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Dash mini maker review is it worth itDash’s kitchen appliances are a top pick on Amazon, and for good reason. Economical yet extremely functional and useful, these products make cooking easier so we can spend less time in the kitchen and more time being productive in other ways. I previously reviewed Dash’s stand mixer, and I’ve been excited to test out the Dash Mini Maker. Click here to watch my short video.

Dash Mini Maker


If you’re looking for an inexpensive, no-frills waffle maker that can cook a few other things, too, then the Dash Mini Maker should be a fun and easy-to-store kitchen gadget for you.



  • Super affordable
  • Small & compact
  • Easy to store
  • Cooks waffles thoroughly
  • Easy to use; would be great for kids
  • Easy-clean



  • Might be too small for some families
  • No adjustable heat: on or off only

What is Dash Mini maker?

The Dash Mini Maker is advertised as a portable 4-inch non-stick waffle maker suitable for any kitchen, and it literally fits in the palm of your hand.

Making waffles and other delicacies the traditional way can create a mess that requires a lot of cleanup, plus it can be hard to get them cooked just right. Dash’s Mini Maker is supposed to eliminate the huge mess and get your waffles cooked in just a matter of minutes.

While the device is technically a waffle maker, the Dash Mini Maker can also make all kinds of different specialties with the help of a guide with 12 recipes included in the box.

Design & size

Dash mini maker review is it worth itThe Dash Mini Maker comes in a slew of fun colors, designs, and – interestingly – seasonal shapes such as a heart and a pumpkin. I got the turquoise blue round waffle maker which is pretty cute and brightens up the kitchen.

The dimensions of the Dash Mini Maker are 16.26 x 12.7 x 7.11 cm, meaning it is small enough to stash in most cabinets (or even drawers!) and can also be carried with one hand.

The outside of the waffle maker is made of plastic, which  surprisingly doesn’t give it more of a cheap feel. The device uses two non-stick cooking surfaces that allow an even cook on both sides, which theoretically is supposed to avoid a sticky mess afterwards.

The device is made with non-slip “feet” so it does not slide around on the counter, and the lid is easy to lift without getting your hands too close to the hot surfaces.

Using Dash Mini Maker – no temperature control

There is virtually no setup needed aside from a quick wipe with a towel, as the Dash Mini Maker is already assembled and just needs to be plugged into AC power. The device will then start to heat up, and once it’s ready, the indicator light will go out to advise you that its preheat cycle has completed. Note that there is no temperature control on this device; it’s only on and cooking, or off. This might be fine for some folks who don’t want to spend a lot of time guessing about precise temperatures (and its actually great for aspiring child chefs in your home), but it could also be frustrating for those who are used to being able to dial in amor precise level of doneness.

For me, the Dash Mini Maker took just a minute or to heat up, which was quite impressive compared to the time it takes to preheat a griddle the traditional way.

In general, it is advised that users put ¼ cup of batter evenly in the waffle maker each time, as it can overflow if too much is poured in. Dash’s recipe for classic waffles makes six 4-inch waffles, which is perfect to feed two or three people. Of course, you can play around with the amount of batter you make depending on your needs.

Non-stick surface

The heating surfaces of the device are non-stick, but Dash still recommends using some sort of cooking spray on it. When the Dash Mini Maker is ready, all you have to do is pour prepared batter into it and shut the lid – that’s it! What I did notice though is that there’s no indicator light that will tell you when the waffle is done; no, ‘ding!’ to announce a waffle is ready. I kind of had to time it on my one and really just guess from my prior cooking experience.

Dash mini maker review is it worth itEach waffle takes about three minutes to cook, but while you’d expect that leaving them in the device for a longer time makes them crispier, it really doesn’t; it’s really just one level of done and leaving them in longer doesn’t seem to add much in the way of browning.

I used the recommended amount of batter, and it didn’t overflow. Dash recommends not using metal utensils to remove the food out of the device, so I used a spatula, chopstick or plastic utensil  to remove the waffles.

The waffle came out cleanly, and the amount or crisp was a bit underwhelming. I don’t favour overly crispy waffles personally so I was okay with the amount of crust on the outside, particularly since the Dash Mini Maker cooked the waffle evenly throughout. Some waffle makers produce waffles that users might think are too thin, but my waffle was a perfect thickness.

To dine, I put syrup, and butter on my waffle and it was delicious.

I used a kitchen towel and dry pastry brush to clean my Dash Mini Maker, which was easy; the one time I did have some overspill it dried on and required some scrubbing, but that was more my fault than anything.

Overall Review: Dash Mini Maker

Dash mini maker review is it worth itIf you’re looking for an inexpensive, no-frills waffle maker that can cook a few other things, too, then the Dash Mini Maker should be a fun and easy-to-store kitchen gadget for you. I can see how the small size is great for those living in smaller spaces like RVs or dorm rooms, but it also would save storage room in a larger kitchen. The biggest downside is that there’s only one level of doneness, meaning if you’re looking for super brown and crispy waffles, you might be better off with a full size or adjustable version.

The process is easy if you are feeding one or two people, but probably would/would not be the best option if feeding a bunch of “hangry” family members, as the waffles have to be made individually and take 3-4 minutes each. Overall, my waffles turned out good and the waffle maker doesn’t leave a mess, so I would highly recommend  it.

While the price of the Dash Mini Maker depends on what color or shape you get, they sell for as low as $20CAD on Amazon.


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  1. Matthew Lee on August 28, 2023 at 8:51 pm

    These are perfect for folks who don’t cook waffles often but still want to have the option! Excellent review, Erin. Very nice assessments.

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