Tineco Floor One S5 vs. Roborock Dyad: How to choose?


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Tineco floor one s5, review

Tineco Floor One S5

While robot vacuum/mop units are all the rage right now, they might not make sense for everyone. If you have a lot of different levels in your place, or pets that might be traumatized by that crazy self-propelled unit, or even if you have a lot of items that need to be avoided or moved around, there’s a chance that you might just want to handle the vacuum and/or mopping process yourself.

That’s where stick cleaners really shine. We’re not talking about that red-handled stick with the little blue cloth bits on the end that you buy at Walmart. We’re talking about some high-tech, self-cleaning wet/dry electronic-controlled works of art. If you have toddlers, messy pets, a mud room, or a kitchen that’s in constant need of mopping, these units might be right for you.

Tineco Floor One S5 vs. Roborock Dyad: how to choose?

Today we put two names in the wet/dry vacuum world up against each other to see who comes out ahead. We’re comparing the Tineco Floor S5, a traditional-looking stand-up unit with a few surprises up its sleeve. Its competition is the Roborock Dyad, a heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum stick with a lot going for it. Let’s put them through the paces and see which unit comes out ahead—ad which one deserves your hard-earned dollars. If you’re shopping for the more recent version of these two floor cleaners, check out full reviews of Roborock Dyad Pro and Tineco Floor One S7.

Watch my video review of Tineco Fllor One S5 vs Roborock Dyad Pro


Like any great piece of tech, we love to jump in and see what original or interesting features the units might have; things that make you nod your head.

Tineco Floor One S5: The Floor One S5 has an accompanying app that tracks your cleaning jobs and can let you know when the unit is fully charged. It also has a feature called iLoop, which supposedly senses how dirty the floor under the unit is and displays a gauge that goes from red to blue as the floor becomes cleaner. In my testing I didn’t feel it worked very well; the LED light is supposed to match the dirtiness of your floors, but in my testing the light rarely illuminated, even when I passed the vac over big coffee or wine spills. It also has a self-cleaning feature that works while the unit is docked.

Roborock Dyad: The Dyad also has sensors to tell you when the dirty water tank is full and also when the battery is low. It also has a Dirt Level bar that purports to show you when some areas of your floor need extra attention. I tried it and didn’t find it very accurate either. There’s also a self-cleaning feature that cleans up the insides when you return it to the dock and enable the cycle.


Tie: both have a self cleaning cycle and both purport to detect dirt, but neither’s sensor seems effective.

Roborock Dyad review

Roborock Dyad’s two rows of rollers

Design & Roller Configuration

Tineco Floor One S5: The S5 has a single large roller brush covering almost the entire unit’s base and running edge to edge. It’s self-propelled and easy to maneuver. It has a decent amount of power and will get the job done in a few short passes.

Roborock Dyad: The Roborock Dyad has a triple roller setup arranged in two edge-to-edge rows, with the water nozzle nestled between the two back rollers. There’s also a squeegee to pick up excess water. It works best during forward passes and tends to pick up a lot of debris and spills on a single pass.


The Roborock Dyad with three rollers and the ability to pick a lot more material in a single pass comes out ahead here.

Cleaning power

Gadgets and features aside, how do these units actually clean, and how are they set up to do so?

I put each of these devices through a series of cleaning tests, running them over everything from spilled coffee, dried food, coffee grounds and more. I can say that both clean extremely effectively; often in one pass. Despite the three versus one roller configuration, they are bot capable cleaners thanks probably to powerful suction. Read the full review of the Tineco Floor One S5 here or the Roborock Dyad review to get deeper on the details.


They are both effective cleaners, and evenly matched where it counts. We call this one a Tie.

Roborock Dyad reviewTank Size

An important aspect is the size of the tank because it affects how long you can work without emptying and refilling.

Tineco Floor One S5: The S5 has an 800 ml clean water tank and a 700ml dirty water tank. You’ll likely find that you need to change both tanks a couple of times during use. It will tell you when the dirty water tank is full.

Roborock Dyad: The Dyad’s clean water tank holds 850 ml, and its dirty water tank holds 620ml. There’s a warning when the dirty tank is nearly full.


Tie. These units have similar capacities and balance each other out.

Battery Life

Battery life can be a big issue, depending on the size of the area you need to clean. No one likes having to wait on a battery to finish the job.

Tineco Floor One S5: The S5 takes about five hours to charge fully, and you can monitor the process through the app. Once charged, it has a 35-minute runtime, and you’ll find you can clean quicker without cords or hoses to deal with.

Roborock Dyad: The Dyad runs for about 35 minutes, with a three-hour recharge for the battery.


While both units have similar runtimes, the Roborock Dyad charges more quickly, so it comes out ahead here.

Tineco floor one s5, reviewPrice

Tineco Floor One S5: The S5 costs $629.99 and can be ordered directly from their website, with free shipping available.

Roborock Dyad: The Dyad sells for $649.99 and can be purchased at Best Buy or through their website.


The Tineco Floor One S5 is slightly cheaper, so it pulls ahead here.

How to choose between Tineco Floor One S5 and Roborock Dyad

Both of these units do a similar task, and both perform it well. You won’t find much to separate them, aside from a small difference in price, and while the Roborock does boats extra rollers, their overall cleaning power is evenly matched. This head to head ends in a draw. Maybe the difference in recharging time is important to you, and in that case, the Roborock Dyad may come out on top for you. If it’s all about price, you can save a few bucks and go with the Tineco Floor One S5. Overall though, this one is too close to call.

If you want to complicate things a wee bit more, Tineco makes a Steam version of the S5. You can read the review of Tineco Floor One S5 Steam here.

Winner: Tie.

You can shop the original versions or the newer options below.

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