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Bluetti SwapSolar.Portable power pioneer BLUETTI is diversifying their backup battery portfolio with the announcement of the BLUETTI SwapSolar Ecosystem – the company’s first ecosystem product that bundles the BLUETTI AC180T swappable solar generator with a 3-in-1 portable refrigerator called the BLUETTI MultiCooler. First making its appearance at CES 2024, the BLUETTI SwapSolar is set to have its crowdfunding debut exclusively on Indiegogo late February. The company promises a special offer to early backers.

BLUETTI AC180T: Modular Power Station with Dual Hot-Swappable Battery Design

The BLUETTI AC180T is the company’s first power station with a hot-swappable battery design. (We’d also like to say thank you to BLUETTI for sponsoring this post. While they are supporting us by asking us to write this article, they have not told us what we have to say or what we can’t say about the product so you can consider these thoughts ours.) The power station relies on dual 716.8Wh LFP batteries to provide a total output power of 1,800W. You may remove either of the LFP batteries without power interruption and only a slight output reduction to 1,200W. With BLUETTI selling the LFP batteries separately, the AC180T offers a convenient and modular way to expand the power station’s overall capacity.

BLUETTI allows users to connect the AC180T directly to the grid to charge both batteries simultaneously via 1,440W fast charging or optional solar charging at 500W Max. Charging time from empty to 80% lasts about an hour (or 45 mins for both batteries) or 90 minutes to 100% (70 for both batteries). With a single battery equipped, the power station weighs nearly 40 lbs or 18.5 kg while adding the other battery bumps the weight up to 58.4 lbs or 26.5 kg.

Like other recent BLUETTI power station products, the AC180T comes with a 20ms UPS mode to swiftly handle sudden power interruptions. The power station features 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports and a 12V cigarette lighter port.

BLUETTI MultiCooler: World’s First LFP-Powered Refrigerator and Freezer

Bluetti SwapSolar.BLUETTI’s first companion product that will support the AC180T LFP batteries is the MultiCooler, a portable car fridge that can hit sub-zero temperatures from -20°C to 20°C (-4°F to 68°F). With a 40-liter capacity, the MultiCooler is capable of chilling up to 65 cans of soda or freeze meat products or keep sensitive medicines at their required cool temperatures. The MultiCooler’s speedy operation promises to cool from 30°C down to zero (86°F to 32°F) in just 15 minutes.

The BLUETTI MultiCooler houses a 9-liter ice chamber that can create 24 pieces of small or large ice cubes in a few minutes. You can use the MultiCooler as a consistent ice maker as it uses running water to allow production of about 4 batches of clear ice per hour. The MultiCooler also has a built-in self-cleaning mode to prevent mildew buildup.

BLUETTI claims the MultiCooler as the first portable ice maker that can solely get power from a vehicle. You may also plug it directly to the wall socket or insert one of the AC180T batteries to give it a 72-hour runtime. Extending the battery runtime is possible via a BLUETTI solar panel as long as the battery remains installed.

Thanks to the MultiCooler’s solid insulation, the MultiCooler can keep those optimum temperatures even after the battery depletes with an estimated 48.3 hours to go from 4°C to 15°C (39°F to 59°F).

As a part of the BLUETTI ecosystem, you can remotely control the MultiCooler using the same BLUETTI app and activate all the familiar features found on its batteries like ECO mode to extend the MultiCooler’s runtime even further dropping the power consumption to just 0.18kWh.

For easy mobility of the massive 28 × 16.5 × 18.7-inch (710 × 420 × 475mm) unit, the MultiCooler features a built-in drawbar and dual wheels. The entire body is shock-resistant for rugged travel and offers a slide add-on if extra vehicle stability is required.

BLUETTI SwapSolar Use Cases

The BLUETTI SwapSolar combo system is perfect for long-distance road trips or hot ocean adventures where ice-cold drinks and fresh food are needed the most. With its ability to charge gadgets as well, no extra power stations or separate coolers are required effectively pushing the travel efficiency to new heights. You can shop BLUETTI products on the company website or find them on Amazon.

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