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Foreo Luna 4, reviewFOREO devotees are abuzz with the launch of the newest iteration of the popular LUNA cleansing device. LUNA 4 is now available, so in this post, which FOREO has graciously agreed to sponsor, I’ll take a look at what the LUNA 4 can do for your skin, what’s new compared to the LUNA 3 (check our my review!) and if it might be a good choice for your skincare needs.

Though they are sponsoring this post FOREO has not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say about the LUNA 4, so consider these thoughts my own.

FOREO LUNA 4 review

Foreo LUNA 4


FOREO LUNA 4 has been improved; now with softer bristles, it’s still a very effective facial cleansing and toning device.


  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Now much softer
  • App provides lots of options
  • Works with app or on its own
  • Customizable cleaning settings


  • It’s an investment

What is FOREO LUNA 4?

The Foreo LUNA 4 is a smart, connected, soft silicone facial cleansing brush that gently removes dirt and residue that can cause breakouts—and this new version is billed as the most gentle and powerful LUNA ever.

The soft silicone surface is gentle on the skin, and the small bristles feel like they’re cleansing well, without harshly scrubbing.

If you’re interested in Foreo devices, read about the Bear or Bear Mini Microcurrent devices in my review or check out the UFO 2 smart mask gadget.

What’s new?

Foreo Luna 4 reviewThe most gentle LUNA yet, FOREO says LUNA 4 is made of 17% softer silicone touchpoints that glide even more effortlessly across skin to help maintain its natural elasticity. (And this is after FOREO already made major improvements to bristle softness on the LUNA 3!)

I can say that just running my fingers over the brush surface it’s noticeably softer, so I’m looking forward to trying it on my face.

New FOREO LUNA 4 massage patterns

LUNA 4 has some new cleansing and massage options and they are divided up in the app labelled as Massage and Treatments. Each one has subtle differences, so you can choose one based on how it feels, or what you hope to accomplish. The different massage patterns range from waves that increase and decrease and intensity to more staccato vibrations as well as some subtler low-intensity massage:

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Boosts circulation – eyes & jaw.
  • Deep Tissue Massage:Relieves tension – cheeks & jaw.
  • Trigger Point Massage:Relieves muscle tightness – neck.
  • Shiatsu Massage: Promotes calm – forehead & temples.
  • Reflexology Massage: Restores energy – eyebrows & ears.

Foreo Luna 4, reviewThe LUNA 4 also has four different treatment options: “Eyes on the Prize” (for firming the eye-area), “Nothing but Neck” (for toning the neck and décolleté), “Contour Crazy” (sculpts the jawline and cheeks), and “Mouth Magic” (tightens jawline and reduces frown lines). All of the settings for both devices have video tutorials that show you how to properly use the device.

The connected app by the way can also be used for locating a lost device, and can help you track your cleansing habits.

Custom Cleansing

It’s possible to create your own custom cleansing routine by using the FOREO app. The app makes it easy to adjust the duration and intensity of your cleansing treatment; you can choose to lower the intensity of T-Sonic pulsations, for example on sensitive cheeks prone to rosacea, or augment them to more thoroughly clean an oily forehead. Just choose your device in the FOREO app and then select the Settings tab.Foreo Luna 4, review

How to use LUNA 4

If you’re new to a FOREO LUNA device, here’s what to know about how to use your LUNA 4:

  • Connect your LUNA to the FOREO app via Bluetooth
  • Wet your face, apply your preferred cleanser to your LUNA 4 and tap the start button .
  • Move LUNA 4’s bristles in a circular motion across your face until the built-in timer shuts it off.
  • Rinse LUNA, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

LUNA 4: what to expect

LUNA devices are made to help you better and more throughly cleanse the skin on your face, neck and chest, without being harsh. They offer gentle skin exfoliation that helps to clean up makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and just about anything else you may get on your face.

Foreo Luna 4, reviewLUNA devices use Foreo’s T-Sonic pulsations. These are essentially a vibration that helps cleanse your skin more deeply and thoroughly than with a washcloth alone. Think of those vibrations as gently shaking the dirt from your pores.

To prepare for a treatment, open the FOREO app and choose your massage or treatment option. Alternately you can simply push the power button on the back of the device to get started without connecting. If you use the app, it is quite easy to navigate and all the options are very clearly laid out.

Using LUNA 4

Using the LUNA 4 definitely gives you a more thorough clean than soap and water or washcloth alone and it will tell you when to move on to different areas of the face so you get a complete, thorough clean.

When you first turn it on you’ll feel the gently vibrating device as you press it against your skin and this micro-scrubbing is helping cleanse and shake the dirt and oil build up from your pores. Special double pulses at certain times will be a clue that it’s time to move on to another area of your face.

Foreo Luna 4, reviewI can confirm that the silicone bristles on the LUNA 4 are definitely much softer and silkier than even the LUNA 3. They feel much more like a soft brush than a silicone pad and though I’ve never found them harsh or rough, anyone who’s been waiting will want to try the LUNA 4 now thanks to this softer version.

There’s a built in automatic one minute timer for your cleanse, but you can extend or shorten that as you wish in the FOREO app. You can also opt to follow along with videos in the app for skincare guidance, or just use it on your own; the app is not mandatory while you’re using LUNA 4.

Two buttons on either side of the power button on the back of the LUNA 4 now let you quickly toggle between gentle mode or intense cleaning quickly and easily.

Foreo Luna 4, reviewLUNA 4, like the other brushes in the LUNA range are 100% waterproof so you can simply leave yours in the shower.

Battery Life

The LUNA 4 gives about 600 uses per charge, which could stretch the total life to about 2 years with once a day use. The device is charged using a special cable that connects into the back and plugs into a USB outlet. Potentially worth noting is that an AC adaptor is not included, but most of us have several of these lying around the house.
The charging is relatively quick, and any time I’ve needed to recharge my device, I just plug it in before bedtime and it’s ready to go in the morning.


The LUNA 4 is available in three colors, and those correspond to the specific skin type for which they are designed to be used: Balanced Skin (light pink), Combination Skin (green), Sensitive Skin (lavender); so here, it’s not about the colour, but what’s best for your skin.


Always dry any Foreo device after use or cleaning. If your LUNA device needs to be cleaned, use soap and water or a silicone-safe sanitizer, since alcohols or acetone can damage the silicone.

Foreo Luna 4, review

Foreo Luna 3 mini, Luna 3 and Luna 4 (L-R)

While silicone is more hygienic than traditional bristle devices, this material cannot be used with all cleansers. If you are using a LUNA device, Foreo recommends against using clay- or silicone-based cleansers, any type of exfoliators or anything with a grainy texture.

Final thoughts on LUNA 4

Hopefully knowing a bit more about this new skin cleansing device can help you make the right choice for your skin. All of the Foreo LUNA devices are easy to set up and use, convenient and portable, they cleanse well, clean up easily and have extremely long lasting batteries. With their waterproof technology, it’s easy to leave one in the shower for quick use, or use it with your smartphone in the bathroom for more specialized cleaning. Shop LUNA 4 now at Foreo’s website or check out some of the other LUNA devices on Amazon.

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