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bouge Aspen 30.Spring is on the horizon and that means camping and RV season come with it! If you plan to hop onboard the great outdoor train, you might as well gear up as early as now so you can set off on your adventure fully prepared and powered. “Powered” is an important word here because camping is far more convenient when you have portable power at your disposal. And so far this season we’re tracking some cool new gear from Bouge RV, which is going to be ideal if you’re planning and early-season road trips or summer camping or RVing adventures.

We’d like to say a special thank you to BougeRV for sponsoring this blog. While the company is supporting us with this sponsored blog, it has not told us what we have to say or cannot say about its product so you can consider these thoughts our after we did our own research.

ASPEN 30 PRO 34QT Dual-System IceDrive Fridge with Wheels

There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors as soon as the weather warms. Picnicking in the grass as the leaves begin to emerge, camping while the days are warm and the nights still a bit cool, or even planning your tailgating party. Whichever way you embrace the outdoors, there’s a good reason to consider adding some powered food storage to your adventure gear.

bouge Aspen 30.A portable off-grid fridge can be used to store food and beverages, keeping them fresh and chilled. It can keep meat or salads safe ahead of a beachfront barbecue, and when you’re enjoying the scenery of an epic cross-country road trip, having a portable refrigerator can mean fewer stops for pricey snacks and drinks. Bottom line: a portable refrigerator is going to come in handy in more situations than you think.

ASPEN 30 PRO is a portable refrigerator first and backup power station second making it a fantastic companion to any camping trip. The company has developed other refrigerators in the past, but exclusive to the ASPEN family is its IceDrive technology. This technology makes the fridge capable of bringing the temperature down to 0°F in just 30 minutes and can optionally push temperatures even lower to -9°F, which means your portable fridge is now a freezer!

This might sound like marketing talk, but the presence of an icebox is a huge statement. You can actually put ice cream in this box and won’t have to worry about your frozen treats melting.

Zone control for different levels of chill

With 34 quarts (32 liters) of capacity, you can also store more than a dozen cans of beverages and a couple of days’ worth of food. The fridge’s interior features a big and small removable basket for sorting items and perishables. These compartments have their own individual zones where you can control the temperature separately. For instance, you can have both zones serve as freezer roles if needed or save on energy and keep both zones as standard fridge functions—or one of each!

Small, portable with wheeled design

As the smallest portable fridge in the ASPEN lineup, the cooler weighs just under 42 pounds making it travel-friendly for smaller vehicles as well. The pair of wheels on the rear of the cooler allows easy transport when loading to and from the vehicle. You can even use the fridge at night thanks to the LED light functionality.

Not just cool, it powers YOU

Plus, ASPEN 30 PRO features a full-size USB port allowing your smartphones, tablets, and smaller powerbanks to tap into the fridge’s power. The refrigerator comes with a pair of DC power cords for car charging and a standard AC power adapter for a full top-up at home.

Multiple ways to power your fridge

Thanks to the embedded ECO electronic control module, the fridge can monitor the car’s battery voltage automatically. By default, this setting is switched to “High” but you can also configure it to “Medium” or “Low” if you prefer the fridge using more of its internal battery. Using AC power or your vehicle to keep the fridge powered aren’t your only options either as it comes with solar charging support.

ROVER2000 Semi-Solid State Portable Power Station

bouge rover 2000While on any outdoor adventure we’ve all faced an emergency power situation. At its simplest, it’s a pain to run out of juice and have no opportunity to quickly charge your phone. At its worst, you may need to boost your car, or even power an important device or tool for your job, and not having access to reliable power can cost you time.

That’s where BougeRV’s ROVER2000 Portable Power Station comes in.

Its key differentiator in the big market of portable power stations is its use of “Semi-Solid Battery Technology” which provides higher energy density and better safety than traditional lithium-ion batteries. BougeRV rates the cycle life of the 2008Wh battery at 3,000 cycles so lifespan isn’t sacrificed at all.

bouge rover 2000.On the connectivity side, the ROVER2000 offers plenty of ports including five AC outputs, three 18W USB-A 3.0 ports, and a three USB-C 100W port capable of charging most laptops. It also features a DC 5525 output port along with a standard cigarette output port. Finally, you can connect up to three daisy-chained extra batteries to the power station’s battery port to further extend the runtime.

BougeRV designed the ROVER2000 with big appliances in mind as its 2,200W total power spec and 4,000W surge can handle electric fryers, 120W refrigerators and coffee makers. It can even power a 50-inch TV for nearly the entire day. The power delivers a clean, pure sine wave output allowing you to use it like a UPS in case of a sudden blackout.

With BougeRV’s separately sold 200W 12V 9BB portable solar panel, you can turn the ROVER2000 into a clean energy generator which is most ideal for those long RV roadtrips. The entire generator weighs about 47 pounds which is just a bit heavier than the ASPEN 30 PRO and it has two handles on the sides for easy carrying.

Get ready for summer with BougeRV

BougeRV (Bouger means “to move” in French), a company founded by outdoor enthusiasts, offers some reliable portable power solutions that cannot only keep your campsite running smoothly, but it can help you eat better as well.

The innovations BougeRV brings to the table are definitely something worth considering. The ROVER2000 comes with a 5-year warranty while the ASPEN 30 PRO comes with a 2-year warranty so you can expect these products to last numerous trips. The ASPEN 30 PRO is available on the BougeRV website for $459.99 while the ROVER2000 retails at $1,899.99

If you want to try some of the top camping and outdoor cooling and power gear, visit BougeRV’s website and use Promo Code AFF18 to get 18% off your order.**A note about Affiliate Links: TechGadgetsCanada & TechGadgetsInternational is supported by our readers. Occasionally I will include affiliate links in my reviews. I do this partly for convenience of the reader (since I’ll almost always include a link to the company website or similar anyway) in case you want to read more or purchase, but I also may get a small commission from the click, which helps me keep the blog running. If you choose to use this link I thank you greatly for supporting the blog. There’s no obligation or cost to you for using these links. As an Amazon Associate I may also earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon.

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