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Home decor and design is so personal. Choosing the right seating, in the perfect colour for your space, can be intimidating since there’s so much choice out there. Several weeks ago I looked at home theatre seating, specifically at a large three seater specialty home theater seating model from Valencia Home Theatre. I’ve partnered with them again for this sponsored post with a new chair—this time a perfect model for small spaces or solo viewers, and something to really brighten up your space.

valencia theatre seating home theatre chair recliner review

Review – Valencia Theatre Seating Verona home theatre chair

I had a chance to test out Valencia Theatre Seating’s Verona recliner in a beautiful, vibrant red leather.

Preparing for arrival

Before the shipment arrives, it’s a good idea to set aside some space. The boxes are big and the chairs are heavy so make sure you have somewhere to put it.

Setting Up Valencia Home Theatre Seating

If you opt for setting things up yourself, first you’ll need to unbox the chairs by opening the top flaps, then slowly turning the box upside down, and rolling it like a die. With the open box top safely on the ground,  you’ll pull the cardboard off the chair. Inside are the chair base and the back. It’s easiest to take them separately to where you’ll have the chair, then assemble it there.

The back attaches easily by sliding into two clips on the base, making an audible ‘click’ when latched. Then you’ll connect a few wires; these will control the lights and basic motorized movements. Simple and easy to follow directions, come inside the chair’s armrest.
With all your wires in place, you can plug the chair in and you’re ready to relax!

Using & adjusting Valencia Home Theatre Seating

The controls for your seat are on the inside of the chair arm and on the integrated cup holder. The cup holder controls on this chair are for the lights; you can turn them on or off, and lock them too so there’s no accidental bumping.

The control to raise the footrest and lean the chair back are on the inside of the chair. While the other model, called the Tuscany that I tried has adjustable headrest and lumbar support, this chair is more simple, but it’s good to know that there are different models out there for you, depending how much control and adjustability you want. The chair has plenty of padding and is supremely comfortable so I don’t feel like you’re missing much here.

Separate controls for each chair in the row

If you’re purchasing more than one chair, it’s good to note that each chair is controlled separately, even if you have a row of seating, so everyone in the family can find their perfect level of comfort, no matter their size.

Comfort and feel – Verona home theatre chair

The Valencia Theatre Seating chair lineup has numerous styles and colours. While most of their chairs are available in stock in black, they’re also able to make many chair models in other colours of leather as well.

This Verona chair is a soft and smooth red Top grain Nappa leather, with minimalist details.  Valencia says this means that only the best quality leather is used for seating surfaces and armrests and that results in a more luxurious and more durable chair than the competition. It’s also easy to maintain.

The chairs are nicely padded and quite roomy too and I quite like their simply style; these are all about comfort. Built using both wood and steel, the chairs seem sturdy and durable, and the leather definitely doesn’t feel delicate or like it would rip. This is furniture designed to last.

The Verona chairs, like some of the others Valencia makes, have armrests which double as storage compartments; just open up the top of the armrest and there’s about as much room as you’d find in a car or truck console. I used it to store things like remotes, and cables, but you could easily stash guides, and anything else you may want to keep handy.valencia theatre seating home theatre chair recliner review

Valencia has added LED lights into the base of the chairs for a soft, modern looking glow. It’s not too bright; it’s more what you’d call ambient light.

Chairs operate silently

The chairs have another feature owners will love. The motor to move the adjustable portions is silent. You may notice a quiet vibration, but that’s it.  There’s no disrupting the show if you need to make adjustments during the movie. I will also add that on this chair, the motion is fast; you can get the chair into position quickly.

Overall review Valencia Theatre Seating Verona chair

Overall I really enjoyed being able to test out this chair in my home. It’s a nice pop of colour, it’s comfortable, and brings more fun to my home theatre space.

The chairs are simple to set up, quiet to operate, the leather quality feels good, and the LED lights are a great touch.
If you’re looking for comfortable, durable and fun chairs for your home theatre or living area, I can recommend Valencia Home theatre seating.

The Valencia Theatre Seating’s Verona recliner sells for about $899CAD for a single-seater or about $1799CAD for a loveseat from Valencia Theatre Seating or from Best Buy.

valencia theatre seating home theatre chair recliner review

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