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Travel locks get a bad rap; either they’re too puny to be protective, or they’re easy to pick. Or perhaps you’re the type that is always misplacing the key or forgetting the combination, while you’re a million miles from home.

Smart travel lock uses no keys, no combinations

A solution is digital locks. I’ve written previously about smart, cell phone-controlled padlocks by Dog and Bone. They’re easy to use and work well.

Now there’s a smaller version for travel.locksmart suitcase travel-lock-Red-3

“LockSmart Travel bestows more security, and sharing and tracking features like none before with the humble key or combination lock, explains Dog & Bone’s website.

The lock uses Bluetooth to open the lock, and you can use any smartphone with the app, so your family can share access. You can even open the bag remotely, so if one of the kids needs something from a locked suitcase at the AirBnB rental while you’re getting groceries, you can pop the lock with a click. Or share a ‘virtual’ key instantly with a press of a button – you needn’t be in the same room, city or even country to do so. The lock is compatible with iOS or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0.

Locksmart suitcase lock opens with smartphone, tracks usage

locksmart travel suitcase tsa lockThe Dog and Bone app also give you more flexibility with your locks.  You can decide what level of access to allow, whether it’s unlimited, limited, scheduled or single unlock access. You can even schedule specific dates and times of shared use, or revoke access as needed, and of course the app tracks all that usage for you.

Smart power

You won’t have to worry about dead batteries either. Your app lets you know when your lock is getting low on power. Powered by two common CR2016 coin batteries, there’s no need to carry extra cables for recharging either.

Find missing bags

Another feature of the LockSmart Travel is that it allows you to locate your bag. When in Bluetooth range, you can track your luggage via the app and get notified when you get close to it. If you’re out of range, you can crowdNever lose the keys again.nevsource the tracking in the app via the LockSmart Travel community.

TSA approved travel suitcase lock

The LockSmart Travel is TSA approved so you can check in and out of the airport without worry. Security officers can open your luggage without damage to it or your lock.

The Locksmart Travel is available from Dog and Bone’s website. It costs $60USD.


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