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sonos, one, SL, speaker, reviewThere’s a mountain of choices when it comes to speakers. Portable and wireless, multi-room, smart speakers, and premium audio options. So what stands out about the Sonos SL is that it’s deliberately not smart and it’s completely uncomplicated. This powerful microphone-free speaker is meant for simplified music listening for folks who have an ear for great sound. I had a chance to spend a few days with a Sonos SL in my house, and I’ll tell you what I learned.

Sonos One SL Review

I’ve had my share of troubles getting Sonos devices set up in the past. I’ve found their set up to be buggy, and often required tech support. I’m happy to say the last few Sonos devices I’ve set up have been trouble free.

Setting up Sonos One SL

Getting the Sonos One SL ready to go simply involves plugging them in and using the Sonos app to connect to them. The app gives you instructions that are easy to follow and I was set up in no time. When I added a second Sonos One SL, the app also prompted me to set them up as a stereo pair, which just needed a few extra clicks.

All told I was ready to go with my pair in about 10 minutes.

sonos, one, SL, speaker, review

Remote & voice control options

There are simple touch controls on the Sonos One SL; just tap the top for play/pause and to adjust volume,

Despite the fact this speaker doesn’t have a microphone for dedicated voice control, you can still control a Sonos One SL with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and you can actually use other smart devices like an Amazon Echo or Google Home device to control it if it’s added to your smart digital assistant’s platform or app. Just ask your echo or Google device to ‘stream music on Sonos’.

What’s the appeal of Sonos SL?

The Sonos One SL is meant for someone who’s interested in a great music speaker without a lot of complications. It’s not for someone interested in smarts, or having a digital assistant to talk to; it’s really all about the audio quality. This speaker would also be great for someone who already has plenty of digital assistant gadgets but is looking to increase their fidelity in the home.

Stereo sound & home theatre

Pairing Sonos SL with another One SL was super easy as I noted. But you can also use your pair as rear home theatre surrounds with Sonos Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.

sonos, one, SL, speaker, review

Sound quality of Sonos One SL

Let’s get to the sound, because that’s what this speaker is all about.

The sound quality is outstanding. After you reviewed and listened to a bunch of average speakers like I have lately, listening to something in the premium category is like waking up in a whole different space.

I listened to these side-by-side with some other smart digital assistant stereo paired speakers I had. While those other speakers sound really great and I’ve been very happy with them, listening to them side-by-side with the Sonos One SL has been truly shocking in terms of how much better the Sonos Speakers sound.

There is so much more depth and detail in the music I listened to on the One SL; it’s hard to explain it. Listening to basic speakers is kind of like walking into a room and your kids are blowing bubbles. With the Sonos it’s like walking into that same room and finding its been filled to the roof with soap foam; it’s surprisingly full, intense, all-encompassing and overall it’s much more enjoyable.

It’s been truly mind expanding to listen to how much more detail there is in the music when listening on the Sonos. The sound also seems fuller and richer, and much more powerful. Simply put, I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I got to try listening to my music on the Sonos One SL.

sonos, one, SL, speaker, review

Overall review of Sonos One SL

Overall it’s hard to find fault with the Sonos One SL; the audio quality is out of this world, and the fact that there’s not much in the way of smarts or added features means you can just focus on the music and listening.

When it comes to downsides, if you are looking for smarts or dedicated voice control inside the speaker and think you can’t live without that, the good news is you can get it by upgrading to the Sonos One. I will say thought that the AC plug is horrifically difficult to insert and remove, to the point where I almost ne

While some might gripe about the price for this speaker and the fact it lacks all those smarts, and costs about $100 more than a new smart speaker, the truth is with Sonos you’re paying for vastly superior sound quality.

There’s not a lot you can’t like about Sonos One SL. It sells for about $229CAD.

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