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BLUETTI solar & portable power makes beach time better


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TechGadgets Staff

TechGadgets Staff

With a mission for cleaner air, a better environment and more sustainable energy, BLUETTI has announced it’s partnered with Avex Beach House to a greener, cleaner and better way to power up summer.

BLUETTI is a leading brand developing eco-friendly backup batteries, power stations, and solar products, while Avex Beach Paradise is a beach house located in Yuigahama Beach, one of the main beaches in Kamakura, Japan.  The BLUETTI partnership with Avex Beach Paradise allows these two forward-thinking brands to carry out their collective goal of providing clean and sustainable energy, as laid out by the United Nations Foundation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). BLUETTI is a proud sponsor of TechGadgetsCanada and TechGadgetsInternational and we are grateful to them for sponsoring this post.

A Sunnier Vision for Avex Beach Paradise

Avex Beach Paradise outfitted the beach house’s roof with an array of BLUETTI PV120 and PV350 solar panels to energize BLUETTI’s backup batteries. The stored energy in these power stations covers a wide variety of energy needs for beachgoers.


Guests and visitors can bring their various gadgets including phones, tablets, cameras, and drones without worrying about running out of juice or bringing spare power banks since BLUETTI provides the beach house tables with BLUETTI EB3A or EB70S power stations. These power sources offer multiple AC and DC ports as well which allows people to plug in gaming consoles, portable fans, projectors, and other higher wattage electronics.

Avex Beach Paradise’s VIP tables get a superior treatment with the modular AC500 and B300S power stations that can boast up to 5,000W of power enabling full solar power support to big appliances like air conditioners, freezers, and other kitchen appliances. BLUETTI’s more recent AC60 power station suits the beach house environment best with its added dust and water resistance.

While this setup is very exciting for those who are able to experience Avex Beach Paradise in person in Japan, you can also engineer a similar set up for your own beach side camp-out, cabin, or cottage. BLUETTI has numerous portable power solutions that you can bring with you for a day or a longer vacation and ensure you are always able to keep your devices powered. Pack along BLUETTI AC500 and B300S power stations to your own day at the beach and enjoy full smartphone batteries, music, even fun beach luxuries like a powered cooler, fan or electric grill or pizza oven. Almost anything is possible with the right portable power supply.

Sustainable Energy Today and Beyond

BLUETTI AC500 & B300S.

The partnership between Avex Beach Paradise and BLUETTI represents yet another step forward to bringing true eco-friendly solutions to real-world applications. The beach house’s solar array setup and power station arrangement should inspire visitors to rethink the way their homes consume electricity.

In fact, solar power is becoming more common and more affordable and that’s why it’s a good time to be inspired by what’s possible for off-grid or emergency power set-ups. With BLUETTI devices, you can keep power stations on hand for blackouts, and recharge them using solar panels so you never have to worry about being without power. Similarly, if you like to head off on summer road trips to the woods, or the beach, packing some BLUETTI gear including a power station and solar array can make for a worry-free vacation.

Since the company’s founding back in 2019, BLUETTI has convinced people from all over the world to rely on cleaner and renewable energy solutions. This has led to an impressive statistic with the company generating more than 883,075 kHw of electricity via solar power. The generated solar energy translated to an 880-ton reduction of CO2 emissions and BLUETTI aims to drive up higher numbers with a goal to bring clean energy to every single household.

Of course if you find yourself in Japan for the summer you should totally check out Avex Beach Paradise and ask for a look at the BLUETTI set-up. For those of us keeping closer to home, it’s a timely reminder that soon enough summer will come to a close, and we might want to start thinking about backup power options for the coming winter. Learn more from BLUETTI’s website.


TechGadgets Staff

TechGadgets Staff

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