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Erin Lawrence

Erin Lawrence

Ilios Table Mirror beauty ring reviewUnless you’re a Kardashian, not a lot of us have flattering, effective lighting in our bathrooms. That’s where a great lighted make up mirror can come in handy. And speaking of the Kardashians, this mirror is apparently a hit with the world’s first family of reality TV… or at least with their makeup artist, Mario. Ilios Lighting Rechargeable Table Mirror is a cordless magnifying and makeup mirror that needs no outlet, meaning if you’ve already got curling irons and blow dryers crowding your plugs—no worries.

Full Review: Ilios Lighting Rechargeable Table Mirror

Ilios Lighting Rechargeable Table Mirror


Makeup mirrors are great, but having one that doesn’t need a plug is a much better way to keep bathrooms clutter-free. Plus with lighting and magnification, you get all your beauty needs covered.


  • Good magnification
  • LED light
  • No distortion
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Use on included stand or by itself


  • Long recharging time

I recently got a sample of this mirror to test out in my bathroom In this review I’ll share what it’s like to use, how long the battery lasts, what it’s good for and anything you should know before you buy.

Set up & assembly

The mirror comes in three pieces and assembles fast by screwing the stand into the base. The Mirror clicks onto the stand magnetically and can be moved to any angle.

When you’re shopping, you’ll be able to choose from 1X magnification up to five times magnification, and that’s the option I went for. The mirror measures 9-inches across with the LED ring light around the outer edge, and the mirror surface is 8-inches. On the stand it’s 16.5 inches tall.

The key feature here is the bright LED lighting around the entire surface of the mirror, which turns on by tapping the integrated power button. It mimics true daylight (with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 98 out of 100, says Ilios).

Brightness ranges from 100 to 800 lumens, and you adjust it by tapping and holding the power button. I will say this makes adjusting the brightness somewhat imprecise, but you’ll certainly be able to get the level you’re looking for eventually.

The mirror will tilt and rotate on its magnetic mount, and seems to hold in place firmly. If you’re having trouble with the magnet, staying in place, cleaning the ball joints of any dust helps.

Battery life & charging

Ilios Table Mirror beauty ring reviewBattery life of this mirror should be about six hours, so, depending on how long you typically take to do your make up, it could last about a week. A USB-C cable and plug adapter are included in the box.

Recharging should take about 6-8 hours, which is quite long, but you could simply plug it in overnight and it would be ready to go by morning.

Use for travel with optional suction cup

Since the mirror requires no power, once it’s fully charged, you can also use this mirror for travel by removing the mirror face from the stand, and getting an optional suction cup base from Ilios.

Ilios Table Mirror beauty ring reviewThe suction cup base simply twists clockwise to adhere to any smooth, nonporous surface, and removes by twisting counterclockwise.

Overall review: Ilios Lighting Rechargeable Table Mirror

Overall the Ilios Lighting Rechargeable Table Mirror is a versatile, useful makeup mirror, that works great both at home and on the road. The different magnification options are nice, and the adjustable daylight brightness ensures your make up will always look its best.

So what are the downsides? On this mirror in particular, there are no options for different color, temperatures of light, and no options to have different levels of magnification in one mirror. If you’re looking for those features, you can upgrade to Ilios bigger and better Beauty Ring.

In short, this version is a handy way to improve your makeup and beauty applications at home or while traveling. It sells for $139USD and you can get it from Amazon or Ilios’ website.

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