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Tineco unveils new floor cleaners at CES 2024


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Erin L

Erin L

Tineco booth

This has to be the cleanest booth at CES 2024! This is the Tineco booth and over here it’s non-stop vacuum and mop. And some of it is even steam-powered…

Tineco announced three new products at this year’s CES 2024 they are the Pure One Station, S7 Steam, and Steam Pro kind of the flip side of the same product and the Floor One S7 Switch.

Tineco Pure One Station – vacuum self-emptying elegance

Tineco Pure One station

Let’s start with the Pure One Station… this cleaning tower This is a 4-in-1 Clean Station; it will automatically self-clean, recharge, and store your vacuum but it also automatically empties the vacuum’s dustbin into a sealed canister with HEPA dust filtration, which will hold up to 60 days of dirt.

The other key innovation here is it’s not just emptying the dustbin…

“Every time we put the vacuum back, onto the station is will clean from the brushes through the tube, then into the overall station,” explains Romeo Luo, Tineco General Manager, International Business.

Suctioning out the entire vacuum; from the brush head, to the tube, all the way to the bin, helps the whole vacuum stay clean.

The Pure One station is a bit more design-forward and elegant with a sapphire colour and lean profile. It looks a lot nicer than some others I’ve seen and it’s got a much lower price too; it’s supposed to be available at $799US.

Tineco Floor One S7 Switch – floor washer + vacuum

Tineco Switch

Floor One Switch S7 is a brand new announcement; it’s a dual vacuum and floor washer in one device.

Tineco is really big on combo products, that is products that do more than one thing for someone and that was definitely evident here as they unveiled their new lineup for CES 2024.

“We have the Switch – It’s actually a floor washer plus a stick vacuum,” says Luo. “It uses the same source of power so with the money we buy one and get two products; floor washer plus stick vacuum.”

Just by switching the motor from one to the other you get two machines in one package.

When you’re using the wet-dry vac-mop; the S7, it also cleans itself and uses what’s called the FlashDry system, which cleans and dries and disinfects the brushes in 5 minutes.

“Tineco actually we are the inventors of the floor washer itself. Before us, there was nobody doing those kinds of floor washers. As an industry leader, we are always leading new trends in technology. We are always trying to learn the main pain point and complaint of consumers when they are cleaning their homes,” Luo shares.

Floor One s7 Steam – now cordless

Tineco S7 Steam

Tineco also showed off its new cordless Floor One S7 Steam wet-dry vacuum. The newest floor washer heats the water in the tank to 140C to produce fluffy clouds of steam which can power away dirt, stains, and germs. The big upgrade here is that this version is now cordless, but still just as powerful as the previous version.

This is the ultimate floor washer for cleaning geeks, since it’s self-propelled—meaning less effort from you, but it’s also a great way to sanitize floors. It also keeps itself clean with Continuous Clean-Brush Washing where it removes dirty water with an internal brush squeegee then washes and rinses the brush with fresh water.

Watch my video about Tineco’s 3 NEWEST vacuums

And Tineco is also expanding it’s offerings in smart kitchen devices with the Oveni One smart oven. It bakes, steams, and air fries but will also defrost, ferment and more. With a big touchscreen on the front it can give you step-by-step instructions with video and is linked to online recipes by pro chefs.

Tineco Oveni One

And best of all it cleans itself… it will also run a high-temperature self-cleaning and disinfecting cycle after every use

I’m hoping to get hands-on with each new product over the coming year to see firsthand what they’re like to use in a real home. So be sure to check out the YouTube channel Erin Lawrence TV for future reviews.

You can also find more about the new products at Tineceo’s website.

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