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bluettiOver the past several years, we’ve witnessed numerous news stories from various publications concerning our environment’s gradually degrading health. The theme mostly revolves around the need to reduce carbon emissions, de-escalating greenhouse gases, and ultimately fighting climate change. Activists and regulators continue to pressure industries to embrace eco-friendly policies, but we can contribute as well by transitioning to clean energy.

Combating Climate Change with Clean Energy

Many environmentalists agree that the primary cause of climate change is the excessive reliance on fossil fuels. Solar energy serves as a key counter to the fossil fuel thirst as the green technology becomes more accessible to average households. All it takes is a couple of solar panels on roofs or balconies to tap into the clean energy source and score a small victory for successfully reducing fossil fuel usage. It isn’t all that difficult to get creative either as other folks take their green energy mobile by equipping their vehicles with solar panels.

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However, solar energy isn’t without its flaws which is why the vast majority still hasn’t made the leap. You can never have solar energy as your primary source for electricity if the sun is only available during the day and under ideal weather conditions unless you bridge the gap with an energy storage solution. BLUETTI serves as a leader in this space providing innovative power storage and solar energy harnessing solutions that fill in those missing blanks giving homeowners a clear shot at having sustainable energy for emergencies.

BLUETTI: A Green Energy Pioneer

Since the company’s founding, BLUETTI maintained its clear goal to give people worldwide energy independence. BLUETTI’s drive to innovate is so central to the point that the company’s name is derived from it – protecting the “BLUE” sky through the promise of “Tomorrow” and spirit of “Innovation.” BLUETTI power stations has achieved numerous milestones  involving battery and solar technology as the company continues to push eco-friendly solutions to everyone across all budgets.

One of BLUETTI’s key advancements is its use of highly efficient Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries across the entire product stack. Unlike the more traditional lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries have superior stability with added resistance to leaks and combustion. Rated for up to 3,500 cycles before the battery degrades, LiFePO4 batteries also have ten times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries. To further encourage folks to storage their batteries with clean energy, it has developed BLUETTI solar panels which you can connect directly to a BLUETTI battery. The BLUETTI AC300 is one of the company’s popular products that balances capacity with mobility and expandability with the aforementioned solar panel support.

BLUETTI AC300: The Gateway to Self-Sustaining Energy

bluettiThe BLUETTI AC300 power system can provide up to 3,000W of power to energize large appliances in case of power failure. Its source of energy is the BLUETTI B300 battery which you must connect to the AC300 as it provides 3,072Wh of storage. The AC300 offers three additional ports allowing you to add up to four B300 batteries for a grand total of 12,288Wh, which is enough to power a small household for days.

One of the main features of the AC300+B300 system is its ability to serve as a UPS or uninterruptible power supply. Once properly deployed in a household, a mere 20-millisecond window is all it takes to transition a grid failure to seamless power effectively protecting valuable appliances hooked up to the system.

A single B300 battery can provide the 3,000W AC300 with several possibilities including powering an 800W fridge for 3 hours, an 8,000 BTU AC for 3 to 5 hours, or a 1,500W heater for nearly 2 hours. The AC300’s modular nature means that those on a budget can start small and gradually add batteries once the budget allows to extend the runtime of any connected electronics. Modularity also paves the way to versatility as one can opt for fewer batteries for added mobility extending use cases outside of the household such as RVs, barns, and on-site work. High-wattage tools like electric hammers and kettles can run for hours on a single battery and can even extend the mileage of an electric vehicle.

The AC300+B300 combo starts at C$4,598 but BLUETTI is offering a C$799 discount lowering the price to just C$3,799. An extra C$597 savings is attainable if the combo is purchased with two or three PV200 solar panels. Bundling the B300 with the D0505S DC charge enhancer also comes with a C$400 discount.

Smaller households that don’t mind trading a smaller budget and footprint for a reduced capacity can opt for the BLUETTI EP500Pro which uses the same 3,000W inverter complete with UPS support while having a built-in 5,120Wh LiFePO4 battery. BLUETTI is offering a C$1,797 discount for its special C$8,296 EP500Pro bundle which includes three PV200 solar panels to allow 600W solar charging.

Complementing BLUETTI’s Green Solutions

BLUETTI’s portable powerstations cannot make huge environmental impacts on its own as households and neighborhoods can work together in promoting environmental stewardship even without BLUETTI products.

  • Replace single-use plastics with non-harmful alternatives such as reusable water bottles, shopping bags, and coffee cups.
  • Switch off or disconnect any unused appliances and light fixtures.
  • Keep your car in the garage more often and take out your bike or use public transportation for short trips to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Buy organic products, which are pesticide-free, from local vendors.
  • Repair any pipe leaks and modernize your fixtures to help conserve water.
  • Get involved with tree planting activities.
  • Cut down on meats and consume more vegetables and vegan-friendly “meat” alternatives.
  • Use social media to influence your favorite ways in tackling climate change.

These are just some of the things you can do and even doing a fraction of them can help the environment. Groups of people springing to action and inspiring others to take all these small baby steps can create a snowball effect which can bring about more positive outcomes to the climate change situation in the long run.

United Together for a Green Cause

bluettiAs the final quarter of 2023 approaches, we all have a big opportunity to kickstart 2024 with a true green revolution as leaders like BLUETTI provide the technology while everyone else can use these solutions or engage in other eco-friendly alternatives with a common goal in healing the environment and the planet. Long-lasting batteries and solar panels are the future so we must carry on the legacy of renewables to encourage future generations to embrace renewable energy as the one and true resource to ultimately close the door on fossil fuels.

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