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Review: Dr Dennis Gross BodyWare Pro LED light therapy panel


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Erin L

Erin L

Dr dennis gross, bodyware pro, review

Skincare technology is all the rage and one of the most popular devices are LED light therapy gadgets. I recently reviewed the Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro LED light mask. Today I’m taking a look at the Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro.

Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro Review

Similar to the mask it is designed to boost collagen, kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and smooth wrinkles with different LED lights. This version is a flexible panel, which means you can use it on your chest, back, neck, arms or legs, since it’s also supposed to be able to help with muscle and joint pain too.

What colours of LED light does BodyWare Pro use?

The BodyWare Pro uses three colours of light only:

Red LED Light stimulates collagen production deep within skin.
Blue LED Light destroys acne causing bacteria.
Purple combines the best of Red and Blue light

Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro

In this review I’ll tell you what it’s like to use, what it can do for your skin and joints and how it works, as well as whether I see any results. Important to note this device is not supposed to be used on your face, says Dr Dennis Gross

What is the Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro and what does it do?

Before we get too far down the road, it’s probably a good idea to look at what this device is and what it’s designed to do. The Spectralite BodyWare Pro has those tiny LED lights imbedded in the backside of the panel, under a soft silicone sheet. The lights are designed to be in close contact with your skin and once you turn them on, to penetrate through your skin’s layers. The lights are designed to stimulate the production of collagen and to reduce inflammation.

Dr dennis gross, bodyware pro, reviewWhen it comes to acne and breakouts, these are usually caused by excess oil and dirt, which can then become blemishes. The blue and red LED lights in this light panel are said to help to reduce redness, minimize the appearance of spots and help prevent future blemishes.

When used to help with muscle or joint pain or aches, the device promises to increase circulation. Since muscle and joint pain can be difficult to relieve especially topically the light is designed to penetrate through layers of skin to reach deep into muscles and nerves. Cells are supposed to absorb energy from the light and become more active while blood flow increases to the area. This supports cellular growth and regeneration and helps reduce inflammation to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain including stiffness associated with arthritis with continued use, according to the device manual.
Dr Dennis Gross recommends to use the panel once a day for best results. Finding three minutes to use the device seems easy enough, I’ve been leaving it by my bedside, and on my desk and just popping it on when I lay down to go to sleep at night of while I’m on a non-video Zoom call.

The manual for this device says that you can expect to see a reduction in blemishes within a few days, and clearing up spots as well as an initial reduction of lines and wrinkles within about two weeks of daily use. The best results for wrinkles should occur after 10 weeks of daily use.

Did I see results using Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro?

I’m just over two weeks in and it’s hard to say. I think my skin looks great; I’ve had no breakouts and I may actually be seeing a bit more firmness… I guess on week two of a recommended ten it’s still hard to tell. I find the treatment super easy and convenient to use, since it does a large area at once. The flexible mouldable shape does make it easy to place on plenty of areas.

Dr dennis gross, bodyware pro, reviewThe Dr Dennis Gross team suggests you follow up your LED light therapy treatment with serum and moisturizer. I’ve been combining light therapy with Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel 30 Pk ($CAD 107.01) and Dr Dennis Gross Lightweight Wrinkle Defense. I also had the chance to try a few new products: the Texture Renewal Serum (CAD $95), Triple Correction Eye Serum (CAD $91), and the Texture Renewal Peel (CAD $103) And I’ve been really enjoying all of these products.

Battery life and charging

The BodyWare Pro is rechargeable, using the included USB-C cord. Charging takes about 2-4 hours and should give you between 60 and 140 minutes of use, or approximately 10 to 40 sessions, depending if you’re using longer or shorter treatments.

Overall review: Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite BodyWare Pro

Overall, I’m enjoying my treatments. They are easy to fit into my busy schedule primarily because they’re just three minutes long. The device is comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to different body parts. While it’s hard to gauge if I’m seeing true results just yet I do plan to continue using it and will have to report back after the 10 week time period.

The Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ BodyWare Pro sells for $435 USD which is about $558CAD and is available from a variety of beauty retailers including, Amazon, and from Dr. Dennis Gross website.

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Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.

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