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She looks cute, right? Kica is our mischievous puppy and ever since we cut a hole in the fence to allow our Husqvarna Automower 415X through, she’s been sneaking through the opening. So we needed a solution. Enter the Husqvarna Automower fence door. This special two-way door allows your Automower in and out, but it locks into place, meaning no cuteness sneak attacks. In this review, I’ll look at the door and what you need, how it works, how it’s installed and other considerations you might have. I’ll wrap things up with the pros and cons and let you know if I think it’s a good add-on for you.

What is the Husqvarna Automower Fence Door?

The Husqvarna Automower Door is a special gate that creates an opening for your robot lawn mower to come and go securely.

Husqvarna fence door 2

The gate is perfectly sized to allow the mower access, and works by sending a Bluetooth signal from your mower to the door, unlatching the swinging door to allow the Automower to roll through it. Once the mower is through, it locks the door again. This means your mower can go between secure areas, but pets can’t.

It can be installed in a couple of different types of fences


Husqvarna automower Fence door

The first thing I’ll say is that you’ll likely want to consult a Husqvarna dealer before you opt for this. Depending on the type of fence you have the door may or may not work for you. The Automower door is meant to be installed by your local dealer, for two reasons; one is that there needs to be a special retrofit of your mower. A Bluetooth Module will be professionally added into the mower to signal the door, and small fins also need to be installed so the door doesn’t accidentally hit the stop button on top of the mower. The other is that the door needs to be positioned appropriately so it can still support your fence, while swinging clearly in both directions.

At our house, the area we had previously created for the mower to enter and leave the yard was through a gate I needed to open each time. I thought we might be able to replace the bottom of the gate with the door. But thanks to the small size of the gate, and a pier block, this exit was no longer an option. So we actually needed to re-lay the boundary and guide wire in our yard. It’s not a big job but it does take time… so I’d say if you’re going to consider the door, even down the road, make sure it will fit in your space, and design for that now, to save time in the future.

We took the mower to the dealer for the Bluetooth install and the addition of the fins.

Husqvarna automower 415xNext up a hole was cut in the fence and the door was installed.

Essentially there are two sides to the frame that sandwich the fence boards, and the frame is kind of self-supporting too. The door is hung on a bracket on the frame, and a locking pin keeps it in place. When the Bluetooth module signals it, latches in the door retract and allow it to swing freely. After the Bluetooth module leaves the door zone, the lock engages again. The door is powered by four D-cell batteries which are easily replaceable. Batteries are installed on the backside of the door under a weatherproof panel held in with some small screws. The door itself is also weatherproof and low maintenance.

All told, with the construction on our fence, it took about two hours to install.

Using the Automower door

Husqvarna fence door 2

Using the Automower door is seamless, and requires nothing from you, after the initial installation. The mower asks for and gets permission to pass all on its own so no more opening my gate for the bot.  The mower approaches to door and the Bluetooth signals the latch to disengage, the mower then pushes through the door and the roller bar on the bottom of the door rolls over the Automower, while the added plastic fins keep it from hitting the Stop button. Once the bot is through and out of Bluetooth range, the door locks again, until the bot returns. The gate does need to swing both directions to allow the mower to pass both in and out. Essentially, the door itself is not powered; it’s the pushing action of the mower passing through it opens and closes it. Simple but effective.

Adding the door also allowed us to expand the Automower 415X’s range to cut an additional strip of grass out from of our house.

Now, the lawn gets cut, the dogs are safe … and the colour of the Automower door even matches my fence… and I didn’t even plan that.

Overall review: Husqvarna Automower Door

Overall this door is a real smart addition to our yard. On the pro side, it provides seamless access to the mower—no help from me required. Perhaps most importantly, it keeps our dogs safe too. Downsides? You’ll want to plan for this when you get your mower, since it will likley be a bigger hassle to add it after the fact.  The Automower door sells for about $500CAD And for now is available only through a Husqvarna dealer.

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If you’ve got pets and an Automower, this gate is a game changer.


  • Works well
  • Door powered by replaceable batteries
  • Works in all types of fence


  • Expensive
  • Requires Pro installation
  • Only one colour option
  • Door is on the large side

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