Tripollar Stop X review: does it really work?


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Humans have been looking for the mythical fountain of youth for generations. After all, it might be great to live forever, but vanity means we won’t all want to live as long as Yoda if we have to look like him. Anti-aging beauty gadgets are having a moment right now. There’s LED light therapy microdermabrasion pens, microcurrent facial toners and today a radio-frequency wand that promises to firm and tighten agin skin. This is the Tripollar Stop X, Rose edition. In this review I’ll look at what this device is, what it promises to do, what you need to know before you use it and if I actually saw any results. Stick with me and we’ll also talk price, whether or not I can recommend it for you, and I’ll share how to get a discount on your purchase if you opt to buy one.

Tripollar Stop X review: does it really work?

The device was gifted to me by but no one has paid me for this review or told me what I can or can’t say about it, so consider these thoughts my own.

What is TriPollar Stop X?

The TriPollar STOP X is an anti-wrinkle device that uses RF (radio frequency) to assist the skin in repairing skin damage. With regular usage, TriPollar claims that the STOP X can reduce fine lines and heal the skin, reducing signs of aging.
The system works by heating the deeper layers of the skin and uses a gel to allow the tool to move across the face and evenly heat the skin or dermal layers.
The rose edition refers merely to the colour of the device.

What is RF technology in a beauty device?

The RF technology in the TriPollar STOP X travels through the layers of the skin and begins to heat them, which is supposed to jump start the production of collagen, one of the body’s building blocks.
Tripollar Stop X, review, how to, worth it, does it workCollagen is a protein in the body that helps promote healthy joints and skin elasticity. As we age, the body produces less collagen, and the skin begins to lose its elasticity. It’s possible to supplement the amount of collagen in the body, which would increase the body’s ability to heal joint inflammation and repair deep damage in the dermal layers of skin.
The TriPollar STOP X works by heating the dermal (surface skin)  and hypodermal (deeper skin layers). Tripollar says the heat and the RF waves increase the body’s collagen and elastin production, which allows the skin to heal itself and improve its elasticity. TriPollar further claims that the STOP X will shrink fat cells in the facial area and reduce cellulite.
The head of the STOP X has four REF electrodes arranged in a cross pattern, with the temperature sensor located in the center.

What’s in the box?

Aside from the device with its lid that doubles as a stand, you get a power cable and a small tube of preparation gel.

What you need to know about Tripollar

Tripollar Stop X, review, showing the metal nibs.
The list of warnings for the Stop X is actually a little intimidating, and it’s significant so hear me out. You shouldn’t use Tripollar Stop X if you:

  • Have a pacemaker arrhythmia or other heart disorders as flow of electrical energy through the body may damage your pacemaker or caused dangerous heart arrhythmias.
  • Have an implanted metal device or body piercing in the treatment area. The electrical energy may heat the implanted metal and cause burns.
  • Have a history of cancer or precancerous moles
  • Suffer from heart problems or auto immune disorders
  • Have skin problems or irritations on the face
  • Are under 21 years of age
  • Allergic to glycerin
  • Have diabetes
  • Used Accutane
  • Have very pale or very dark skin.
  • Use medication or cosmetics that cause dry skin
  • Have cold sores or other skin conditions which may be sensitive to heat including eczema or psoriasis
  • Recently had any fillers Botox, skin peels or other treatments
  • You’re pregnant or breast-feeding
  • If your wrinkles are severe or deep

Phew! That’s a heck of a no-go list. And even then, if you meet all the criteria there’s still a chance you could overdo it and bur your skin or be left with excessive redness. So bottom line, go slow, be careful and watch out, and naturally if you want to be sure talk to a dermatologist… don’t take a YouTuber’s word for it.

What is Thermal Mapping?

Warnings aside Tripollar says the Stop X uses what’s called innovative thermal mapping which samples tissue temperatures through the skin layers and adjusts the tool’s temperature to match the individual’s skin, which allows the treatment to be completed in a shorter time
You’ll feel the heat, and still need to keep moving the tool around, so it doesn’t overheat a specific area.

