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philips shaver 900 wet dry review

Philips has some new shaving products out this season, just in time for the holidays. I asked guest blogger Dave Ware to put the Philips Precision Shaver 9000 to the test and let guys know whether it’s a good choice for an electric razor. -Erin

Many men I’ve spoken to over the years complain about their lack of ability to grow a beard. For me, this has never been a problem, I’m an 11:30 a.m. shadow kind a guy. So when I learned I’d be reviewing the Philips 9000 series shaver, I made sure to avoid shaving for a few days to give it a good workout.

Review: Philips Wet/Dry Shaver 9000

Out of the box, the Philips 9000 is the luxury car of the shaving world. It comes with a sizeable hard case, a small trimmer, and a wireless charging plate that is quite big, and a wall plug adapter for the charging plate (USB end). My initial thought was that this isn’t a travel shaver, as the hard case is very big, and the charging plate takes up a lot of real estate as well.

I hadn’t used an electric razor in many years, being first a standard, then a safety razor shaver, and these days, mostly a “2 day stubble” guy (courtesy of my Philips Multigroom 300 series).

philips shaver 900 wet dry review

I remember my issues with electric shavers back in the day; it’s been hard to get a really smooth shave. Surprisingly, right off the bat, the 9000 is able to give a very close shave. Of course, it’s definitely not as close as a blade, which is as most guys will well know, able to move in close and get spots that the electric can’t (for me, the sides of my nose). The head of the 9000 is composed of three heads which are each circles, and I found that it was difficult to determine where the cutting line would be. Unless you want to attach the sideburn trimmer, you’re either guessing, or you’re shaving everything.

Philips 9000; for shaving, not manscaping

Which brings us to the next issue: the 9000 is a shaver, and nothing more. You won’t (apart from your sideburns) be doing much trimming or manscaping with it. There’s very little finesse or fine detail happening. I found after shaving, I had to pull out a standard razor and get the sides of my nose, as well as some neck spots the 9000 had missed. The alignment of the 3 heads was such that I never felt like I could control where I was cutting, making any close work impossible.

Waterproof electric shaver: Philips 9000

The 9000 is waterproof, which is pretty neat. I’ve never shaved with an electric in the shower before. One side note, it’s a pretty quiet unit. I actually had to check that it was on since I couldn’t hear it over the noise of the shaver 900 wet dry review

Wet shaving vs Dry shaving: which is better?

The “wet shave” didn’t prove to be any closer than a dry shave, and while I was able to clean the unit easily, I could see things getting clogged up over time. It also resulted in water pooling up on the charger. The charger itself worked perfectly, apart from the previously noted fact that it’s quite large. The only other complaint I’d have is that while one end of the charged has a USB end, the other is hardwired into the unit, meaning you can’t unplug, or just bring the cord on a trip. You’re stuck with bringing the entire charging unit (have I mentioned it’s a really big case?).

Battery life of Philips 9000

The shaver is very cool looking, sleek and modern. The heads are curved and look very futuristic, and the charging unit has a lovely glow when you place the shaver on it. Apart from it taking up a lot of space, and needing wall power, it would look great in your bathroom. The shaver has an easily readable display to show you how much power is remaining. I used about 10% of the power for my shave, meaning you could likely go about a week or so without recharging.

The only thing, apart from the lack of portability that I felt was missing, was a trimming system. I love the Philips unit I have, which has different heads for close trimming, and even a larger hair trimming unit. I suppose with some more accessories, this would be the ultimate shaving system. It would really be better to have one do it all, and with so many men growing more facial hair these days, it seems like an oversight to not have the 9000 be more versatile in that regard. For the price (about $199-269CAD), I feel like I shouldn’t have to have a second razor or unit to complete things. The 9000 ends ups being a “unitasker”, a device that only serves one specific purpose, rather than one that can expand to handle all your grooming needs.

Overall review of Philips Wet/Dry Shaver 9000

philips shaver 900 wet dry review

All in all, the 9000 is a really sleek, impressive looking shaver that does a pretty decent job, and likely ranks at the top of what is possible with an electric shaver. If you’re looking for smoothness and no facial hair, it can definitely solve your problem, if you can accept the high price tag.

Philips Wet Dry Shaver 9000 sells for about $199-269CAD from places like Amazon.

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