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Samsung frame TV mounted on a wall

The 2021 Frame TV with White Modern Bezels.


Every year, Sony, Samsung and LG and several other TV manufacturers try to launch new models boasting predictable improvements like thinner bezels, “smarter” features and improved picture quality. This is always a good thing for new buyers but when you really think about it TVs haven’t changed a whole lot since they were first invented. It wasn’t until CES 2017 when Samsung announced The Frame TV, taking the competition by surprise, and the design world by storm because it solved a major issue for a lot of consumers: how to gracefully hide the giant black screen when the TV isn’t I use. I reviewed the first generation model and found it to be a real beauty and bona fide design chameleon–without sacrificing the TV experience. Here is the ​​Samsung picture frame TV review buying guide…

Is there a 2023 version of the Frame TV?

The short answer is… kinda. The Frame TV had its last big upgrades in 2022 and they stay largely the same for 2023. The exception for samsung frame tv 2023 is is the 32-inch Frame TV, which is supposed to have some upgrades. We’ve reached out to Samsung to inquire, but it seems like there’s really nothing new for 2023. Yes… there’s still several months left in the year.

What is the Samsung Frame TV 2023 v 2022?

We’ve reached out to Samsung to inquire, but it sounds like, aside from a couple minor software tweaks, there is no new Frame TV for 2023. Will there be a Frame TV in 2024? We hope so!

What is the point of a Frame TV?

A common problem that people face with these Samsung frame TVs is that they stand out a little too much, completely overpowering the look of a room, particularly when turned off. TV manufacturers make every effort to make TVs fit in as seamlessly as possible, sometimes with a better back plate design or narrower bezels, but it’s never enough.

Samsung frame TV mounted on a wall

If you want a TV that can more subtly fit into your interiors, you should consider the Samsung Frame TV. This TV turns into a realistic art and picture frame when you turn off the video. It’s one of the best ways to avoid having large black hole in the middle of your room, and it has the power to completely transform the way we’ve decorated around TVS for the last 65 years.

What do you get with Samsung The Frame TV?

The new  Samsung Frame TV 2022 positions itself as an elegant centerpiece in the room with its thin, picture-frame-style bezel and a perfectly flush wall mount that’s part of the package. While the TV comes with a pair of feet for placing on a surface, I recommend wall mounting the screen because that’s part of what helps hide it in plain sight.

Related: Samsung Frame TV mounting instructions.

Does the Samsung Frame come with a wall mount?

Samsung frame tv wall mount

The wall mount kit for 2021/2022.

Fortunately,  Frame TV Samsung needs to be on the wall to be believable artwork: it’s the raison d’etre of The Frame and the company includes a dedicated two-piece flat-mount wall mount in the box. It does take some measuring and finessing to get it to placed properly (the included template helps!), but it’s an extremely effective.

Samsung makes it easy to hide the wires on the new Frame TV in a few ways: one is that there is only one cable; a single transparent cable that connects to the One Connect Box which houses all the TV’s HDMI and other ports. This box can be placed in a cabinet, or even a closet to keep all that clutter out of sight. You can also install conduit in the wall to run the One Connect cable behind the drywall, creating a gorgeous illusion that this framed panel is indeed a piece of framed artwork and nothing more—until you turn it on!

What you see in my hands-on how-to video with this mode doesn’t do it justice; you really need to see it for yourself!

How do I hide the cord on my Frame TV?

The whole point of the Samsung Frame TV is that it will blend into your room and be easily passed off as art, not a digital screen. Samsung requires you to install a conduit inside your wall and route the wire through it to the One Connect Box, which is where other peripherals are connected. The box may be placed many feet away and does not require a direct line of sight to operate. If opening up the wall just isn’t an option where you live, it may be helpful to know the One Connect cable is clear and thin and will barely be noticeable; certainly, it could be hidden with a well-placed objet d’arte, floral arrangement, or even a smaller framed artwork as part of a gallery wall-style arrangement.

Samsung frame TV mounted on a wall, images of peaches displayed on TV

The original 2020 model, with One Connect cord on display, and add-on wood bezels.

Do you have to pay for the art on the Samsung Frame TV?

Samsung does monetize Art Mode by placing almost the entire art collection behind a paid monthly or annual subscription but you do get a free trial and there is a good selection of freely available art. You also have the option to upload your own images or ambient videos. The cost is about $80CAD/year, and you can pay it monthly.

How to install Samsung Frame TV in portrait orientation?

The single-cable approach also means that you can get away with mounting the Samsung Frame TV in portrait orientation! TikTok fanatics and phone screen mirroring users rejoice! While a portrait orientation mount would really limit proper TV viewing, you can also opt for what’s called the Auto Rotating Wall Mount that will turn the TV when it detects vertical video. This add-on accessory is available directly from Samsung.

How much does the new 2022 Samsung Frame TV cost?

The very first model launched with a premium price tag but the latest iteration offers a variety of sizes across more affordable price points. If that isn’t low enough, you might be able to find some older, discounted 2021 models that look just like their successors. I bought the 2021 model last year and absolutely loved it. I recently paid about $2699CAD to upgrade to  Samsung The Frame TV 65-inch 2023.

