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Yeedi C12 Pro Plus ReviewThe amazing thing about robot vacuums is just how fast companies are able to improve and tweak their products. But the thing is a lot of these robots cost as much as your rent. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for a solidly performing robot floor cleaner that doesn’t cost a mint. I think I found one in Yeedi’s new budget C12 PRO PLUS vacuum and mopping robot. This new bot has some popular and effective floor cleaning features, but it’s also got two very unique things I haven’t seen much of… and that’s that it doesn’t need a dustbag. AND that it boasts anti-tangle technology. Oh, and I have just the thing to test that!

Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS


This bot is a great pick in my opinion, if you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly floor cleaning bot that can both vacuum and mop, and that doesn’t have a lot of ongoing costs.


  • Simple, fuss-free
  • 8,000 pa suction
  • Vacuum + mop
  • Cleans well
  • Automatic dustbin empty
  • No bags needed
  • Long runtime
  • Fast mapping
  • Schedule easily
  • Anti-tangle technology


  • Must swap vacuum & mop bins

Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS robot vacuum & mop review

In this hands-on review I’ll take a look at what the bagless dustbin is like, plus what the other selling points are. I’ll also test out its cleaning power on both carpet and hard floors, vacuuming and mopping and let you know if this bot could be your next robot housekeeper.

A quick note about this review; while Yeedi has agreed to pay for my time for this sponsored post, the company has not told me what I have to say or can’t say about this bot sand I got to test it out how I wanted. So you can consider these thoughts my own.

What you’re getting

The Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS is a dual vacuum and mopping robot that will also automatically empty its dustbin.

Yeedi C12 Pro Plus ReviewIt has 8,000pa of suction when it comes to the vacuuming and uses what Yeedi calls the OZMO Pro 2.0 vibrating mopping system. Fancy name but what does it mean to you? Yeedi’s promise is that the mopping pad scrubs the floor at 480 times per minute with downward pressure on the pads, which should help to scrub away even dried-on stains.

There are two separate bins you’ll swap between for vacuuming or vacuuming plus mopping; there’s a small onboard dustbin, and Yeedi also includes a dual water-tank plus pad unit which you’ll fill and insert when you want to vacuum and mop at the same time.

The new bot also uses anti-tangle technology to keep long hair and pet hair from clogging up the brushes. I’ll put that to the test coming up.

Auto empty station

With your C12 bot comes the newly redesigned auto empty station, and the first thing you’ll notice is the see-through dust collection bin which Yeedi says can hold up to 7 weeks of debris, depending of course how often you vacuum and how dirty your floors can get. Each time your bot docks it will empty its onboard dustbin into the canister.

Yeedi C12 Pro Plus ReviewThe transparent bin allows you to see when it’s getting full so you don’t forget about it. With no bags to worry about this not only saves extra waste, but it will save you money each year buying vacuum bags. Plus the bin is washable, so you can keep it tidy too.

Plus, with PureCyclone Technology and a 4-Stage Filtration System, YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS promises strong and long-lasting dust collection while preventing dust and allergens from re-entering your home.

Set up

To get your bot set up will really only take a few minutes. Unbox all the parts, snap in the corner brush, plug it in and let it charge. Then use the Yeedi app to connect to it. I was ready to go in about 5 minutes. The robot will want to do an initial mapping run of your house which will allow you to do room-specific cleanings or create weekly schedules. The C12 had my home mapped accurately in less than 10 minutes which is significantly faster than some other floor bots.

How well does Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS clean?

With all the vacuums and mops I review, I use the same set of tests. I spill finer flour, bigger bits like oatmeal or rice and larger cracker pieces on both carpet, rugs and hard floors. To test the mop I spill things and let some of those spills dry.

When it comes to the vacuuming this bot was outstanding. In my vacuum tests, it gobbled up about 99% of all spills.

The C12 also uses boosted suction on carpet. When it detects carpet and moved over top of it, it can increase the section power to be extra thorough in getting all dirt and dust from carpet fibers.

To check how the C12 did with the anti-tangle properties I ran it around my home for several days. With my long hair, it’s always a challenge keeping a robot vacuum tangle free so I was interested to see how this would perform. After a few days, I flipped it over and found there was no hair wrapped around the brush.

Anti-tangle technology

Yeedi’s ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle Technology uses a V-shaped roller brush that has anti-static bristles. Dual Comb Teeth Arrays underneath help pull hair off the brush and into the suction port.

Yeedi C12 Pro Plus Review

No tangles!

I really wanted to test this out so I asked my hairdresser’s help by giving me hair cuttings from the salon. Then I ran a unique test where I dropped hair by the handful into the floors. Try as I might, I couldn’t get any hair to stay wrapped around the roller brush. Impressive.

After each cleaning session the C12 dutifully returns to base to recharge and empty its own onboard dust bin, and you can see that it’s picking up a lot in this two-dog household.

An internal filter keeps the dust from escaping. When the bin gets full, just pull it out and dump it into a garbage can. Wash it in warm soapy water if you need to.

Mopping tests

That’s the vacuuming, on to the mopping. As I noted, you’ll need to fill and swap the mopping plate in for this.

I was impressed with the mopping. The robot features OZMO Pro 2.0* technology. It uses a shaking, scrubbing motion combined with downward force that scours 480 times per minute, to power off stubborn stains on the floor like dried-on coffee.

Yeedi C12 Pro Plus Review

Mopping plate.

When I tried it with thicker liquids, it got most of it in one pass, but it would pass over it again and again until the floors were very clean.

 Battery, runtime, charging

With a built-in 5200mAh battery, it can last up to 300 minutes or 5 hours on a single charge, making this a must-have for larger spaces.

Watch my review on Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS

Overall review: Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS

Overall this bot is a great pick in my opinion, if you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly floor cleaning bot that can both vacuum and mop, and that doesn’t have a lot of ongoing costs.

Let’s go over the pros and cons.

Yeedi C12 Pro Plus ReviewOn the pro side, you’re getting a streamlined package which allows you to choose between either vacuuming or mopping depending what you need. With 8000 Pa of suction that’s still a very good amount of power. With its automatic dustbin emptying and see-through dustbin you’ll always know when it’s time to empty and you never have to worry about ordering new bags. It has an ultra long runtime which makes it ideal for larger homes and it’s easy to set up and it will map your home automatically in minutes so you can create daily cleanings. Plus with anti-tangle technology it means you don’t have to worry about a lot of the maintenance and this also means it’s ideal for homes that deal with a lot of long hair.

The biggest downside for some folks might be that you need to swap the vacuum and mopping bins depending on what you need to clean. If you find this a chore and want to tackle the mopping automatically, you can check out some other Yeedi options I’ve reviewed, like the Yeedi M12, Yeedi Cube or Yeedi Mop Station Pro.

In short, the Yeedi C12 PRO PLUS is an effective floor bot at a more affordable price that I think you’ll like a lot.

It sells for about $599USD and you can get it from YEEDI’s Amazon Store. You can also check out some other floor cleaning robots from Yeedi like the Yeedi M12, Yeedi Cube or Yeedi Mop Station Pro here.

From June 1st to June 18th, regular price of $599US, is discounted to $499 with an additional $150 coupon, bringing the final price to $349. PLUS you can apply my special discount code tgc12pro for a further discount. Yeedi is also offering an additional one year warranty on the existing 1 year warranty.


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