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How to Set Up Google Home


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Erin L

Erin L

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Comparing Amazon’s Echo Show to Hub, there was a time when home automation was a niche hobby reserved for the tech-savvy. However, it’s become more of a commonplace reality these days thanks to a well-implemented integration by industry players like Google. The Google Home, for example, has expanded from its early days as a fairly straightforward smart speaker system to an entire ecosystem that works with a ton of other devices, from smart lights to smart thermostats.

So, while it might sound like a lot of work setting this up, it’s actually much easier than you’d expect. If you’re ready to go all-in with your home automation system, start by heading over to your phone’s Google Home app and following these steps:

Choose your Google Home device.

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Whether you’re going for the O.G. smart speaker or you’re going for a more specialist device like smart lights or thermostat, you’re going to need some hardware to start your home automation journey.

Plug in your Google Home Device.

Google, Nest, Mini, review, smart home, speaker

Once you have your device on hand, plug it in and switch it on. Once it’s powered up, you can carry on with the rest of these steps on your smartphone’s Google Home app or via the device’s touch screen if it has one.

Download, install, and open your Google Home app.

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Once you’re on the app, log in to your Google account while connected to your home Wi-Fi connection. If it’s your first time setting up a Google Home device, you’ll have to tap on Create Home and give it a nickname to help you stay organized as you add more devices later. Tap on your Home, then Next.

Look for your device.

Tap on Devices, Add, then New Device. Look for the Google Home device you’d like to add. (Google Nest Speakers, Google TV, Chromecast, Nest Camera, Nest Thermostats, and many thousands of third-party Google Home-enabled devices)

Now you’re all set up.

The setup between most Google Home devices is largely the same, with some devices deviating because of the nature of the device itself. For example, Google Nest Hub devices have their own screens from which you can log in, while other devices, such as the Nest speakers, require you to use your smartphone for the setup process.

The Google Nest Hub is available from Amazon and Walmart, and the Google Nest Hub Max is available from Walmart.

The Google Nest WiFi Pro is available from Amazon.

The Google Pixel Tablet is available from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What exactly is Google Home?

A: Google Home used to refer to Google’s smart speaker lineup. However, over time, evolved to include other smart devices such as smart thermostats, Google TVs, Chromecasts, and other third-party devices.

Q: Do I need a Google account to set up a Google Home device?

A: To get all that Google Home goodness flowing, you’ll need a Google account. If you’re an Android user, you likely already have one (score!). If not, setting up a Google account is easy as pie. And it won’t just give you access to Google Home but a whole host of Google services.

Q: Will Google Home listen to my personal conversations?

A: Nope. Google Home only starts recording when it hears the ‘magic words’, which are “Okay Google” or “Hey Google.” Your private chats are safe, but remember, it may hear all your shower singing sessions!

Q: Does Google Home need a constant internet connection?

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A: Google Home devices use Wi-Fi signals to communicate with each other. So, certain tasks and commands, such as asking Google Assistant for the weather, may not work properly if the internet connection is disrupted.

Q: Can I use Google Home if I have an iPhone?

A: Google Home works just fine with iOS devices. Just download the Google Home app from the Apple App Store, and you’re good to go. So, keep that iPhone in your pocket, and give a round of applause for cross-tech harmony!

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