At the time of writing, you can order the 43″ 2021 model directly from Samsung’s website for just $1,099.99 CAD making it an attractive alternative to Samsung’s other QLED TVs if you prefer aesthetics over features. However, I strongly recommend ponying up a few hundreds more for the 2022 models as they come with some big improvements!

Samsung frame TV in use, images of abstract art on active TV

Original 2017 Frame TV

What’s the difference between the 2021 and 2022 Samsung Frame TV?

The headlining feature of the 2022 Samsung Frame TV is its anti-reflection screen technology. After I put the TV in Art Mode, I was blown away with how well the screen’s matte finish eliminated glare and reflections. The works of art no longer look washed out and the color improvements are noticeable when watching TV content. You could probably fool your visitors to thinking an actual piece of art is mounted on the wall (and more than a few times, I have!), especially if you equip it with any of the custom bezels sold separately. The reduced glare means you can still appreciate the artwork at lower brightness levels.

Like Samsung’s other 2022 Smart TVs, the new 2022 Samsung Frame TV comes with a refreshed, Tizen-powered Smart Hub. You can also access a few new features like the Gaming Hub which offers some cloud gaming services including NVIDIA GeForce Now. Samsung also revamped the Art Mode and offers better performance. I found it much easier to pick the artwork and noticed reduced loading times, less lag and fewer bugs, which can be significant when sifting through the various images.

Does The Frame TV use a lot of electricity?

Doesn’t the endless artwork drain too much power? Not at all. The new 2022 Samsung Frame TV in Art Feature can consume as little as 60-100 watts, depending on the size you pick,, and you can always disable the mode to save even more electricity.

The magic within the Samsung Frame TV is its ability to enter Art Mode right after you switch off the TV. It reduces the TV’s power consumption by about 30% and shows off those beautiful high-resolution paintings.

Can the Samsung Frame TV be a mirror?

You won’t be able to use the screen as a mirror when it’s off—that’s just not a feature The Frame offers, but I don’t consider it a dealbreaker considering the how much better Art Mode looks.

There are companies out there that can offer you special customization options—essentially placing a mirrored panel over the screen. But if you ask me, that’s a waste of all the improvements in The Frame’s screen and anti-glare coating. If you want a mirror, buy a mirror!

Is the new Samsung Frame TV 2022 good for gaming?

Be aware that aside from the matte screen, the 2022 and 2021 models look identical so double-check the product name and list of features. If you are a gamer, keep in mind that only the 55” and larger models support 120 Hz and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

Samsung frame TV mounted on a wallIs the Samsung Frame good?

Samsung frame is a good TV set because it merges functionality and technology in the best way. The TV lets owners enjoy their favorite entertainment and sports channels in a QLED.

The TV operates equally well in darker environments and in bright locations because it gets bright enough to counter any glare on the surface.

The device handles reflections quite well, allowing users to enjoy low-resolution content easily. Samsung the Frame blends quite well with the room. nstall the Samsung Frame TV without worrying too much about their large sizes because they will hide when not operating.

It is the perfect choice for people who prioritize looks and interior designs, since it looks more attractive than a standard smart TV in your room.

Does the Samsung Frame TV burn-in?

Buyers investing their hard-earned money in Samsung Frame TV may wonder if they need to worry about the product’s quality. The 2022 Samsung Frame TV is designed to operate for hours on end, creating high-quality pixels without burning images in. So buyers don’t have to worry about losing the beautiful image quality that makes this TV what it is.

What’s the difference between Art Mode and Ambient Mode?

The Samsung Frame TV focuses on providing quality solutions to its buyers, which is why it allows users to switch between Art Mode and Ambient Mode.

Samsung Art Mode

The Art Mode allows frame TV owners to display high-quality pieces of art on their devices. It can be prints, photography, or anything you’d like to show off in your room.

Samsung frame TV mounted on a wall, images of buildings on active TV

Art Mode on Frame TV.

Samsung’s Art Store allows you to choose from the finest art pieces available, which you can sort by color, themes, designs, and other factors.

The Samsung Frame TV allows users to add their photos or download Ultra HD photos or artwork from the internet.

Ambient Mode

The Ambient Mode is another version of the art mode, but uses moving pictures and graphics instead. The mode goes a lot further than simple graphics, as it can display weather information, a photo of your wall (to blend in even better), and can even play audio while in this mode. The most common audio themes are birds chirping or other nature sounds.

Samsung frame TV mounted on a wall

Ambient Mode; moving imagery.

Overall Thoughts on the 2022 Samsung Frame TV

I am pleasantly surprised how Samsung treats their Frame TV family as first-class citizens. I initially thought the Frame TV would just be a one-off concept but they really turned it into a formidable line-up with models as small as the 43” ($1,399.99 CAD) and as massive as the 85” ($5,499 CAD). Hopefully next year Samsung will add local dimming and improved audio to help position it as a stronger contender against competitors. Though if I’m being honest, there are no worthy competitors… The Frame is the best offering and best balance of 4K TV that doesn’t add a black hole to your living space. You can choose from the  2020 model, the 2021 version, or the newest 2022 Frame TV.

You can also shop Samsung’s Frame TV at Walmart.

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