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I have reviewed a LOT of robot vacuums; about 70 in the course of my career as a tech reviewer. For that reason I get asked a lot about my favourites . After careful consideration, and comparison, these are my top 5 favorite cleaner bots after thoroughly testing numerous vacuums.

1. Ecovacs X2 OMNI

Ecovacs Deebot x2 omni review


If you’re willing to spend top dollar on a tried-and-tested cleaner bot and don’t mind the bulky docking station, head straight to the Ecovacs X2 Omni. (The X1 is no longer Ecovacs’ latest model but it remains a top performer with no major weaknesses.)Both the vacuum and large docking station have this premium flair, easily making this the nicest looking product on the list.

As a vacuum, the Ecovacs X2 Omni handled all the little messes I laid out from flour to grit and cracker crumbs. Whenever the X2 Omni detects carpet, the suction power strengthens utilizing its high 5,000Pa spec. It uses the built-in camera to detect piles of mess and the vacuum responds efficiently.

As a mop, the X2 Omni houses some of the most advanced cleaning tech I’ve seen in a robot vacuum. The OZMO Turbo 2.0 technology and dual spinning pads allow the Ecovacs X2 Omni to scrub off dried spills on hard floors while intelligently avoiding carpets. The docking station has a large clean water tank to help handle large areas and the heated auto-drying feature eliminates bacteria and odors. The best part? After a full cleaning session, the robot vacuum painted a full map of the room in 3-D!

There’s all kinds of other reasons to love this device; the dual roller brushes help beat junk out of carpets and rugs, the new shape is very effective at edge and corner cleaning, and the built-in voice assistance can even figure out where you are in the home and come right to you for a specialized clean. Not to mention that once the robot is finished with its mopping chores it uses warm water and hot air to wash and dry the spinning mopping pads.

My big issue with the vacuum may be its price but with the Ecovacs X2 taking the flagship throne, you may find this vacuum at a hefty discount.

Read my full review of the Ecovacs X1 OMNI here. Or see the details on the ECOVACS X2 OMNI.


  • Stellar mopping and scrubbing performance
  • Speedy 3-D map generation
  • Sleek docking station with built-in storage bin and drawer
  • Self cleaning


  • Significantly pricier than other vacuums when not on sale

2. Roborock S7 Max V Ultra

Roborock S7 Max V Ultra, review

Roborock S7 Max V Ultra

Picking a Roborock vacuum is quite confusing with the many models available, but you can safely pick Roborock S7 Max V Ultra if you can find it for under $1,000 USD. The words “Max” and “Ultra” accurately sum up what to expect from this Roborock S7 variant – it’s a vacuum with maxed out power with ultra-impressive features.

Like other high-end vacuums, the Roborock S7 Max V Ultra can devour most types of debris including pet hair with its 5,100Pa suction power. While this vacuum doesn’t quite earn the carpet crown, I would recommend this Roborock vacuum if you are annoyed with robot vacuums getting stuck every now and then. The S7 Max V Ultra rarely got stuck throughout my testing and I was particularly impressed with the empty wash fill dock as it greatly reduces the maintenance. Just keep in mind that the Roborock S7 Max V Ultra lacks the ability to dry the mop. For a $1,300 vacuum, that’s something to expect in 2023 but when the price gets a $350 cut like right now, at the time of writing, count me in!


  • Rarely gets stuck
  • Automatic mop lifting upon carpet or rug detection
  • Powerful 5,100Pa suction


  • No mop drying feature

Read my full review of the Roborock S7 max V Ultra here.




Meet the Ecovacs X1and X2 OMNI’s cousin, the T20 – a vacuum that has a bit more grit over the X1 in some areas while compromising on other features to keep the price down. The Ecovacs T20 is the vacuum to get if you frequently need to deal with big messes because the 6,000Pa suction power really makes a difference when sucking up dirt trapped beneath the carpet fibers.

That high suction power makes the T20 more adept in mopping too because the vacuum’s OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping system can use that added strength to create more pressure. More pressure means better scrubbing and scouring those stubborn stains.

However, while both the T20 and X1 look similar, take note of some of the missing features of the former. This includes the lack of a camera which is a vital sensor for reliable obstacle avoidance and superior room mapping. The onboard bin capacity of the T20 is slightly smaller than the X1 and you get a single set of mapping pads and dust bag while the X1 gives you twice as many accessories.

