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Sennheiser 450BT reviewImpact-Site-Verification: -1767000747 With more of us now working from home, a good pair of headphones is important. It can block out barking dogs, active neighbours, or just distracting traffic noise. If you’re going to wear headphones on a regular basis, it pays to invest in a good pair not only sound great but that have smart additional features as well. I recently had a chance to test out the Sennheiser HD450 BT wireless over-ear headphones. I’m still testing them out and putting them through their paces and when I’m done, I’ll talk about what they sound like, how the battery life is, and any special features they have. I’ll wrap things up with pros and cons and take a look at whether they are going to get our seal of approval for you. So, if you have questions about these headphones for something specific you’d like to know, please post in the comments and I will incorporate it into the final review. Meantime here’s my review of Sennheiser 450BT review.

Active Noise Cancellation

A short press of the 450’s power button will activate the Active Noise Canceling, and a second short press will turn it off. You’ll certainly notice lower-frequency sounds being canceled or brought into the background. The “can” design also offers some natural noise cancellation. The high-end might have lower returns in this regard but should still suffice.  The 450 BT does a decent job of noise cancellation for its price range.

Sound Quality


Sennheiser 450BT review

Sennheiser  has built its reputation on providing top-quality sound, and the 450BT is no exception. While you won’t get the same performance as their higher-end headphones, the 450BT provides excellent sound for its price bracket. They offer high-quality wireless codec support, including AAC and aptX™ Low Latency, for gaming or using them with a screen.


Battery Life and Portability

The Sennheiser headphone wireless is charged via USB-C, should charge in under two hours, and will give you around 30 hours of usage. Keeping the volume lower will allow for more battery life. These headphones have a foldable design to make them more portable, and you can use the Voice Assistant button for Siri and Google, allowing you to leave your phone in your purse or pocket while on the move. The headphones come with a USB-C charging cable and a carrying case.

Sennheiser 450BT review

App/ Optimization

Sennheiser’s app (available for Apple and Android devices)allows you to customize the sound in your headphones with a number of preset sound modes. It will also give you an update on the remaining battery life. The app also uses a “podcast mode” that optimizes spoken word for audiobooks, podcasts, and other media types.


One of the biggest selling features of the 405BT is that they are wireless and make use of Bluetooth. You’ll be able to connect to your phone or tablet and listen from up to 30 feet away. Multiple device support is available, though users mentioned that sometimes the headphones can switch from one to the other if a notification comes in from your desktop. Additionally, when you leave Bluetooth range, the headphones will notify you, which may become annoying if you’re working at the edge of that range. You can also use the headphones with a standard audio cable, and while doing this, you won’t be using the headphone battery (useful if you’ve drained the battery and are still on the go.) The sound quality holds up while using an audio cable, though you might need a specialized cable to use the microphone feature while plugged in.


Fit & Comfort

The Sennheiser HD 450Bt might seem a bit uncomfortable when you first start using them, but users have reported that these headphones are incredibly comfortable after a “wearing-in” period. The headphones are made with leather, so there’s no “cheap” feeling to be found here. Some users report that the rubber along the top of the headband can pull at your hair. The ear pads are not replaceable, but with this style of headphone, that’s not something you’d typically need to worry about. You shouldn’t have any worries if you’re not super rough with them.

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