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Erin at Pepcom

Fighting robots…A drone that will hover in midair and capture everything you do. Roller Shoes to make your feet walk faster. And a robot that will perfectly paint your nails… all by itself. That’s just a few of the most innovative technologies on display at the Pepcom showcase ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Pepcom is kind of a first look for media, content creators and influencers at all the cool stuff they’re going to see throughout the week at CES.

So while you get a sneak preview tonight, we get to get into a lot more detail as the week goes on.

Mirage and the media lineup

At the Mirage hotel on the Las Vegas strip Media line up by the hundreds to get a glimpse of what’s ahead and I was one of the lucky ones to be admitted.

First look and first impressions

Ecovacs is one of the big brands showing off its new flagship cleaner; the Ecovacs X2 Combo. This version builds on the popular X2 OMNI, but adding on a dual handheld and stick vac, right onto the robot vac-mop base station. It will even auto-empty both the bot and the stick into a closed bag.

Cosori air fryers

Smart cooking ovens are all the rage this year—this one not only air fries but pseudo-souvides with steam. A personal fave brand, COSORI, was showing off its new lineup of air fryers and smart home gadgets.

Smart glasses visually impaired

There’s also all kinds of technology to help those that need it. Like an automated translation system that can listen to what’s being said and simultaneously translated into multiple languages at once, or this camera you wear on glasses which will read or describe what’s in front of it for the visually impaired.


Smart litter box

And speaking of helpful there’s also an automated litter box that is possibly the nicest poop receptacle I’ve ever seen. You’ll see more common technology like robot vacuums, but there’s also things like an ultralight aircraft that’s ready for market at only about 100 grand.

Some featured products coming up…

Here are just a few of the highlights as we start in on this week!

Wearable air conditioner

From giant full body massage chairs, and even what’s called a personal air conditioner which you wear around your neck, there was a lot to check out.

Nimble robot manicure

I stopped to take a look at this manicure robot from Nimble; just slide your mitts in, and the machine scans your nails, then the robot arm inside paints your nails one at a time from a tiny bottle of polish. When it’s done, it’s like an instant manicure. This machine is ready for home use and costs about $599US. Pricey yes, but if you get weekly manicures, this could pay for itself fairly quickly.

Hover drone

The machine I want to call hover-drone is something I’d love to try; technically called the ZeroZero HoverAir X1, it’s a completely hands-free way to get really cool panoramic video. And if you connect your smartphone it can even record clear audio too.

Want to thrill your mouth? There’s also a new take on the ultrasonic toothbrush from a company called Laifen, which makes a smart toothbrush that doesn’t just vibrate, or oscillate.

Nextbase was showing off its new ultra smart 4K dash cam, which I already have for a full review, so stay tuned for that.

Govee tv sync box lights

There’s power technology on display – Bluetti was showing off some of its portable power solutions, and some other brands I appreciate were on hand too, like Govee showing off its newest lighting for gamers with its sync box…

Speaking of familiar brands, Roborock which is debuting a couple of newer more advanced robot vacuum-mops with a new look and even more features, like a levered, reaching corner brush. I’ve got a full video on this coming later this week.

Dreame robot mower

There are also several options at the show for robot lawn mowers which are going down in price and getting easier to set up. Dreame, the vacuum brand has one, and so does RoboUp, which I’ll share more about in an exclusive story later this week.

Watch my video about the CES 2024 Pepcom Tech Preview

Let me know which technology you’re most interested in learning more about make sure you post in the comments…and watch for all kinds of additional fun technology later this week

For now, the cyborgs are calling……

See you soon!

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