Tribit StormBox vs. Tribit XSound Go review: I dropped them in the pool to PROVE if they’re waterproof


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If someone asks me buying advice for a decent Bluetooth speaker that undercuts the competition in price, Tribit is often the brand I think of. When I reviewed both the Tribit XSound Mega and Tribit StormBox Pro, I found them to be very capable speakers with no clear standout features other than that awesome price point. Plus other reviewers agree too which is why you often see one of these Tribit speakers as the top ultra-value recommendation in Bluetooth speaker buying guides. But what if your budget is below a hundred bucks and you really don’t want to skimp on features such as good sound quality at higher volumes and outdoor friendliness? I would advise keeping your eye on the Tribit brand as it offers even more affordable options. I’ll be comparing two of them – the five-year old Tribit StormBox and the more modern but ultra budget Tribit XSound Go.

Tribit StormBox vs. Tribit XSound Go


It’s tough to pick one winner since these low cost speakers are both surprisingly capable and sound good. We can recommend either one, depending on your specific needs, but we think the XSound Go is a steal!


  • Great sound for size, price
  • Very portable
  • Carrying lanyards on both
  • Waterproof
  • Feel rugged
  • Solid battery life


  • Basic design
  • No dust resistance

Physical Comparison

The Tribit StormBox is a cylindrical-shaped speaker that is roughly the same size as those 12-ounce vacuum-sealed beverage bottles so you just might be able to fit it in your backpack’s water bottle sleeve. But that isn’t the only way you can travel with it as the 1.2-pound speaker also has a built-in neoprene strap for easy carrying or hanging. You can use it standing on its end or laying flat. Big graphic buttons give you fast access to volume and play/pause, while the power and Bluetooth buttons are on the back with the Xtra Bass booster.

The Tribit XSound Go is roughly 0.3 pounds lighter and a bit smaller while having a curvier pill-shaped design and no neoprene strap but you still get a black cord lanyard. Due to the curves it’s only used laying flat.

Are they waterproof? See what happened when I DUNKED them

Both products boast an IPX7 waterproof design which makes them decent shower or pool speakers but I would be careful taking them to a beach or hiking trip as IPX7 lacks dustproof capabilities.

One last point on the IP rating… both can stand submersion for a short time, but while the X sound Go will float back to the top, the StormBox is a sinker, so you wouldn’t want it for deep water.

How does it sound? Tribit StormBox vs. Tribit XSound Go

The StormBox’s larger frame allows Tribit to fit dual 12-watt woofers on each side providing decent 360-degree audio coverage without distortion at about 75% volume. If you are looking for added bass, you’ll appreciate the dedicated XBass button which delivers even richer lows without sacrificing clarity or overpowering the trebles or mids. The sound is good, with solid clarity, and a decent balance between the highs and lows. There is a bit of a raspiness to it, which isn’t uncommon in smaller budget speakers. Music aficionados might be bothered by this but the average consumer probably won’t care.

The dual 8-watt drivers within the XSound Go simply can’t match those bass levels but can still emit loud and fairly clear audio even at near top volumes. This speaker does lean a bit more towards the high end but its vocal clarity and overall sound is actually pretty great.

Head to head, there’s more loudness, power and fidelity in the StormBox, but the XSound Go still rocks. These speakers are pretty comparable when it comes to overall audio quality. They both sound good, if lacking, in some of the fidelity of higher priced speakers… But that’s not unexpected at these price points.

Battery Life & Charging

Despite the size and weight differences, both speakers house the same 2600 mAh battery. Once you crank up the volume of a fully charged StormBox, you can expect it to die out near the 18 to 20-hour mark. The XSound Go uses that same size battery but less of a power draw to stretch its battery life to about 24 hours . Both recharge using USB-C and charging time for both the XSound Go and StormBox is roughly the same at about 4 hours using a 5V/2A charging adapter.

Speakerphone Support

Speakerphone support is so inconsistent across various brands and models so you really have to dig deep into the specs to figure out which ones have a built-in microphone if you plan on using it for hands-free conversations. If you narrowed down your options to just the Tribit StormBox portable and XSound Go, choose the latter as the StormBox lacks a microphone.

Just keep your expectations with the XSound Go in check due to its budget nature as the microphone is quite weak. You must be a bit closer to the speaker for it to clearly pick up your voice. In the rare occasion where you need to use the 3.5mm jack, you won’t be able to use the microphone at all.

Overall Review: Tribit StormBox vs. Tribit XSound Go

One thing you need to remember about these two speakers is that each of them is part of their own separate families. Tribit StormBox speakers are larger and louder but still portable while Tribit XSound speakers put portability on the center stage.

Both products have aged quite a bit but you can often get them at prices well below their MSRP due to coupons and promos so keep that in mind when comparing them against the newer Tribit speakers. Yes, this does make the entire Tribit lineup a bit confusing but Tribit is all about offering a vast variety of budget-friendly speakers that can scratch different itches. As long as you are aware of the unique strengths of each speaker (The StormBox’s strong bass and the XSound Go’s speakerphone support), both are pretty compelling options.

When it comes to pricing, The StormBox sells for about $67US while the smaller XSound Go is priced at $36. I actually think the XSound Go is the sleeper hit, since it sounds almost identical to the StormBox, but it’s at a much lower price.

Either way, I can definitely recommend both of these speakers if you’re looking for a low cost portable wireless speaker.

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  1. Lucy B. on September 8, 2023 at 7:24 pm

    Have had to hard reset my tribit several times.

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