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Erin Lawrence

erin holding all newest Samsung devices announced at Unpacked media event.Samsung has just announced its 4 newest gadgets through its regular Galaxy Unpacked international media event. A week ago I received a special invitation to Toronto from Samsung to preview the devices before their release. The preview was top secret and held in an undisclosed location near Toronto’s King West village. I got to spend about an hour getting a briefing on each device from Samsung product experts, then I got about 90 minutes to try them out. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Fold5, Galaxy Flip5, the Galaxy Watch 6 and the new line of three sizes of Tab S9 tablets.

First Look review: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Samsung Fold 5 in hands.

Samsung Fold 5.

Let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. If you prefer more of a folding phone Samsung’s new Fold5 is more like a tablet giving you more screen real estate for productivity.

This phone updates the previous design, which is kind of a hybrid smartphone and tablet with a full size front screen, that opens up to a big wide interior screen
So what’s new? the Icy Blue colour is fresh, plus it’s got a much smaller crease and flatter hinge. I can say the new Fold feels lighter than its predecessor

Explains Jan Galvez with Samsung who provided me with one on one info: The phone is, “much lighter, much slimmer and with new hinge technology, it’s much flatter all around.”

The Fold 5 comes with the Samsung S-pen and the new cases now allow for the pen with its pops of colour, to sit flush into the case. A special mechanism lets it pop out easily so you can use the stylus for almost any app or task.

Samsung phones work with Samsung DEX

Naturally the Samsung phones also still work with the DEX interface that lets you move your work from phone to desktop completely seamlessly. Samsung calls it carrying a computer in your pocket. You can make the connection with just a few taps.

First Look review: Samsung Flip5

New Samsung Flip 5.

Samsung’s new flip phone is the Flip 5 and one of the biggest changes is called the Flex Window. The flip 5 samsung Window is a full-frame front screen which is much bigger than the previous version’s exterior screen offering.  Shares Galvez, “that screen is 3.4 inches . You can do selfies, check your maps, watch YouTube, even reply to texts with a full qwerty keyboard.”

Samsung Fold 5, flip 5, tab s9 and Watch 6 review

The Flex Window.

The Flex Window is way more useable, watchable space that means you have less need to open your phone right up. You can even take selfies right from the Flex window- preview, snap and view the result and keep your phone closed.

Samsung Fold 5, flip 5, tab s9 and Watch 6 reviewBut if you want to open it up and get a better look you can since the phone sits perfectly at a 90 degree angle for hands-free photos… especially since you never need to touch it. Galaxy phones have palm recognition and while not new, it’s a handy feature.

Samsung’s also added a nice mint shade to the rest of the Flip 5 colour lineup.

Testing Samsung Flip Suit: What is Samsung Flip Suit?

Samsung Fold 5, flip 5, tab s9 and Watch 6 review

Flip Suit.

If you’re all about the colour matching, I got to try what’s called the Flip Suit; essentially it’s a coloured card which will stick to the back of your phone and create that same colour pop on the Flex window, so both front and back look unified. It’s quick easy and it worked really well in my short test.

Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic: First Look

New Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic with rotating bezel.

Samsung also announced two new Galaxy Watches. There’s Watch 6 which is all screen with a bigger screen, and thinner bezel and Watch 6 Classic with the rotating bezel is also available.

With a focus on health and wellness, there’s now personalized heart rate tracking, a fabric band for better breath-ability, and the light on the watch some found annoying can now be turned off.

Hands on: Quick review of Samsung Tab S9 in 3 sizes

Finally there’s not one but three new tablets all with dynamic AMOLED displays… the compact 11-inch S9, mid-sized 12.4-inch S9 plus, and the huge 14.6 inch S9 Ultra that will rival a lot of laptops.

Samsung Fold 5, flip 5, tab s9 and Watch 6 reviewYou can choose the size that works best for you. With four corner speakers you’ll get easy listening abilities too.

“What’s great about these devices is they have an IP68 rating (for water and dust resistance) and we also have S-pen included,” says Galvez. “Plus, with collaboration in mind we also have, exclusively to Samsung Tab S9,  Good Notes.”

Samsung has also improved the way the S-Pen sticks to the tablet; no more fiddling with angles, now it will clip on more easily.

Samsung Fold 5, flip 5, tab s9 and Watch 6 reviewI only got to spend about an hour with all these devices, so I didn’t get a chance to go too deep… yet. If you’re a Samsung fan, let me know in the comments which device or new feature you’re most excited about— and Apple users, is a better flip or fold phone enough to make you swap to Samsung. Tell me why or why not.

I’m hoping to go in depth and spend time with each one so check back for full reviews. You can also check out my other Samsung reviews …right here on the blog. Or learn more about today’s announcement from Samsung.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5, Tab S9 Series and Galaxy Watch6 are ready for pre-order beginning July 26, 2023, and for purchase starting August 11, 2023 at, at Samsung Experience Stores, and at major carriers and retail partners across Canada .

Get $50 instant Samsung Credit when you pre-order at Samsung US.

Galaxy Z Flip5 

o   256GB model is available in Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender for $1,299.99. The 512GB model is available for $1,459.99.  

o   The Galaxy Z Flip5 is also available in Grey, Blue, Yellow and Green exclusively at 


 Galaxy Z Fold5  

o   The 256GB model is available in Icy Blue, Phantom Black and Cream for $2,399.99. The 512GB model is available for $2,559.99. 

o   A 1TB model of Galaxy Z Fold5 is exclusively available at for $2,879.99.  


Galaxy Tab S9 Series  

o   Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra:   

§  1 TB: Available for $2,149.99 (Samsung regular price) 

§  512 GB: Available for$1,749.99 (regular price) 

§  256 GB: Available for $1,599.99 (regular price) 

o   Galaxy Tab S9+:  

§  512 GB: Available for $1,499.99 (regular price) 

§  256 GB: Available for $1,349.99 (regular price) 

o   Galaxy Tab S9:  

§  256 GB: Available for $1,249.99 (regular price) 

§  128 GB: Available for $1,099.99 (regular price) 


Galaxy Watch6 Series  

o   Galaxy Watch6 

§  The 44mm option is available in Graphite and Silver for $449.99  

§  The 40mm option is available in Graphite and Gold for $409.99  


Galaxy Watch6 Classic 

§  43mm option is available in Black and Silver for $549.99  

§  47mm option is available in Black and Silver for $589.99  


  1. John Ruiz on August 24, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    Late congrats on the exclusive Samsung invite!

    Nice shot of you holding the gadgets as well! Though I must say I’d be extremely nervous holding thousands of dollars’ worth of delicate gadgets with both my hands. 😂

    • Erin L on August 25, 2023 at 10:11 am

      Thanks John! Yes, I do get a bit paranoid about dropping them!

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