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YEEDI M12 PRO + robot review with base station.The amazing thing about covering robot floor cleaners is just how fast the technology is improving, at the same time prices for all the bells and whistles are dropping. Case in point, the new YEEDI M12 PRO+. This new bot has 4 big surprises under the hood I wasn’t expecting. So can the new YEEDI M12 deliver on all the best robot floor cleaning features at a lower price than its competitors? In this review I’ll test out the M12 here in my home for a couple of weeks, and I’ll also run it through my regular battery of cleaning tests to see how well it both vacuums and mops. To wrap up I’ll go over all the pros and cons and let you know if I think this botvac might be for you.

YEEDI M12 Pro + review



While YEEDI may not yet be as well known as other brands, it’s making its own name for itself.  And after my testing of all the features I’ve found this bot deserves to stand on the podium alongside any major brand—and possibly above several of them.


  • Easy set up
  • Fast, accurate map
  • Compact base station
  • Large water tanks
  • Big dust bag
  • Edge-cleaning mop
  • Scrubbing power
  • Strong suction
  • Self cleaning & drying
  • Amazing cleaning


  • Base station size?
  • Design?

A quick note that while YEEDI is paying for my time for this video, the company has not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say about this bot and I was able to test it all on my own terms so you can consider these thoughts all mine.

What you get

Unboxed YEEDI M12 PRO + robot. Let’s start with what you get here: The YEEDI M12 PRO+ is a dual vacuum and mopping robot for floors. It uses dual plush microfibre spinning mopping pads to scrub the floors. It comes with a charging and base station that empties the dustbin into a sealed bag. The base station will also wash and dry the mopping pads with warm water and warm air to ensure the pads don’t get mildewy and smelly.

Watch my hands-on video review of YEEDI M12 PRO+ in my home

Surprise #1: highest suction power

Let’s get to the surprises… The first thing I found out is that the suction power on this bot is about the strongest I’ve ever seen on a robot vacuum. With 11,000 pascals of suction, that’s easily double and in some cases triple what you’ll find on other budget bots. What will that mean for your floors? I’ll show you in my cleaning tests coming up.

Surprise #2: Compact base station

The other surprise is that the base station is fairly compact, yet holds two very large tanks; one for clean water and another for dirty water.

Surprise #3: Big dust bag

Closeup of dust bag on YEEDI M12 PRO + robot . The third surprise for me is that the dustbag is, to my eye, about 2-3 times larger than ones in other auto-empty stations, meaning I should be able to go a lot longer before having to swap it out.

Surprise #4: A mop that reaches

The final thing that surprised me is that this bot uses what YEEDI calls TruEdge mopping. This technology uses an extendible arm which stretches one of the mopping pads out several inches from the side of the bot to more effectively reach under baseboards and onto corners. We’ll get to more about this coming up.

mopping pad sticking out from side of robot.When you think about flagship robot vacuums in 2024, ridiculously high suction power and a kitchen sink full of features often come to mind with an eye-watering, four-digit price tag to boot. While most flagship robot vacuums are worth these hefty premiums, not everyone has the budget for automated cleaning bliss.

YEEDI, a rising company known for their budget vacuums, saw an opportunity by announcing the YEEDI M12 PRO+. On the surface, the YEEDI M12 has the hallmarks of a flagship vacuum with its advertised 11,000 Pa suction power and all the fancy marketing technologies ranging from OZMO TURBO 2.0 to TrueDetect 3.0. But what makes the YEEDI M12 really suck all the air out of the room is its $899 asking price. Is this the “affordable flagship” the masses have been waiting for? Let’s find out!

Unboxing YEEDI M12 PRO+

Unboxing the YEEDI M12 PRO+ you can see you get the vacuum unit itself, along with a set of OMNI station parts and power cord.

The base station components include clearly labeled dirty and clean water tanks and a ramp which easily attaches to the base station body. Installing the tanks simply involves placing the clean water tank on the front while the dirty water tank takes the back. Removing the base station’s front panel with the YEEDI logo reveals a 3.4-liter dust bag which YEEDI advertises as good enough for up to 90 days worth of dust.

The YEEDI M12 unit and base station doesn’t feel as premium as its pricier flagship competitors, which likely explains its aggressive pricing. However, the M12 has a refreshingly unique design. The OMNI station measures close to 19 inches high once you add the water tanks and its curvature design gives the entire unit a modern appearance. YEEDI OMNI station’s 16-inch width makes the base station look far more compact.

Set up

Underside of YEEDI M12 PRO + robot showing plush pads. Getting the bot set up took a couple of minutes; You’ll need the free YEEDI app and to sign up for or sign into an account. Once connected to Wi-Fi your bot is ready for its first job which will be to map your house.

Map in a minute: TrueMapping 2.0

On some other robot floor cleaners I’ve tested, the mapping process can take hours or even days. Amaziongly the M12 prompted me to send it on a mapping reconnaissance mission and was back at base with a full and accurate map in about 8 minutes. The vacuum uses what’s called TrueMapping 2.0 technology which is essentially able to see its way around and recognize objects and spaces a lot better than older bots. That’s a technology in and of itself…

TrueDetect 3D 3.0

TrueDetect 3D is YEEDI’s latest iteration of its infrared-based obstacle avoidance technology which enables the vacuum to not only see and map efficeientyly and quickly, but to clean very close to objects down to the millimeter while intelligently avoiding a collision. This technology can sense edges as well, making it a reliable cleaner for multi-storey homes with lots of stairs.

