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Molekule Air Pro air purifier, review Do you have a pet in the home, and an allergy sufferer? Do you love to cook but hate lingering smells? Then this article is for you. Each spring and summer we’ve been experiencing wildfire smoke, and it always seeps into the house. It smells bad and it’s not good for you. That’s been the tipping point for us to get an air purifier. I was recently offered the opportunity to try Molekule Air Pro, and I’d like to thank Molekule for sponsoring this post. Molekule’s support helps me keep the blog and the YouTube channel running, so for that I’m grateful. While they are sponsoring this video, they haven’t told me what I have to say or what I can’t say so consider these thoughts my own.

What is Molekule Air Pro?

Molekule Air Pro is a large format purifier meant to sit on the floor in your room. With a replaceable filter inside, it can purify the air in a space up to 1000 square feet, making it great for open concept homes like mine. You control it by touching the controls on the device, or using the free Molekule app.

Molekule is a new kind of air purifier, and the company says it works differently than others by destroying a large range of pollutants in the air.

How does Molekule work?

Molekule Air Pro air purifier, review Molekule’s air purifiers use what’s called a PECO HEPA Tri-Power filter, which has three layers of protection, and I’ll walk you thorugh what that means: It combines the true HEPA filtration technology we’re all familiar with which has a 99.97% particle-capture rate, with Molekule’s PECO technology that destroys organic pollutants: Things like viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, and more. The third part of the filtration technology is a final layer of carbon filtration to reduce odors and gases, so all you notice is clean, crisp air. Molekule says this makes it one of the most advanced filters on the market with the ability to destroy the widest range of pollutants compared to conventional filters.

Design and form factor

Molekule Air Pro air purifier, review I’ve reviewed plenty of air purifiers and a lot of them look very boxy and unattractive. Molekule has actually made its purifiers to blend into modern spaces. They kind of look more like wireless speakers than air purifiers.

Set up

Getting the Molekule Air Pro set up was quick and easy for me.

  • Download the Molekule app and sign up for or sign into your account.
  • Place your device on the floor, away from walls for ideal air flow.
  • Push down on the top of the purifier and twist it to open.
  • Then remove the top and you’ll see your PECO HEPA Tri-Power filter.
  • Unwrap it, and place it on the small post inside then replace the lid.
  • Plug the Air Pro in and it will come on right away.
  • Head to your app and choose which device to add. The app is easy to figure out and it will help get you connected to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Air Pro starts working immediately.

What is Molekule Auto Protect Mode?

If you don’t want to have to worry about monitoring your purifier and turning it up and down all the time, Auto Protect Mode is for you. Auto Protect allows you to let the machine
measure your air quality on its own, then respond to it, cycling on higher or lower power. There’s two versions of this, standard and quiet.
Auto Protect Standard: When sensors detect dirty air, higher fan speeds engage.
Auto Protect Quiet: Destroys pollutants at evening-appropriate noise levels.

Understanding your Molekule air quality readings

Molekule Air Pro air purifier, review The Air Pro sensor detects six indoor air pollutants, which you can track in the app: VOCs, Relative Humidity, CO2, and three different types of particulate matter. You’ll see four different colors on the Air Pro, and through the app, to indicate the levels of particles. Green means there’s a low level of particles in the air, yellow is moderate, red is bad, and purple means there may be a very unhealthy concentration of particles in the air. There’s no trying to analyze numbers or parts per million just a simple and easy to understand color system.

See your air over time

One of the cool things about this purifier is that will track your indoor air quality over time: You can view your indoor air readings in 5 minute increments, day after day, week after week, helping your track seasonal allergen changes in your air, or to alert you to volatile organic compounds that may end up inside when you get new furniture or carpets, for example. Not only can you see pollutant spikes, you can also see how the Air Pro reacts to destroy them.

Is Molekule Noisy?

The truth about air purifiers is that if they are noisy and make a racket, chances are, you’ll prefer them turn off. Molekule Air Pro is quiet, despite its large size and even when running on high, it wasn’t distracting to me.

Do you have to change the filter? Is it washable?

Molekule Air Pro air purifier, review The Molekule Air Pro has a replaceable filter inside. Why do you need to replace your filter?

Over time the PECO HEPA Tri-Power Filter can become full of dust and hair. This reduces the filter’s effectiveness in trapping and destroying pollutants. The Molekule app will let you know when it’s time to change it. Changing the filter every 6 months ensures that your device is running efficiently.

You can also subscribe to Molekule filters, which will save you over 45% a year, and ensures filter replacements automatically arrive at your house so you don’t have to remember to replace them.

Overall thoughts on Molekule Air Pro

If you have concerns about air quality, you’ll want to take a closer look at Molekule, and there’s a lot I like about my Air Pro.

Molekule Air Pro air purifier, review The design is sleek and modern, it’s easy to set up and use, it runs silently, and most importantly I know it’s not just cleaning and purifying the air; it’s destroying organic material that could be floating around my home. I enjoyed my Molekule experience and I can recommend the Air Pro for people looking to destroy allergens, or anyone concerned with air quality, particularly in larger spaces or your whole home.

Molekule Air Pro sells for about $1014 US. If you’re looking for something for a smaller space or if you’re on a budget, Molekule Air Mini+ sells for about $359 US.

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