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Getting a great TV is only part of the home theatre picture. To have a truly cinematic experience at home you also need a sound system. That’s why I was glad to have a chance to review the Sony X900F 4K HDR smart TV alongside the Sony HT-Z9F Sound bar and  SA-Z9R rear speakers. I had a chance to test out this set up for a few weeks in my home.

Read the blog about the Sony HT-Z9F sound bar and sound system here.

sony x900f smart tv 4K HDR review

Set up: Sony Bravia X900F 4K TV

After turning the TV on and connecting all your cables you’ll connect to Wi-Fi so you can access streaming services.
Next you’ll choose whether to enable something called ‘remote start’. This allows your TV to power on in response to playback or casting commands from mobile apps like YouTube it eliminates the need to have to press your TV’s power button before controlling your TV from your mobile device. Smart. At this point your TV may want to check for a system software update. You can also enable these updates to happen automatically.
If you’ve got a sound bar or other audio components, now’s the time to connect those too.

Sony X900F features – HDR & 4K

This TV is a 4K HDR set. That means it’s got ultra high definition resolution which is four times sharper than HD. What do you notice? A razor sharp and extraordinarily real video picture that shows you superfine details.

HDR support is also available in this TV, which helps to better replicate light and dark—contrast—as well has colour. With HDR you get a better and more realistic blend of colours, which is particularly noticeable in nature shows. The extraordinary contrast ratio means you can see more subtlety and detail in heavily shaded areas on the screen or in dark scenes, plus you get brighter, truer white and bright areas without glare or harshness.
This TV has something called “4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme” which is said to have up to six times the contrast of conventional TVs. Did that come across? Well, it’s pretty hard to measure, particularly if you’re not doing a side-by side-comparison, but I can say it’s a beautifully sharp, clear and detailed picture that’s ultra easy to watch.

sony x900f 4k HDR tv review

No motion blur thanks to “X-Motion Clarity”

Newer TVs today have gotten really good at minimizing or eliminating motion blur. The Sony X900F is no different.
With Sony’s “X-Motion Clarity” technology the TV shows fast action scenes smoothly and clearly even during high speed scenes. The pictures stay clear with no loss of brightness.

I can say this TV avoids motion blur like a boss. It’s so good that the video almost looks like animation (OK, in some action movies it may in fact be special effects!). Things happen clearly on screen and you don’t feel like you’re getting whipped thorough a scene.

Superior colour on Sony X900Fsony x900f 4k HDR tv review

has long had a technology called TRILUMINOS which it developed to better replicate colour. The X900F has it too. A TRILUMINOS Display maps colours from a wider palette, says Sony, “faithfully reproducing every shade and hue”.
The value of this technology is hard to measure with the naked eye. Particularly in a TV that has HDR; it makes me wonder which of these technologies is handling which parts of the colour I see? That’s impossible for me to know, so I can only share what I see:
The colours are bright and vibrant, and creates an overall video picture that’s easy on the eyes.

Smarts & Google Home built into Sony X900F

Accessing the smart features and streaming is done via Sony’s “Apps” button on the remote control. Inside this menu you’ll find the usual streaming channels, like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Handily, the Sony X900F has the ability to connect with Google’s smart digital assistant, Google Home. This allows you seamless hands-free control of your Sony TV. With Google Home, you can find and cast your favourite videos to your Sony TV, or stream music from the Play Music Store without lifting a finger.

Connect Google Home to your TV by going into the Google Home app, and going through the “Add Device” steps. Once this is done, you don’t need to do anything but ask your TV to work for you.

Alternately, the Google Assistant is built into the remote. Just push and hold the Google Assistant button at the top of the remote and say the name of the streaming channel you want, or search an actor or a show, and more. It works flawlessly and found everything I searched for, each time I asked. Double high five!sony x900f 4k HDR tv review

If there’s an advantage to one of these functions over the other, it’s that by linking a Google Home, if you have one, you never need to push a button to summon the assistant; it’s always listening. If you don’t own a Google Home, you can still get many of the same functions with the Assistant button.

Overall thoughts on Sony X900F

Overall I really enjoyed my time with this TV. I found it clear, sharp, bright and colourful. It was very easy to get set up and simple to use. The slim bezel design keeps most of your focus on the video.

Overall if you’re looking for a new TV, I can definitely recommend the Sony X900F.
The TV varies in price, depending on the size you choose. They’re available from places like Best Buy and Amazon.

Read the blog about the Sony HT-Z9F sound bar and sound system here.
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