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This year I made 140 videos about dozens of gadgets and devices. Some are clear winners while others definitely did not get my stamp of approval. So which things that I reviewed am I still using because they’re the best of the year, and which ones need to go back to the drawing board? Full reviews of every device are available on the channel here and at

Let’s check out my top tech of 2023.

Govee Curtain Light

Govee Curtain Light

Govee Curtain Light was my favourite smart light this year. With its unique string design, it’s able to create animated patterns and light shows making it perfect for gaming rooms, movie night or holiday decor. These are available on Amazon and Walmart.

Jabra Elite 8 Active

jabra, elite, active, 75t, 85t, review, how, earbuds, headphones

Jabra’s newest sport earbuds are actually the best all-around pick for anyone looking for new earbuds. With water resistance, the ability to connect to multiple devices, great noise cancelling plus lots of easy-to-use features and great sound quality PLUS killer battery life, these are the only earbuds you’ll need in 2024 and beyond. These earbuds are available on Amazon.

Pixel Watch 2

Google Pixel Watch 2 review


Just because the new Google Pixel Watch 2 doesn’t work with my iPhone at ALL doesn’t make me love it any less. With a beautiful stylish design, cool faces, smart features including safety options, and solid battery life it’s a gorgeous smart watch. And with Fitbit fitness tracking smarts fully integrated, it will also be your activity tracking best friend. This smartwatch is available on Amazon.



If you want the Cadillac or would it be the Porsche of smart robot floor cleaners, this is the only one to pick. The Ecovacs Deebot X2 OMNI does it all; top quality vacuuming and mopping, it cleans and dries itself with warm air and hot water. Plus with a built in voice assistant that’s actually smart and can hear you call out to it and will come and clean where you are, it’s freakishly clever. Plus the overall design is nice too.
Full disclosure, while Ecovacs has been a sponsor of the channel, that’s not why I’m picking them – truth is this is the best floor robot I’ve tried all year. This vac is available on Amazon.

Shark Detect Pro with AutoEmpty

Shark Detect Pro auto empty

Initially I wasn’t expecting much from this stick vac, but Shark blew me away with its outstanding cleaning ability, lightweight and auto-emptying charging station. Plus, it cleaned way better than some other vacuums I’ve reviewed this year that cost a whole lot more. If you need a highly portable stick vac that has a compact storage footprint and outstanding vacuuming power, you will not be disappointed with this one. It’s available on Amazon.

Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold smartphone

My first review of a folding phone was a winner—but I’m not surprised. Google makes outstanding and beautiful smartphones and the Pixel Fold is a multitasking marvel. With a slim front cover screen that opens up to a big beautiful alphabet-style widescreen interface when you unfold it, this phone is the ultimate in versatility. Plus with all Google’s ultracool software and features and a killer camera, this is a great phone if you’re looking for a new Android option. Yuu can find it on Amazon and the Google store.

Cosori TurboBlaze air fryer

Cosori TurboBlaze

I was slow to take up the air fryer craze, but when I had the chance to try the larger format Cosori TurboBlaze, which can roast a whole chicken, I was hooked. This multi-talented air fryer allows me to make perfect roast veggies and potatoes, crispy granola —even dehydrated citrus slices for cocktails. Plus the fact it’s non-stick and cleans up with a wipe makes it a winner in this house.
While Cosori has been a sponsor of the channel as well, the TurboBlaze makes the list because it’s a helpful device that works really well. It’s available on Amazon and Walmart.

Tula Mic

tula mic

This handy little gadget is my sleeper hit of 2023; this dual purpose recorder and microphone is ideal for content creators who are always traveling. With a built-in stand and folding footprint, it can go anywhere with you. And with outstanding sound quality it checks all the boxes—including retro-chic good looks! It’s available on Amazon.

Google Pixel tablet

Screenshot of a video call using the Google pixel tablet

I was not expecting to be so wowed by a tablet, but Google made some pretty clever design choices here, essentially creating a breakaway tablet on a small but great sounding speaker and charging base. Use it on its own to read, surf the web or watch videos or enjoy it as a music centre and smart home hub to control everything in your house. It’s available on Amazon.

Kindle Scribe

amazon kindle scribe with packaging and charger

Kindle’s e-reader and digital notebook concept is so clever. You can read all the books you want on this large-format e-reader, or just use it to jot notes, make lists and keep your productivity up. With the ability to accurately convert your handwriting to text, and to send or store your notes across many other platfoms, this is a digital notebook concept for the ages. It’s available on Amazon.

Husqvarna Automower 415X

Husqvarna automower

In 2023 I stopped cutting the lawn and got a robot to start doing it for me. The Husqvarna Automower 415X is one of my favourite gadgets this year because it frees up so much of my time. It runs completely silently and on a schedule you set, and because it mulches tiny bits off your lawn constantly, it keeps it looking tidy 7 days a week. With complete app control and pet and animal safety features I don’t know how I could ever go back to a push mower again. It’s available from Husqvarna, Walmart and Amazon.

Juiced Cross-Current

Juiced e-bike review cross current x

2023 was the year I got my first e-bike, and I was a huge fan of the Juiced Cross-Current Step through. With loads of style and power to get me up big hills and to keep me going for miles, this bike is a powerhorse. It’s super comfortable and easy to ride and control, and the battery lasts practically forever. It also comes with plenty of racks and brackets for you to easily transport stuff you need to. It’s available from Juiced.

Those are my picks for my favourite tech and gadgets of the year.

What didn’t make the list?

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows on the tech review front. There were a few gadgets I tried that just didn’t live up to either their promises or their prices. I tried a robot vacuum that just didn’t cut it— a couple actually. Check out my full reviews of the Narwal Freo and Bissell Spinwave. And I was pretty disappointed with one of my favourite brands, Dyson with its new Dyson submarine—mainly because it doesn’t do what you think it will do. I also had major struggles with the LG Cord Zero, and because of its high price and the fact it didn’t clean one particular type of floor for me, I can’t recommend that either.

If you want to see why it doesn’t always go perfectly in the tech review world you can check out some of those reviews here on the blog.

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