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Technology continues to evolve at a high-speed pace, and 2022 has been a year full of exciting new gadgets and revolutionary products that make our lives easier and help us connect with one another. Since we review a lot of gadgets every year, it can sometimes be hard to choose just ten to put on our “buy it now!” list. These ones, though are worth the money, particularly if they’re on sale. So, Today we are going to discussion The Top 10 Best Gadgets in 2022 that you would love to have.

2022 Samsung Frame TV review, top 10 tech gadgets, top 10 best tech gadgets1. 2022 Frame TV

Although it hasn’t had any major design updates since the 2021 Frame TV, Samsung’s 2022 Frame TV appears more innovative, including more glare-resistant glass (approximately 95% minimization of glare) and a rotating wall mount for those wanting to use one. Like its predecessors, the 2022 Frame TV comes with the “Art Mode” function, which allows viewers to enjoy high-resolution photography or art prints when The Frame TV isn’t displaying video. The TV also has Ambient Mode, which features moving parts like a weather widget and pictures. Samsung is also offering its Art Store technology that lets users display one or more pieces of art for $80CAD/year.

The Frame TV comes with a remote control, a wall mount (optional to use), and a Samsung One Connect box and cable, which can be run into a cabinet or at least out of sight (no more long cables hanging everywhere!). Along with the improved anti-glare technology, a light sensor lets users adjust the TV screen’s output so you are always getting the best picture, and the TV also comes with improved screen mirroring, multiview features, and AirPlay capabilities. Overall, whether you are watching Netflix, nature shows, or sports, this 65-inch 2022 Frame TV offers a sharp, high-resolution, and colourful display, creating a captivating viewing experience. You can get one for around $2,600CAD ($2,000USD).

2. Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro, reviewThe headline features of Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are newly-added noise cancellation and transparency mode (which allows outside sound), plus the ability to switch between these two modes with just one long-press of either earbud. The improved battery life is a huge plus, too, as you can now enjoy up to 11 hours of nonstop music with the Pixel Buds Pro and they only require 20 to 30 minutes in the case for a full charge. Google removed the silicon fin from the design, yet the package comes with small, medium, and large ear tips to help them still remain in-ear without issues. Pro tip: They are also great to use while sleeping.

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro work with Apple and Android phones, but Android users can also download the Google’s Pixel Buds app from the App Store for more features. These also work as a standard Bluetooth earbud for tablets, laptops, and other devices that support Bluetooth 4.0+. Touch controls (or “gesture controls,” as Google calls them) allow users to play/pause media, stop Google assistant, answer or reject calls, and increase or reduce volume. You can pick some of these up for $259CAD ($199USD).

3. Samsung M8 monitor

Samsung, smart monitor, m8, tv, reviewThe Samsung M8 Monitor is a 4k Ultra-High-Definition smart monitor that appears as a lookalike of Apple’s Studio Display but comes at a much more budget-friendly price. This 16.9-inch monitor features a 60hz refresh rate, a detachable SlimFit webcam, and smart streaming built-in so you can connect to your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney+ – no TV or PC needed.

The location of the ports and connections make it slightly difficult to reach them, but once everything is connected, this probably won’t be a bad thing as they will be out of the way. While this monitor does not come with an HDMI port, it has a micro HDMI port and two USB-C ports. The screen mirroring capabilities eliminate the need for wires, but the monitor-computer connection can lag so most users opt to use the cable. This monitor sells for $899CAD ($699USD).

4. Thermomix TM6

The Thermomix TM6 Smart Cooking Robot has the same design as the TM5, from the blade to the motor and the bowl design. However, the TM6 offers an impressive 20 kitchen functions compared to the TM5, which offered 12 functions. Unlike the TM5, the TM6 also features built-in Wi-Fi that grants you automatic access to Thermomix’s entire recipe library, though it costs $69CAD ($55USD)  yearly for the “Cookidoo” recipe library.

Thermomix TM6

The Thermomix TM6 also features a new blade cover-slash-peeler and offers higher heat and longer heat times. Unlike the TM5, the TM6 has a maximum heat of 160 degrees. Other upgrades include a larger and more colourful display and an improved spatula, simmering basket, lid, and measuring cup. With the Thermomix TM6, you can blend, liquefy, grate, chop, whip, knead, beat, and dough, but perhaps best of all, you can also make delicious cocktails in it! The device also cleans itself – all you have to do is put soap and water in it. The TM6 costs $2,099CAD ($1,499USD).

5. ECOVACS x1 Omni

ECOVAC’s DEEBOT X1 OMNI-BLACK Cleaning Robot takes the concept of a “robot vacuum” to an entirely different level, as it also offers mopping and drying capabilities. The bot features a roller brush underneath, two corner brushes, and an invisible/inaccessible water tank. The upgraded mop includes two detachable round pads with little microfibre cloths instead of one, meaning this bot offers more scrubbing instead of simply wiping.

