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It’s no surprise our travel options are limited these days. But, no matter if you’re traveling now or in the future, it might help to know about a service that can make traveling with extra baggage easier and less of a hassle by sending your luggage, golf clubs, ski equipment, or even your bike ahead of you, ultimately, meeting you at your destination. ShipGo, offers shipping services that take the trouble out of traveling by handling everything from your sporting equipment to extra baggage. I’d like to thank ShipGo for sponsoring this video; while they provided a shipment exchange for me, they haven’t told me what I can or can’t say about their service.

Why use a shipping service for golf clubs and baggage?

If you’ve ever had to take multiple bags to the airport, or if you’re traveling with a family or group of friends, you know it can not only be much more complicated to toss golf clubs into the mix, but it can also be downright difficult to fit everyone’s baggage in one vehicle or a taxi. And if you figure out a solution on the way out, like a pal with a pickup truck, what about when you land? Or when you get home?

Shipping ahead with ShipGo, gives you the freedom to avoid waiting in long bag-check lines and crowded baggage claims upon your arrival.

ShipGo, offers complimentary insurance on every bag backed by an on-time guarantee. This allows you to travel with peace of mind knowing your bags are in good hands every step of the way, no matter where your next destination leads you.

shipgo, shipping, review, forwarding, luggage, golf, skiCan I send internationally using ShipGo?

The solution for international travel is ShipGo shipping. On your scheduled shipping date, ShipGo will conveniently collect your bags at your home, office, or from your hotel/resort sending them directly to your chosen destination. Whether you’re traveling within Canada, within the USA or across the pond, ShipGo shipping services are available in 180 countries. They deal directly with customs, so you have one less thing to worry about when heading to and from your international destination.

Have them delivered to your hotel/resort, golf club, ski lodge, an office or your Airbnb. You don’t need to worry about carrying them or managing them. Your bags will be just waiting for you when you arrive.

How did ShipGo work for me?

On a recent trip, we used ShipGo shipping to handle our golf bags and luggage. We packed everything up at home, added the shipping luggage tags and had them picked up at our residence. After we arrived at our destination, we had them delivered the next day. Brilliant! Our stuff arrived undamaged and on-time.

ShipGo shipping: How does it work?

The service is simple to use:

  1. Schedule your shipment using ShipGo’s online Ship Page
  2. Print & attach: Print & attach your shipping labels to the correct bags
  3. Pickup or drop off: Drop off bags or allow them to be picked up

Can I delay delivery or ship in advance?

You can adapt the timing of your shipment to whatever fits your travel needs. You can have your bags waiting for you when you arrive, or time it so they arrive the next business day. We had a complex travel schedule, so we opted to have our bags picked up about a week and a half before we were set to travel across the border. Then we set delivery for the day after we would arrive, just to make sure everything timed out correctly (winter weather, delays, etc). I found the shipping options were extremely flexible and let me take the worry out of getting my stuff to my destination.

    shipgo, shipping, review, forwarding, luggage, golf, skiHow much does ShipGo cost?

Airline baggage fees can be a bit of a mystery. Sometimes baggage fees are included, sometimes they’re extra, and from time to time they’re downright astronomical if you have an extra or overweight bag. Luckily, ShipGo offers a variety of shipping speeds and bag size options so you can customize your trip to your travel needs.

While their shipping services start at $44.99 USD in the states, our bags from Canada to California were $129 USD for a checked size suitcase and $119 for a standard golf bag. With their wide-variety of bag-size options, you can choose to ship anything from extra large golf bags, oversize luggage, bikes, boxes, school trunks, skis and snowboards and even small carry-on size bags. Getting a price is simple off the website and just requires some basic information like your location and destination postal codes.

Overall review: ShipGo shipping

Overall, we are beyond thrilled with the service we got from ShipGo. Pick up was on time, delivery was exactly when we requested it, and everything arrived safe and sound. It was such a treat not to have to lug all our extra baggage to the airport and then find a vehicle big enough at our destination to help us get it home. Particularly because we opted to travel with our dogs on this voyage, so it would have been a mighty truckload!

Using ShipGo made our travel completely hassle free. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this reliable shipping service for anyone traveling in the future. Get more info and pricing from their website.

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