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How to create an art slideshow on Samsung The Frame TV


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Erin L

Erin L

How to put your photos on the frame tv 2022If you have a Frame TV, which shows realistic art, paintings and photography when it’s not being used as a television, you know how good it looks. But sometimes the same art can get boring. Did you know you can cycle among a handful or a whole library of art, as often as you want? Whether you call this a slideshow, a shuffle or a rotation, here’s how to switch up the art on your Samsung Frame TV automatically.

How do I make a slideshow on my Samsung Frame TV?

  1. First up: You’ll need to have the Samsung Smart Things app and an account, which you likely got when you first set up your Frame TV.
  2. Select the Frame TV in the app. You should see a tile labeled Art Mode.
  3. You can set up which art you’d like to see in a few ways; the first is to choose some Favourites first. You can browse the Samsung art store to see what’s there, then make a photos or image a Favourite by tapping the heart on any piece of art; this will save your Favourites to your own special folder.
  4. Alternately, you can choose a Samsung curation such as Global Top 20, or an artist, or a genre. Tap on any of the curations or groups. Once there you’ll see a tag near the top right corner that says Display All. If you tap it, the Frame TV will begin cycling through all selections in that group or curation. You can stop it by going back into the app and tapping stop, or just choosing another single artwork.
  5. Once you’ve selected Display All you can adjust how long each piece will show for, and if you want the app to shuffle the artworks too. Look for the small clock icon next to the Stop button and tap on it (yes it’s tiny and fiddly). You can then choose how long to display each piece for; from 3 minutes to 15 minutes, an hour, 12 hours, a full day or up to 7 days. You can also toggle the Shuffle button on or off to keep things interesting.

That’s how to adjust your Frame TV to display new and different artworks easily—whether your personal favourites or a choice curation from art experts across the globe.

How to add my photos to Frame TV?

There are all kinds of other cool things you are framed TV will do. Did you know you can use a feature called Multi-view to mirror your smart phone screen while you’re watching a television show? You can also easily add your own photos to the Samsung Frame TV as well.

The Samsung Frame TV is available from Amazon and Walmart.

Erin L

Erin L

I'm a journalist, tech blogger, writer, TV producer, silversmith& jewelry designer, foodie and world traveler. I blog, write for publications, and supply freelance writing services to Calgary, and the world.


  1. Bob Anderson on February 9, 2024 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for the info. Will the slideshow recycle from the last to the first as an endless loop? Or does it end with the last image?


    • Erin L on February 15, 2024 at 4:08 pm

      Hi Bob; It keeps cycling until you stop it.

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