Still, the T20 deserves to be in my Top 5 list because you can buy it for as low as $799 USD making it a bit cheaper than the X1. If your rooms aren’t filled with lots of obstacles, the Ecovacs T20 OMNI is a better overall fit.


  • Great vacuuming/mopping performance
  • Spacious water tanks
  • Adjustable vacuum suction and water flow


  • No mop drying

Read my full review of the Ecovacs T20 OMNI here.

4. iRobot s9+

irobot, comparison, i7, s9, mop, how to, features, best, which, choose

iRobot s9+

If you prefer doing the mopping duties yourself, you can go for a solo robot vacuum without breaking the bank. The iRobot S9+ is a good investment for that purpose as the vacuum is packed with cleaning tech. iRobot is a veteran in the robot vacuum industry and it shows as soon as you open the iRobot app and see how polished the interface is. You can set “Keep Out” zones conveniently from the app and optionally set it up with your smart home assistant. Other vacuums offer smart home integration as well, but iRobot’s implementation is very good.

When it comes to cleaning, the iRobot S9+ uses wide rollers and uniquely designed corner brushes for really effective cleaning. The iRobot S9+ also has a unique form factor with a squared-off front design which helps a lot with corner cleaning. iRobot calls this system the PerfectEdge Technology and combined with the excellent ability to lift dirt and debris from the floor makes it a standout, even years after its debut. In addition to getting rid of dust and debris, the iRobot S9+ can also trap allergens and reliably dispose of them in the Clean Base’s sealed dustbag.

The iRobot S9+ might look stuck in the past due to its lack of mopping functions, but you do get a more compact cleaning base and the robot can maximize its battery life by focusing solely on vacuuming. If ever the need arises for automatic mopping, you can always purchase iRobot Braava jet m6 which serves as a mopping teammate that can seamlessly work with the S9+ through the iRobot app. (Or check out one of the cool upright vac-mop products now out there like the Tineco Floor One S5 or the Roborock Dyad Pro)


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Easy and polished app with intuitive Keep Out zones feature
  • Reliable voice control support


  • High price for a vacuum without mopping functionality

Read my full review of the iRobot s9+ here.

5. Yeedi Cube

Yeedi Cube review vacuum mop

Yeedi Cube

A top 5 list is never complete with a budget pick and the Yeedi Cube easily slides into this category. It may not have the technological backing of a big company like iRobot and Roborock but the features and specs add significant value to this $699 vacuum/mop hybrid (and since ECOVACS bought them, you can expect things to only improve from here).

Believe it or not, the Yeedi Cube boasts a high suction power of 4,300Pa and after putting it through my usual mess trials, the Cube passed in all the key areas from vacuuming pet hair to cleaning sugar, flour, oatmeal, and even large cracker bits.

The Yeedi Cube takes a different approach to mopping as it utilizes a single mopping pad that rapidly vibrations to create a scrubbing action. It sounds one-dimensional but Yeedi also added a level of customization with the ability to adjust the water flow which is a great cleaning efficiency feature once you found the sweet spot for the room you’re dealing with.

Let’s not forget to address the Cube in the room which is the docking station. If want a base station that doesn’t add much of an eyesore to your minimalistic room arrangement, the Yeedi Cube is easily the one to get. The station is still larger than the iRobot S9+ dock, but remember, the Yeedi Cube has a small water tank inside as well.

The Yeedi Cube vacuum isn’t very smart in avoiding obstacles, but you can correct that by tinkering with the no-go zone feature. Think of the Yeedi Cube as the jack-of-all-trades robot vacuum, at least when compared to the other four in this roundup. But once you notice $699.99 USD price tag, which can dip to $499.99 during sales, you can see why the Yeedi Cube earned a spot in the Top 5. You simply cannot find a cheaper alternative that matches the Yeedi Cube’s combination of specs and features.


  • Compact base station
  • High suction power and decent mopping for the price
  • Convenient handle


  • Obstacle avoidance may require defining no-go zones

Read my full review of the Yeedi Cube here.

As 2023 winds down, the future of robot vacuums and cleaning assistants couldn’t be brighter. Companies continue to innovate, and the advent of AI will make vacuums even smarter. However, those cutting-edge features come at a higher cost. Sometimes, buying older or current tech at a cheaper cost is the smarter choice because you can use the savings on other cool cleaning gadgets for your home!

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Let me know your picks in the comments.


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