a mess out of it. If you watched the follow-up video above, you’ll see we’re still enjoying our mattress and it’s held up like a dream.

Polysleep Promo Code, Coupon Code, Discount Code

I’m really satisfied with the mattress. So much so, I’ve signed up for Polysleep’s affiliate program. They’re not paying me, and they haven’t told me what to say or not say in my review here, but if you decide you want to get a Polysleep mattress, you can use the links throughout this blog post and you’ll get 20% off the mattress.

The queen size Polysleep mattress sells for about $850CAD or about $950 for the King. The pillow is $80. You can find them on Polysleep’s website.

*A note about Affiliate Links: Occasionally I will include affiliate links in my reviews. I do this partly for convenience of the reader (since I’ll almost always include a link to the company website or similar anyway) in case you want to read more or purchase but I also may get a small commission from the click, which helps me keep the blog running. If you chose to use this link I thank you greatly for supporting the blog. There’s no obligation or cost to you for using this link.

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