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What is Alexa together

If you have a loved one who is a senior or in need of care, you know how difficult it can be to get in touch with them. You also know the benefit of a system that would allow you to have a dependable way to stay in contact or provide them with assistance when needed.

Amazon has created a service tailored to this specific need: Alexa Together. With minimal setup required, the system allows you and your loved one to communicate and also gives them the ability to call emergency services through their device. Let’s see how it all works, or click here to learn more about the Alexa Together service.

What is Alexa Together?

Alexa Together is paid service that can help seniors live independently, while maintaining contact with chosen family or friends in case of emergency.

When both you and your loved one approve setup, Alexa Together creates a connection between you using your Amazon Echo device.

What do I need to use Alexa Together?

Equipment and Subscription: what you need

In order to use Alexa Together, you and your loved one (or their caregiver) will each need an Amazon Echo device and the Alexa App on a device. (Technically, just your loved one needs an Echo device and Alexa, but realistically, you’ll want to have them as well) and if  you want to be able to video chat, you’ll each need an Echo Show. Amazon recommends the Echo Show 8 (2nd gen), Echo Dot (4th gen) if you just want voice contact. You’ll also both need an Amazon account, and one of you will need to purchase a shared subscription.

How much does Alexa Together cost?

An Alexa Together subscriptions costs $19.99 per month or $199 annually and there’s a 30 free trial.

What can Alexa Together do?

What is Alexa togetherUrgent Response – Your loved one will have 24-hour access to a trained agent who can dispatch police, fire, or ambulance. Saying “Alexa, call for help” will activate the connection.

Fall Detection – With an additional Vayyar Care wall-mounted sensor, Alexa can detect when a person has fallen in the room. If the person has a SkyAngelCare pendant and presses the button, Alexa will ask if they need help.

Activity Feed and Alerts – While your loved one uses their Alexa normally, the activity feed notifies you when they use their Alexa (or connected home devices) for the first time each day.

Remote Assist – Your loved one can choose to enable this feature that allows you to manage their settings and even set up things like shopping lists and reminders. You can even assist with certain settings on Echo devices so they don’t need to worry about being tech savvy. That way, you can activate settings and set things up without having to be there in person. You can also create Routines for their Alexa.

Circle of Support – Apart from you and your loved one, you can add up to ten more people who can receive alerts and check-ins to their smartphones.

Customized Alerts: Set up daily alerts for your loved one’s first Alexa use or to notify you if Alexa hasn’t been used by a certain time. So you can check on them.

Alexa Together will also come to include more customizable alerts. Soon, caregivers will be able to get notifications when motion from a smart sensor is detected in a certain room, if a smart light is turned on at an odd hour, or get peace of mind when a connected smart lock detects that a door is opened or unlocked.

How to set up Alexa Together

First, purchase the subscription and sign in to your Amazon account. You’ll select your profile and click Provide Support. Enter your mobile number to get a verification code texted to you. Next, enter the name and email address of your loved one (making sure it’s the email they use for their Amazon account.

Amazon echo show 15, review

Echo Show 15.

Your loved one will get an email asking them to accept the request and provide a valid emergency address. They’ll also get a text for verification. Once this is complete, the free trial will begin. The system provides for privacy for the loved one: While you’ll be able to see their usage at a high level, you won’t get specifics about things like their song choices or which audiobook they’re listening to.

Make sure both Echo devices are set up, and you should be ready to use Alexa Together.

Does Alexa Together work in Canada?

Alexa Together is currently available only in the U.S. and a US Echo device required.

Amazon is working to make it easier to help or provide support for seniors or older friends. Here's what Alexa Together is and how it works:

If you’ve been looking for a way to be in contact with your loved one more, and if they have a need for care and monitoring, Alexa Together might be what you’re looking for. You can be confident that they’ll be looked after and that you’ll be able to communicate and provide assistance when needed. Click here to learn more about the Alexa Together service.

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