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There’s this BioLite Fire Pit, great for grilling or warming up.

Summer days are upon us and it’s time to start making the most of the good weather and long nights. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ve probably already got a couple of camping trips planned over the next few months! Whether you’re going as a family, a group of friends, a romantic couple’s getaway or flying solo, there’s no better way to connect with nature than a good camping trip. Gathering around a campfire, waking up to the sound of birdsong and drinking your morning coffee surrounded by nature’s goodness, spending a few nights in the great outdoors allows us to disconnect from the stress of daily life and reconnect with nature.

While it’s always nice to spend a few days without your phone, TV and other gadgets, it doesn’t mean you have to completely unplug. In fact, there is a whole subset of technology specifically designed to help you have the best camping trip ever! Check out these 7 camping gadgets for summer 2022 that are guaranteed to elevate your experience…

BioLite Fire Pit

A portable firepit with none of the smoke? Yes, please! Using patented airflow technology, the BioLite Fire Pit (photo at top) circulates air within the pit to keep your wood-or coal-burning fire going for up to 24 hours without letting out any smoke. It comes with a grill attachment so you can use it for cooking as well as keeping warm and, best of all, the fire is held within a mesh grid, meaning you can still enjoy the mesmerizing dance of the flames. Need more info? See the full review and what happened when I took it on a camping and road trip.

Wacaco Nanopresso Espresso machine with Nespresso pod adapter

wacaco nanopresso espresso portable

This ultra compact machine can pump out a perfect shot in seconds. Just add boiling water to the cup, pop in a coffee pod and press!  You can sip fine coffee in your camper, van or tent and start the day off right. This is one of the best portable espresso machines I’ve tried. Read the full review of Wacaco Nanopresso Espresso machine with Nespresso pod adapter here.

Apple iPad Mini & Apple News app

apple ipad mini, review, tech, gadget

Inevitably, despite your best efforts at having the kids gather sticks for the campfire, you’ll eventually hear, “I’m bored!”. For those times you just want a little quiet with your peaceful outdoors, pack the ultra small Apple iPad Mini. You can load it with games for the kids, plus you can try out Apple News, which will let you download hundreds of magazines from home & garden, to fashion & style, technology, arts and more. Not to mention the day’s news if you can get Wi-Fi…

iHome iBTB2 Aquio water bottle-speaker

aquio, smart, water bottle, speaker, sound, portable, bluetooth

When you’re on the move it’s best if the items you pack can serve double duty. That’s the deal with this clever hybrid; a double walled steel water bottle, that’s also a speaker. It fits in your cup holder or clips to your golf bag or backpack and can supply hours of tunes or podcasts on the go. read the full review and details about the Aquio water bottle speaker here.

Biolite Campstove: stove & charger

Sometimes it’s just not practical to build a whole giant fire to boil some water. That’s where the Biolite CampStove comes in. You can cook over it, but it also has a power pack on the side that gets charged up by the fire, and it can power your phone, tablet, camera and more. Ahh-maze!

Watch the video how-to here.

BioLite SunLight portable solar-powered lantern

biolite sunlite review sunlight camping hiking light solar

If you’re hitting the trails or the wilderness this summer, pack a lighting option that gives you the power to recharge it with the sun’s natural energy. BioLite SunLight is a pocket sized solar lantern that has colour and dimming options, so it’s not only useful it’s fun.

BioLite SunLight is a great lamp, lantern, flashlight or spotlight for all kind of situations. Just about 4 inches square, the light has bright 100 lumen LED bulbs on one side and a small solar panel on the other. There’s also a small metal stand so you can sit it where you need to, plus a small hook lets you hang it too if you prefer. Read the details on Biolite SunLight and see it in action here.

Embr Wave 2 ‘Personal Thermostat’

I was pretty impressed when I heard about a gadget that can help regulate your body temperature, warming you up in a chilly office or cooling you off when your flight gets too hot. Embr Wave 2 is a new version of what’s called a ‘personal thermostat’, but can it really deliver on adjusting your own personal environment. I had a chance to try Embr Wave out for a few weeks at home, at the office and on the go. It’s an ideal companion for camping trips, RVing and outdoor adventures since if you’re without heat or AC, it can help you feel more comfortable. Full review of Embr Wave 2 is here or watch the video below.

BioLite AlpenGlow

New BioLite gear, FirePit, review, grill lid, griddle, alpenglow, toolkitTake your trip to the next level with this amazing camping light. Inspired by natural light, it has a whole host of different settings that can recreate anything from dusk and dawn to candlelight and aurora borealis! Simple and easy to use, the AlpenGlow is USB-rechargeable and the perfect companion on any camping trip.

Renogy Phoenix 300 portable power station

A micro solar generator is exactly the kind of smart gadget you need on your camping trip and this one is the best of the best (I took in camping and you can read the full Renogy Phoenix review here. Weighing just 6.4lbs, the Renogy Phoenix 300 is small but mighty and stores 337 watt-hours of charge in its battery, meaning you can charge your phone, laptop or camera quickly and easily while out in nature. It can be used both indoors and outdoors so you can leave it out in the sun during the day and bring it into your tent at night.

Tentsile suspension tent

Tentsile air tree suspended tent review how to


Have a camping trip you’ll never forget with one of Tentsile’s suspended tents. Halfway between a hammock and a tent, these seemingly gravity-defying tents allow you to spend the night suspended in mid-air. The weightless quality of sleeping without pressure points makes for an incredible night’s sleep without any of the aches and pains that normally occur from a night on an air mattress. If this tent piques your curiosity, read the full review of Tentsile to see what it’s really like to set up, sleep in and use,

Barebones Beacon Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Barebones beaconAffordable, practical and nice to look at, the Barebones Beacon is the ultimate camping accessory. With its dimmer switch, cleverly-sized handle and sturdy little legs, it is versatile and functional enough to improve any camping trip. Plus, the steel top comes in three suitably rustic colors and it gets that camping aesthetic spot on.

Balmuda Rechargeable LED Lantern

This lantern is so cool, it’s sold in the MoMA design shop. Lightweight, elegant and powerful, when fully-charged it can provide up to 50 hours of light. The Balmuda Lantern has three settings – Candle, Amber and Warm White – but never gets in your eyes, thanks to the light source being hidden at the top of the device. Move it to the top of your list of must-have camping gadgets for this summer!

Thermacell Radius portable mosquito repeller

Mosquitos: probably the biggest irritant of any camping trip. Thankfully, modern technology has an answer to this problem and its name is Thermacell. The brand’s Radius mosquito repeller works by creating a scent-free 15-feet area of mosquito repellent that lasts for about 7 hours. Roughly the size of an orange, it’s super portable, refillable and will quickly become indispensable on all your forages into the great outdoors!


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