I try the NEW Thermomix Cutter for slicing & grating automatically! What it’s REALLY like


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Thermomix Cutter reviewBy now you might know it’s possible to have a kitchen robot like Thermomix which can cook, bake and do 20 kitchen appliance functions. The Thermomix TM6 is a pretty cool kitchen appliance, and now it’s added the ability to do two more cooking tasks that can otherwise seem like a chore. Thanks to a special attachment for the device you can now get easier grating and slicing, no shredded fingers required! In this review, I got the opportunity to try the new Thermomix TM6 Cutter as it’s known which grates and slices in two different thicknesses. I’ll tell you what it’s like to use, how exactly it works, what specifically it can slice and grate (and what it can’t) and if I think it’s a good add-on for your machine.

Thermomix Cutter


This cutter is a handy accessory for Thermomix that makes quick work of dull cooking chores.


  • Easy to clean
  • Cuts well/cleanly
  • Two different thicknesses
  • Works fast
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Cuts/grates many different fruits and veg, cheese


  • I’d love a chunkier cut/grate option; or ridges!

Thermomix Cutter hands-on review

Set up and parts

There are a few parts and pieces in the package so let’s lay them out:

  • Bowl
  • Lid with feeder tube
  • Pusher
  • Motor shaft extension
  • Dual-sided Cutting blade

Important to note is that the shaft extension is small and kind of buried in the box. Don’t throw out the packaging until you’ve got it, since a colleague  I know of accidentally tossed hers.

The cutting blade is interesting: It works by cutting or grating at different thicknesses based on which direction it’s are spinning in, and which side is facing up. It’s a bit weird to get your head around, but it’s actually pretty smart. The slices/gratings come in 4mm or 1mm thicknesses.

Putting it all together is easy: remove the lid of your TM6 and any accessories you have in the mixing bowl. Insert the motor shaft and click it into place over the blade. Set the bowl into the stainless steel mixing bowl. Next choose your cutting disc option: Turn whichever side you want to use to face up and set it on the shaft extension. Finally, seat the lid over the blade, slipping the small pin into the centre of the disc. Now you’re ready to slice or grate!

You need to swipe to your quick menu and locate the grating or slicing program if you’re going manual, or choose a recipe that uses the Cutter. Within each program, you’ll choose thick or thin cuts from the menu and this is activated based on the direction the cutter blade spins. Touch start and feed your food into the tube. Watch it in action on a bunch of foods in my video review, above.

What does Thermomix Cutter do?

You may think this accessory is only good for grating cheese and slicing carrots, but not so; it’s surprisingly versatile and can be used on way more foods than you think. Thermomix has a few suggested recipes in its database that work perfectly with the new Cutter.

The grater can make quick work of:

  • Cabbage for coleslaw
  • Potato for hashbrowns
  • Cheeses
  • Carrots for carrot cake
  • Cucumber for raita

Thermomix Cutter reviewFlipping to the slicing side you can get:

  • Sliced apples for pie
  • Sliced carrots for soups and stews
  • Sliced celery or any vegetable for cooking
  • Sliced Potatoes for gratin
  • It will even slice softer foods like strawberries, tomatoes and avocado and firm bananas.

Really the only things Thermomix advises against slicing or grating are chocolate and eggs, since these could clog the machine.

What would YOU use it for? I’d love to hear what you think that I haven’t thought of. Post in the comments below!

Using Thermomix Cutter

Thermomix Cutter review

Finely grated cheese.

I tried using the Cutter on a variety of kitchen tasks.

The first thing I tried was slicing strawberries for a pie, and it made quick work of a finger-staining chore. Plus, the uniform, even slices thanks to the machine ensures an even bake. I sliced carrots for stew and for a carrot salad. With this one, I opted to choose both the thicker cut and the thinner cut just to get some variety in the salad. I sliced potatoes for a layered potato dish for a dinner party, and used Thermomix’s Cookidoo recipe for gratin. The nice uniform slices look beautiful in the finished dish.

Thermomix Cutter review

Thick-grated potato.

I will note that with larger foods that are too fat, chubby or round to fit in either the larger or smaller feeder tube, you do need to trim your food down so it will fit. Sometimes this can prove challenging if you want nice food staging-type slices, but you can usually make it work.

I grated Gruyere for the potato dish too, and also tried using it for grated potatoes to make Irish boxty pancakes.

Thermomix Cutter reviewI made coleslaw and another grated potato and cheese casserole, plus a cucumber salad.


Anyone familiar with Thermomix knows that cleanup is one of the many advantages of this machine. While it’s not conducive to the regular Thermomix cleaning process (fill bowl with water and soap and run it for a few seconds) the plastic parts rinse clean in a second and really only take a quick moment to wash up.

Overall review: Is Thermomix Cutter worth it?

Thermomix Cutter reviewOverall this is a very convenient, helpful and well-engineered accessory for a Thermomix TM6. It makes such quick work of tedious slicing and grating chores and the cleanup is lightning fast. Any downsides? It seems to me there’s not a tonne of difference between the think and thick slices. I’d love a more substantial difference… or maybe new blades will be in the offing in the future to give a chunkier cut. Or rippled slices. Ooh, the possibilities are endless!

If you’ve invested in a Thermomix TM6, this is an accessory you won’t regret getting. It sells for $109US (though I have also seen it offered for free with a new machine purchase. It’s also been routinely sold out!) and you can get it from Thermomix.

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