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Erin L

Erin L

Couple wearing Kemimoto heated clothing in winter.When it comes to tackling the harsh, cold winters, the practical solution is to wear the finest gear brands have to offer. Searching online for the best brands of woolen sweaters, thick coats, and insulated boots is quite easy these days, but they can only do so much in keeping your body warm. If you are looking for clothing that can really turn up the heat, your best bet is heated vests and Kemimoto is one of the major brands specializing in this technology.

About Kemimoto

Kemimoto is a popular brand among ATV and UTV owners as the company was founded back in 2011 by riders themselves. (We’d like to say a special thank you to Kemimoto for sponsoring this Blog. While the company is supporting us with this sponsored blog, it has not told us what we have to say or cannot say about its product so you can consider these thoughts our after we did our own research.) But don’t let the ATV and UTV focus fool you because the heated gear the company makes targets all sorts of outdoor lovers from skiers to hikers, fishers, or anybody who finds traditional winter wear insufficient for those supremely sub-zero temperatures, primarily because they’re rechargeable and fast heating.

Meet the men’s & ladies Kemimoto Heated Gear Lineup

Kemimoto has developed its own heated technology and successfully implemented it in every piece of clothing it offers, including heated gloves, jackets, hoodies, pants, socks, insoles, and vests. If you’ve ever underdressed for a day in the great outdoors, you may already be thinking self-heating clothing is well worth the investment. However, if you are budget conscious and just want to try out heated clothing, we recommend starting with a Kemimoto heated vest first.

Kemimoto’s heating vests provide good heating coverage for your body while being priced lower than jackets. You can wear them on top of your long-sleeved shirts for extra warmth without the bloat many winter jackets give. And of course in the most extreme temps when multiple layers are just not enough, a self-heating vest can make all the difference between calling it a day and keeping the fun going. The areas of your body a vest can heat depend on the model you pick. Let’s take a look at three of Kemimoto’s most popular heating vests to see.

Women’s Cropped Heated Vest

Family skating on a pond wearing Kemimoto heated clothing.For ladies looking to add warmth without bulk, Kemimoto offers a Ladies Cropped Heated Vest. With a shorter more flattering length and a super soft cotton lining plus a stand-up collar design, this vest is ideal for layering over a sweater or other thermal layer, allowing you to skip the bulky overcoat.

This women’s waist-length heated vest uses four carbon fiber heating elements, on the back, abdomen, and collar, providing additional heat to the core. Plus, the heating elements in the front also let you use it for hand-warming too.

Men’s Heated Vest by APP Temp Control

Man wearing Kemimoto heated vest in winter.The Men’s Heated Vest by APP Temp Control is Kemimoto’s mid-range heating vest and is worth picking over the entry-level model as it allows you to control the temperature via a mobile app called Kemimoto Heatech  (found on the Apple App store or Google Play). The app guides you in pairing your smartphone with the vest and provides a friendly interface in setting the vest’s temperature across three levels. The heating elements within the vest target four areas across the abdomen, back, and collar.

Heated Vest by Voice and APP Temp Control with Battery Pack

Kemimoto heated clothingControlling the temperature of your vest using your phone is a pretty cool experience, but it isn’t practical in all situations. A sudden downturn in weather conditions might make smartphone usage difficult especially if you are wearing gloves and your device might not respond well to touches. This is where the voice activation feature comes in… voice controlled clothing?! We really have reached the future!

The Heated Vest by Voice and APP Temp Control with Battery Pack comes in handy: Once you pair the vest with your phone, you can summon the voice assistant by saying “Hi Kemi”, “Hello Kemi”, or “Kemi” followed by a simple command such as “vest low” or “vest high,” or even “start back heating,” and “start abdomen heating”  to adjust it.

If you are wearing other voice-enabled Kemimoto products, you can control your clothes as a group with just a single command. In addition to the voice benefits, this heating vest also offers five heating zones extending the warmth to your shoulders.

The convenience of this in extreme outdoor environment can’t be overstated.

How Heated Vests Work

Kemimoto made its heating vests with carbon fiber wires which run through the clothing, then heat up when electricity passes through them. The included 10,000mAh or 15,000mAh battery pack s provides power to the heating vest through a standard USB connection so you could use other powerbanks as well. The carbon fiber wires are also very light weight.

Every Kemimoto heating vest comes with a temperature protection feature that will automatically reduce the temperature if it exceeds 65 degrees. The vest also comes with a sensor that can detect if you are not wearing the device. Thanks to this sensor, the heating vest automatically shuts down 10 minutes after you remove the vest to save battery life.

Can I Wash Heated Clothing?

Handwashing a heated vest by Kemimoto.Hand-washing your heated vest using cold water and mild detergent is your best bet. Just avoid twisting or wringing the heated vest to prevent damage. If you want to machine wash, place the heated vest in a mesh laundry bag and use the gentlest cycle setting in your washing machine. Make sure you disable the tumble dry setting as well.

Because of the sensitive carbon fiber wires within the fabric, Kemimoto does not advise ironing, bleaching, or dry-cleaning their heating vests.

Explore the best heated clothing from Kemimoto

Heated vests can really make your winters far more comfortable than the best traditional winter clothes out there and you can find other brands with their own competing clothing lines as well. Kemimoto has been in the business for more than a decade and is backed by the ATV and UTV community. Plus, their heating clothing products passed all the strict certifications and standards like CE, FCC, PSE, and ROSH making them safe products to use anywhere.

If you want to try some of the top heated clothing, visit Kemimoto’s website and use Promo Code AFF18 to get 18% off your order.

Or check out the Kemimoto Winter Sale with up to 50% off some items.

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