How to use the Tripollar Stop X: tips

Applying the Tripollar Stop X to the face.The Tripollar STOP X takes about 10-15 minutes to use, and contrary to what I assumed, it’s not wireless; you need to use it with the 2 metre power cable attached.
The recommendation is to use it to to three times a week, not on consecutive days, and for that treatment to last 8 to 12 weeks. At that point “maintenance” treatments are recommended just once per week.
The company recommends you use it in front of a mirror so you can see the small light that comes on when you’re using the device correctly.
To use the Tripollar Stop X, first, apply the preparation gel to the face in the areas you’ll be using the STOP X on and yes you absolutely must use the gel; it both helps glide the device over your face easier but it also helps ward off burns from the metal electrodes.
You’ll want to avoid using it on the nose, eyelids, lymph nodes, and thyroid area. (Yes, more warnings)
You’ll remove the cap, and apply the tool to your face, and move it in small circles. When STOP X has determined the optimal heating level and increased its temperature to match, it will beep. At that point, you can begin larger circles in that area and continue for 4-5 minutes.
You need to make sure that all four energy tips are firmly in contact with your skin at all times during treatment. If they’re not or if things are not optimal, you won’t see the small orange light on the side of the device. Same goes if you’re moving it too fast; no lights.
Applying Stop X to the jawline.I will say I struggled to get the lights to come on… I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong exactly; were the tips not making good contact with my face? Was I not letting it heat up enough before moving it? There’s no real feedback from the device to help you so it’s a bit of trial and error… which is kind of frightening after all those “don’t burn yourself” warnings.
TriPollar recommends using a “lifting motion” from jawline to cheek to augment the process. For the jawline, they recommend using the RF+DMA mode at low power.
Once you’re done covering all of the areas on the face, you turn off the tool and rinse off the protective gel. Then clean the electrodes of the STOP X with a paper towel, baby wipes or a damp washcloth, and place its cover back on.
Some users find the process makes their surface skin feel dry and like to follow the treatment with a hydrating face mask. A mask may also cool the surface skin and reduces the redness. As the deeper dermal layers retain the heat and continue producing collagen, cooling the surface won’t interfere with the process.
There’s no pain from using the STOP X, though it can feel quite hot to the skin when first using it. Some users say it feels like tiny pinpricks, though not painful.
The primary areas you’ll want to concentrate on are the cheeks, jawline and and forehead area, spending 4-5 minutes on each location.

Does Tripollar Stop X really work?

Tripollar Stop X, review, how to, worth it, does it workTripollar says you’ll see immediate results after the first treatment. I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or what, but I swear I noticed a slight tightening in my jaw line that seem to improve over a couple weeks of use. I was intrigued. My jawline is probably the area where I notice the most loss of firmness, so it does feel like it helped tighten things up a bit. I didn’t notice major differences on my forehead or cheeks yet but I also don’t know that I have a lot to complain about there either.

How quickly will I see results? And what will I notice?

TrPollar claims that users see a reduction of signs of aging and fine lines within eight weeks of use and since I’m just two weeks in I guess I’ll have to report back some time later.

Overall review: Tripollar Stop X

Overall I’m intrigued by the Tripollar Stop X. I feel like it’s given me a wee bit of a boost.
Downsides? There’s no feedback on how to do it right… if you don’t get the little orange light telling you you’re doing it right, you’re apparently doing it wrong, but figuring our how to correct it can be a frustrating game of trial and error.
The device isn’t cordless, which is merely a small frustration. The warnings put it out of reach of a lot of potential users and Tripollar also says it’s only meant for one user to prevent “contamination”. With that said Tripollar does say you can clean the device head with alcohol to sanitize it, and in yet another warning, you need to make sure the device is unplugged, and has dried before you use it again.
I’ll continue to use the Stop X for the full 12 weeks and see if I get even better results.

If you want to see an update on this down the road, be sure to let me know in the comments.

TriPollar STOP X ROSE – 2021 Special Edition and the TriPollar Preparation Gel 50ml are available at While pricing may vary it sells for about $449USD and gel refills are about $50USD. Use Promo Code or Discount Code ERINL10 to get an additional 10% off — even from sale prices — if you shop at using the links above.

Tripollar Stop X


Overall I’m intrigued by the Tripollar Stop X. I feel like it’s given me a wee bit of a boost.


  • Easy to use
  • Seems effective in short term
  • Doesn’t hurt


  • Not cordless
  • Lots of warnings
  • Only meant for one user
  • Can be finicky to use correctly
  • Hard to know long-term effects

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