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni, review

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

The bot’s so-called OMNI Station takes up a significant amount of space compared to mainstream robot vacuums, but features two water tanks (clean and dirty) and an easily-accessible storage bin for mopping pads and vacuum bags. This bot uses TrueMapping 2.0 technology, which is able to do 3D mapping of the entire space, including furniture and other obstacles. It can also auto-detect carpet and stay away from it when in the “mopping” mode. You can adjust the noise level, the suction, and the waterflow while also using a smartphone app to monitor the bot through a camera on the front of it. The bot returns to the charging station when it’s running low on battery, meaning this device truly does do it all.

6. Thermacell Radius

Thermacell is known for its mosquito-repelling solutions, including its Thermacell Radius that works by vaporizing a liquid solution in a swappable cartridge through the use of heat to offer about 15 feet of protection from pesky mosquitoes. Available in black and sky blue, this device is easy to set up and includes a power button that performs other duties, such as an auto-off feature and the ability to lock the device to prevent accidental triggering.

thermacell radius, review, how, does it work

The Thermacell Radius takes approximately 15 minutes to warm up and begin diffusing the fluid, but unlike some other mosquito-repelling devices, this one does not emit any smoke or odors. The device is also noise-free and can run for about 6.5 hours on a full charge from its lithium-ion battery. Really the only notable downside to it is that it requires refill cartridges, which can be pricey. The price of the Thermacell Radius device itself is $99CAD or $39USD.

7. Govee Glide 3D

GOvee Hexa 3d

If you’re looking for a new lighting solution for your home or workspace, you can’t go wrong with 3D Govee Glide Hexa light panels. These stick directly to your wall and reflect light back into the room to illuminate it. Each pack comes with seven or ten, which can each be customized to create colour patterns.

3D Govee Glide Hexa light panels even have a feature that lets you “visualize your music,” as you can direct your lights to mesh seamlessly with your favorite beats, setting you up for one wicked dance party. These lights are some of the brightest on the market, and they are smart lights meaning you can control them with Alexa or Google Assistant. While some users note setup was difficult, Govee now offers a smartphone app with an easy-to-use comprehensive video tutorial.

8. Sony Link Buds

Sony has been one of the biggest names in the media game for a long time, as has made a mark in the earbud competition with its Sony Link Buds. These are open-ear buds, which don’t obstruct your ear canal meaning you can hear both your audio and your surroundings. These are extremely lightweight and IPX4 water resistant, meaning you can take them with you anywhere including in the rain.

Sony Link Buds Review, open earbuds

Sony Link Buds do not offer noise cancellation and it can be awkward putting them in your ears the first time, but once you get the hang of it, these are extremely comfortable and don’t hang out at all. In typical Sony fashion, the sound quality out of these buds is excellent for both watching/listening to media as well as phone calls. The most intriguing feature of these is the “Wide Area Tap” feature, which lets you double- or triple- tap your JAW – yes, your jaw – to control them instead of having to touch the buds themselves. These have a battery life of 5.5 hours and 17.5 hours with the charging case, but the mediocre battery life does not outweigh all of the amazing features these come with. You can get these for $249CAD ($179USD).

9. Philips 4300 espresso machine

If you’re a lover of all things coffee-related, the Philips 4300 series fully automatic coffee machine might be an excellent investment for you to make. Just like other automatic espresso machines, this one will do every step of the process from grinding (12 different settings) to cleaning, but it also offers so much more. The Philips 4300 comes with the LatteGo milk system, which involves a container specifically made to hold milk. The machine will froth and heat the milk so it comes out perfectly into your cup.

Philips 4300 espresso automatic, review

You can use this device to make eight (8) different drinks: Cappuccino, Espresso, Coffee, Latte Macchiato, Americano, Caffé crema, Ristretto, and Café au Lait. It is incredibly easy to use, as you just choose your beverage on the control panel and press start. If desired, you can also customize your drink, which includes adjusting the temperature and brew strength, quantity of water, amount of milk, and so on. The machine is also easy to clean compared to competitors, as the water tray and grounds bin easily slide out to be emptied and they do not need to be emptied after every use. You can get one for $1400CAD ($899USD).

10. Echo Show 15

Last, but certainly not least, the Amazon Echo Show 15 definitely deserves a spot on this list. This device is much different than the original Echo devices, as it features a 15.6-inch screen that looks more like a TV, and it was designed with families in mind. You can use this device to make calls (including video calls), watch Amazon Prime Video, and install widgets like weather information and to-do lists.

Amazon echo show 15, review

Echo Show 15.

The Echo Show 15 can be used vertically or horizontally, and it also comes with new Visual ID technology that can recognize who is sitting in front of the device and customize content accordingly. This is a useful feature for families, as the device can choose kid-friendly content when it detects a child in front of it. The sound and the camera aren’t the greatest, but considering it is a thin device, this is understandable. Despite that downside, the Amazon Echo Show 15 might be an excellent addition to your smart home. This device costs $329CAD ($169USD).

Do you agree or disagree with our top 10 list? Post in comments below and be sure to let us know if there’s a gadget, smart home device or tech toy you want us to review.

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