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You can thank Zoom calls and video conferencing for the fact we’re more aware of our appearances than before. After all, watching yourself on screen for hours a day draws attention to things like make-up, skincare and of course our hair. If you’re looking to up your Zoom game, you might be interested in a new line of smart hair tools from T3. The T3 Lucea ID flat iron and Curl ID curling iron are made to adapt to individual hair types. I had a chance to use these two tools over the last few weeks and I’ll tell you what I found.

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T3 Lucea ID flat iron and Curl ID curling iron review

T3 has long been recognized for their salon-quality styling tools and I’ve had the opportunity to review a few of them over the last few years. They’ve taken hair styling technology to a new level with the company’s new Heat ID technology.

With HeatID you are able to customize your hair styling experience, since the irons will now take into account your hair’s texture, type and color treatment status and set a recommended and safe, non-damaging heat selection. T3 says this technology eliminates the guesswork from hair styling, and doesn’t limit you to a handful of temperature settings that you need to guess at choosing, and produces beautiful results with less damage. These tools combine this technology with new ceramic plates and ion generators to create a better overall hair styling experience.

Both the T3 Lucea ID flat iron and Curl ID curling iron feature the classic T3 sleek white and rose gold design, with new imbedded touch controls.

t3, micro, lucea, curl, heat, id, smart, curl, flat, iron, review

T3 Lucea ID review

The 1” T3 Lucea ID flat iron has several settings. You can simply choose one of the 9 heat settings (and while these aren’t labeled on the iron, they are listed in the manual for the Curl ID; lowest setting is 260F/127C and the highest is410F/210C). But the real magic comes in using that Heat ID technology.

With the iron, and some guidance from the manual, you’ll identify your hair’s texture (fine, medium or coarse), length (above the chin is considered short, neck to shoulders is medium  and below the shoulders is long) and if it’s coloured or not.

The first time you make these choices you’ll lock them in and then you don’t need to reprogram it each time.

There’s also a ‘refresh mode’ that lets you touch up your previous day’s style with less heat and damage.

The T3 Lucea ID flat iron has a one hour safety shutoff , a nine foot, 360 degree swiveling cord that prevents twists or tangles from forming, and an auto voltage capability that makes the Lucea ID the perfect travel companion.

Using The T3 Lucea ID flat iron

t3, micro, lucea, curl, heat, id, smart, curl, flat, iron, reviewRight away I loved the looks of these tools; they’re sleek and beautiful. I found the iron easy to program and set and the touch controls worked really well.

T3’s CeraGloss ceramic plates really captured my attention; they are so smooth and slick, with absolutely no grabbing or pulling. For the most part, I was able to smooth and straighten my hair in one pass.

The Lucea ID heats quickly using what T3 calls its Rapid Heat feature, and in my tests it was ready to go in just over one minute.

Let’s talk about how the Heat ID works. I made my choices on the device according to my hair: it’s medium textured, medium length and coloured.

The Lucea ID doesn’t tell you much about your setting, it just programs the right hat level, balancing enough heat to lock in the style, while not overheating and damaging your hair.

But it is possible to figure out what it’s up to.

My regular setting on my other flat iron is 220C / 425F. Using the temperature guide in the Lucea manual, I could tell that the Heat ID has chosen 180C/370F for my hair. Overall I did feel like I was able to successfully use less heat but I was still getting the results I wanted.

t3, micro, lucea, curl, heat, id, smart, curl, flat, iron, reviewOverall the T3 Lucea ID flat iron does a beautiful job with my hair and I’m happy that its able to use less heat to do it.

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T3 Curl ID review

The Curl ID is an elevated version of the classic clip curling iron, with that smart technology built to help you get the perfect curl.

t3, micro, lucea, curl, heat, id, smart, curl, flat, iron, review

The size of the barrel is 1 ¼” or 34mm .The T3 Curl ID curling iron also uses the T3 Rapid HeatIQ Technology and it also has nine heat settings. Like the Lucea ID, it also uses the new CeraGloss ceramic technology to produce smooth and shiny curls and waves, the Curl ID has auto world voltage and it also has a one hour automatic shutoff plus a nine foot swiveling cord, and a small rubberized stand to sit the base on the counter, as well as a little support on the cool-touch end of the barrel which is another nice addition because it also keeps it from wobbling. And gives you something to hold onto. The iron tong is also wide and flat and smooth, making for a more comfortable grip.

t3, micro, lucea, curl, heat, id, smart, curl, flat, iron, review

The settings on the Curl ID are slightly different than the Lucea ID: here you can set temperature manually also, but your choices for Heat ID are selecting texture, (fine, medium or coarse), if it’s chemically treated (like smoothing or perming; this is also the setting to choose if your hair is very fragile or damaged) and if it’s coloured or not.

The Curl ID has an ion generator that helps boots shine, eliminate frizz, and works to ensure your curls will last.

Using T3 Curl ID

t3, micro, lucea, curl, heat, id, smart, curl, flat, iron, review

Like the Lucea ID, this curling iron heats up in about a minute. Using it on my medium textured, medium length and coloured hair, the Head ID setting chose level 4 for heat (325F/163C). I was pretty shocked it would go that low since I’ve been curling my hair on much higher settings for years and needing to hold each piece for about 10 seconds to get results. With the Curl ID though I only had to hold each piece for about 5-6 seconds to get a perfect curl. I was really surprised and pleased that I’m now able to get good curls with a lot less heat and half the time!

Overall review: T3 Lucea ID flat iron and Curl ID curling iron

Overall I’m loving these tools. I love the looks; and they’re sure pretty sitting out on my bathroom counter. I love the results I’ve been getting with these tools too; and I’m absolutely shocked and delighted that I can get the same results some of my old tools have been giving me with less heat, fewer passes, and less time.

Downsides? The touch controls can be a little finicky; you need to ensure you’re touching them evenly and holding to get the power on for example. But I’m sure that will just take some getting used to.

Overall though I can definitely recommend both the T3 Lucea ID flat iron and Curl ID curling iron if you’re looking to upgrade your hair tools.

T3 Lucea ID flat, and Curl ID curling iron sell $235USD each and you can get them from T3’s website.

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