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Bisslee little green, reviewThere are a plenty of companies advertising upright vacuum cleaners that claim to clean carpets quite well and you can always check out the user and critic reviews to see if those claims hold up. But before you buy one, understand that these carpet cleaners have limitations too. Carpet cleaners might be good enough to suck up piles of dirt and clean small stains, but you won’t be able to clean those tougher stains without some extra manual work. If you are haunted by such stains or you don’t want to take a massive vacuum just to deal with a couple of carpet stains, consider getting a spot carpet cleaner. The Bissel Little Green ProHeat carpet cleaner is a good case study to see what these types of vacuum cleaners bring to the table because it has quite the pedigree in portable cleaning products.

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What’s in the box?

A tall box this is not! The Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner is the kind of gadget you can unbox and assemble on your lap. There isn’t much to assemble either as the 2513E model comes with a small inner box containing the following components:

  • 3-inch tough stain tool
  • 8-ounce trial bottle of Professional OXY Spot & Stain cleaning formula
  • Quick Release Cord Wrap
  • Flex hose clip
  • Hose grip bracket
  • HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool

The dome-shaped Bissell ProHeat itself already has the hose attached and water reservoirs installed so you only need to attach the flex hose clip to the front of the machine and the hose grip and cord wrap brackets to the back of the machine. This allows you to wrap the built-in hose and power cord to keep the unit compact for storing away.

The water tank with the “Clean” label is the tank you want to remove and fill it with hot tap water (approximately 140°F / 60°C according to the user manual). The clean tank also has two water line labels indicating the amount of water you must fill depending on the size of the area you want to clean. Once you’ve done that, you just need to add enough of the included cleaning solution until it reaches the “Formula” line. The lone button found on the top of the unit serves as the power switch.

How well does Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner clean?

What separates this carpet cleaner from ordinary vacuum cleaners is its ability to spray the soiled area with the hot cleaning formula mixture through the tough stain tool. After a few minutes of letting the solution settle on the carpet, you can then use that tough stain tool to brush it repeatedly while the 3-amp suction strength works its magic.

While the vacuum is on, it utilizes a technology called Heatwave which maintains the hot temperature of the water to ensure the best cleaning performance even when you need to clean other areas in the house. Just plan ahead in plugging the unit in as it solely relies on power from the wall socket. The hose does not extend but the 15-inch power cord makes up for it. The unit itself weighs about 9 pounds and completely filling up the 37-ounce water tank doesn’t add too much extra weight either making it a decent portable machine for cleaning stains on carpets, mattresses, and other upholstery.

Storage & Maintenance

Once you finished cleaning, you will notice the other tank filled with dirty water. That tank is removable as well and easy to empty. Once you are ready to store the vacuum, you start by rinsing both tanks and the tough stain brush thoroughly. Then you use the included HydroRinse tool to rinse the hose. After the unit fully dries, you can conveniently coil up the hose and power cable for an easy fit in a closet or cabinet. Speaking of the power cable, the Quick Release Cord Wrap has a neat trick where you can twist the bracket clockwise to unwrap the power cable instantly so you’re ready for the next job.

Overall thoughts: Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell ProHeat Little Green Carpet Cleaner is a one-trick pony and it does that job pretty well! Yes, you do have to go on your hands and knees to clean but you can effectively wipe out those deeper stains across a wider range of delicate surfaces that standard vacuum cleaners normally struggle with. Because the machine is small, fairly lightweight, and easy to clean and store, this is a home appliance you’ll likely use more often. Dealing with fresh carpet stains is key to keep your carpets in good condition making this a good long-term investment. The $149.99 CAD asking price undercuts many upright vacuum cleaners too even when you factor in the extra $14.99 CAD needed for a PRO OXY cleaning formula once you emptied your trial bottle.

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