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Christmas is often a time when we like to think about getting gifts that will make friends and loved ones smile. While fun gifts are always a hit, sometimes a gift that’s more practical can be the biggest hit of all. If there’s someone on your list who loves the outdoors and can be found camping, hiking, RVing or just puttering around the backyard or garden, a potentially fabulous gift idea might be reliable portable power. BLUETTI, the go-to brand for portable power solutions, is giving you one final shot to snag a power station at an amazing discount—up to 30% off until December 25th.

Check Out BLUETTI’s Christmas Collection

BLUETTI’s power stations aren’t just handy—they’re the perfect practical gift for yourself, family, and friends. Keep those Christmas lights shining, whether you’re at home or out exploring the great outdoors. We’d like to say thank you to BLUETTI for sponsoring this post. They have been a fantastic sponsor of the blog this year which helps us keep the lights on and kibble in the old dog dishes, and we thank them for their support.

Portable Power on the Go: Meet the BLUETTI AC70
Starting at C$679 (previously C$799), that’s C$120 in savings!

The AC70 is the upgrade of the crowd-favorite EB70S. It’s your go-to power source for holiday camping or as a backup during emergencies. It’s portable yet sturdy, weighing only 10.2kg(22.5lbs), and delivers a solid 1,000W power for your gadgets. And guess what? You can control it remotely through the BLUETTI app, even while you’re snug in your sleeping bag on a camping trip.

Ready for the Outdoors: BLUETTI AC180 + PV350 Solar Generator Kit
Starting at C$1898 (previously C$2598), saving you a whopping C$700!

Looking for serious power for your adventures? The AC180 is your answer! This 16kg(36.1lbs) powerhouse can handle electric grills, coffee makers, and even some 2,000W loads in Power Lifting mode. Plus, it charges up lightning fast—reaching 80% in just 45 minutes via mains and hitting a full charge in 2 hours with 500W solar charging.



Expandable Power: BLUETTI AC200MAX + PV350
Starting at C$2698 (previously C$3798), saving a massive C$1100!

BLUETTI’s flagship model, the AC200MAX, is the ultimate power solution for road trips and emergencies. It charges everything from your fridge to your iPhones all at once. You can even expand its capacity with extra batteries and power up your entire motor home with folding solar panels like the BLUETTI PV350.

Versatile Home Backup: BLUETTI AC300 + B300
Starting at C$3299 (previously C$4399), saving you C$1100!

Need a reliable home backup? The AC300’s got you covered. It’ll keep your essentials—lights, fridge, heating system—running within 20ms of a power outage. It’s a modular system too, so you can customize it based on your needs and budget. Add up to 4 B300 batteries to scale up to a massive 12,288Wh of power!

Don’t Forget the Portable Solar Panel: BLUETTI PV350
Starting at C$899 (previously C$1199), saving you C$300!

When you’re off the grid, the BLUETTI PV350 foldable solar panels are a game-changer. Pop them in your car trunk or camper van and let the sun do its work. With an impressive 23.4% conversion rate, these panels produce 350 watts of electricity, rain or shine!

And there’s more to BLUETTI than just products. It’s about peace of mind and inspiring stories, like Tom Phease, who at 75, transformed his off-grid farming life with BLUETTI’s AC300 and AC500 systems. And then there’s rugby league star Latrell Mitchell, finding solace at Winmarra Farm, powered by BLUETTI generators during recovery.

Perfect Christmas gifts from BLUETTI

This Christmas, BLUETTI has special rewards for you! Get triple BLUETTI BUCKs on your order and a 5% discount for friend referrals. Make BLUETTI the special gift that unlocks endless possibilities for yourself and your loved ones.

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