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Roborock announces 6 new products at CES


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Erin L

Erin L

Roborock booth at CES 2024, new products on display.If you’ve got a spill at CES, this is definitely the right place to take care of it. One of the best and most popular robot vacuum brands in the world, Roborock used this year’s CES tech show to launch an entire fleet of new robot floor cleaners and a set of uprights. Meet the 6 new products: Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra, S8 Max Ultra, Q Revo MaxV, Q Revo Pro, Flexi and Flexi Pro. Right away I put them to work.Roborock booth at CES 2024, new products on display.

New Roborock S8 Max Series robots

We’ll start with The S8 Max Series (S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra) is Roborock’s upcoming flagship series.

And some of the new technology here is so unique they turned it into an art installation…

Roborock announced 6 new products at CES including several bot-vacs and some uprights. Here's what they look like and can do.The S8 Max robots use a swing out robotic arm cleaning system specifically for corners, called FlexiArm. The brush reaches deeper into corners to clean even better.

The S8 Max V Ultra also has cameras, not only to help navigation and obstacle avoidance, but you can also use it as a mobile pet cam, since it has animal recognition.

“The robot will then roam around your home, identify your pet and notify you on your app; that hey my cat is here,” explains Marcus Lai with Roborock. “Then you can enable your video calling feature and use it as a mobile pet camera.”

The upgraded 8 in 1 self cleaning and charging dock known as the Rockdock is more efficient. It automatically empties, refills, and uses detergent; washes the mop with 60C hot water and dries with 60°C heated air to prevent stinky mopping pads. New here —Dirt levels are detected when it docks to see if the mop needs re-washing or if you floor might need another cleaning pass.

The new bots use Roborock’s VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System which both lifts the mopping pads, but also cleans better.“The new VibraRise 3.0 mopping system, we’ve upgraded the vibration in the way that it now scrubs at 4,000 times per minute so it gets tough stains and even stronger scrubbing power.

When it comes to the vacuum suction power, Roborock has made some big improvements too. The S8 Max V Ultra has the most suction you can get in a robot vacuum— industry-leading 10,000Pa suction power even the S8 Max Ultra has a dazzling 8,000Pa.

New Roborock QRevo Series robots

Roborock new products displayed at CES 2024.The Q Revo Series (Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo Pro) brings advanced edge mopping capability with two major new features; there’s a an extendable spinning mini-mop  that cleans as close as 1.85mm along edges, and the large microfibre mopping pads can reach out to scrub edges a lot better too . That should mean a lot fewer missed areas and less re-cleaning from you.

“The Q Revo Max V is the slightly smarter model in the way that it has built in voice control we just launched at CES this year; it’s called Hello Rocky. You are able to control the entirety of the robot with this voice assistance.”

And there’s also a new option for both the S8 Max series and the Q Revo series; you can choose a version that lets you plumb in the water and drainage lines so you never have to refill or empty a thing—and it’s totally DIY..

 Roborock Flexi and Flexi Pro

Roborock new products displayed at CES 2024.Now to the uprights…The new Flexi Series (Flexi Pro and Flexi) are lightweight, flexible wet-dry vacuums.These are slimmer and lighter than other competing versions you’ll see, and these have the ability to lay flat and clean under furniture like under the sofa or the bed.You fill the clean water tank with clean water and detergent and then you can pick up both dry spills or scrub wet messes off the floors. The Flexi Pro also offers power-assisted cleaning for less effort, pulling itself along the floor, as well as the best edge cleaning; it’s able to get within 1 millimeter of walls on either side, while the regular Flexi offers that same edge clearance but only on one side.

Of course once you’re done cleaning it’s back on the dock; and the Flexi uprights use warm water and hot air to wash and dry the mop rollers in 30 minutes.Most of the The 6 new Roborock cleaners will be available in April 2024 and I’m hoping to get hands on with as many as possible, so check for full reviews later this year.

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