YEEDI M12 Features

YEEDI stacked the M12 with enough features to put some serious pressure on the competition, and you can see some of these innovations just by examining the vacuum itself. I think the best way to evaluate the features is to put them to the test while I talk about them. Let’s start with the vacuuming.

Vacuum Performance

With the aforementioned 11,000pa suction power this bot should be a very thorough vacuum.

YEEDI M12 PRO + robot vacuuming a floor. I test all my robot vacuums with the same series of tests; I pout finer flour or sugar , middle sized bits like rice or oatmeal and larger cracker or cereal pieces on both carpet and hard floors. With newer vacuums that both even higher suction I also see how well they are able to pick up heavier objects like coins.

In my cleaning tests the M2 was able to very thoroughly vacuum the hardwood floors in our home, picking up pretty much everything in its path.

One of the nasty things about owning a robot vacuum with a long haired human in the home, or pets is that hair, or strings and threads, can get tangled around the roller brush. While its’ no fun to clean, if left for long periods, it can actually cut into the roller brush, requiring replacement. YEEDI addresses this problem with new anti-tangle technology.

ZeroTangle Anti-tangle System

V-shaped brush in a close up.The roller brush itself has a V-shape design so it looks kind of bent. This helps guide hair and tangles off the brush, but the secret behind its anti-tangling capabilities is found after you remove the brush. There’s dual comb teeth design which effectively pulls hair off of the brush, and deposits it into the onboard dustbin, which them gets emptied into the bag when each vacuum run is finished.

In my testing, you can see there is nothing left on the brush after vacuuming the house.

Mopping performance

To test a robot mop I will spill liquids, and let some dry to test scouring power. To test the reaching power of the TruEdge technology, I also made sure to let some liquids dry under the toe-kicks too.

Mop reaching under a toe kick.With its plush spinning mopping pads the ED M2 was able to wipe away anything that was spilled on the floor.

Mop Lifting works well

In my testing I found the bot was easily able to recognize carpet and rugs and lift its rotating mopping pasds off the ground to keep things dry. You can see that in action in my video.

Foot Touch control

Foot tapping on the front of the robot.One of the coolest features of the YEEDI M12 is the ability to start the cleaning session just by gently touching the front of the vacuum with your foot. It even works while you are wearing shoes, so you don’t have to look for a remote, take out your phone, or yell at your smart speaker or assistant!

Battery life & charging

The vacuum unit houses a 5,200 mAh battery. That should give you about 180 minutes of cleaning time, depending on if you use it at full or reduced power. A fully drained YEEDI M12 takes about 3 hours to fully charge before it automatically resumes cleaning. Of course because it will rest on its charging and base station when it’s not working, it should almost always be ready to clean.

Spot Clean mode

In addition to the standard continuous cleaning mode, the vacuum also comes with a convenient spot cleaning mode. I’ve used this on other vacuums and I can say I do find it very handy. Just place the bot where you need it to clean and press the Spot Clean button.  The M12 will shuttle itself around a small 4.9 by 4.9-foot area.

Adjustable cleaning: suction and waterflow

A common feature in robot floor cleaners, including this one is the ability to adjust both the water flow level and the section power from low to high. With this but you can also choose whether you would like it to vacuum only, mop only, vacuum while mopping, or vacuum then mop.

OMNI Station: warm water washing & warm air drying

OMNI station.The OMNI station doubles as a cleaning station for YEEDI M12. The station has a high power spec of 1,200 watts which can raise the water temperature to 158°F to wash up any grime and grease on the mopping pads. Once finished, the OMNI station will switch to a 113°F hot air drying mode to sanitize both the mop and station’s bottom plate for 2 hours. You can also remove the mop pad tray on the base station ramp for easy rinsing when needed.

Overall Review: YEEDI M12 PRO+

Overall, while YEEDI may not yet be as well known as other brands, it’s making its own name for itself.  And after my testing of all the features I’ve found this bot deserves to stand on the podium alongside any major brand—and possibly above several of them.

Let’s go over the pros and the cons.

On the pro side the bot is easy to set up and the mapping is lightning fast and accurate. The base station is reasonably compact given all it has going on, and the very large water tanks mean less day-to-day maintenance from me. There’s a boatload of new and high-end technology in this robot also, including a reaching and spinning scrubbing mop, and super high 11,000 Pa of vacuum suction power. The base station has a very large sealed dust bag that should provide up to 90 days of hassle free vacuum emptying, and the fact it will not only wash and dry the mopping pads with warm water and air it’s almost completely maintenance free. The app is easy to use to change cleaning power or schedules too.

When it comes to the cleaning this robot vacuum put its money where it mouth is and it was able to successfully master all of my cleaning tests.

So what are the downsides? I suppose the biggest factors for people might be the size of the base station, though this one is a bit smaller than some other all in one flagship floor cleaning robots. When it comes to the design and the looks, this bought does appear a bit more utilitarian and less sleek than some other options, but at the budget price for this version, you might be able to get past the looks.

For $899, the YEEDI M12 is a vacuum is definitely worth considering and may force competitors to lower their prices too, which is a net positive for all consumers. In short after spending several weeks with this robot in my home I can absolutely recommend it to you if you want some thing that delivers all the bells and whistles of a high end floor cleaning robot at a better price. And if you’re interested in the Yeedi brand you can check out some other reviews… like the YEEDI Cube full review.

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