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Lunata beauty, flar iton, curling iron, wand, styler, plus, review, how to, temperature

I’m a beauty gadget junkie. I absolutely love trying new things. Despite all the styling gadgets and unique inventions I’ve tried, I only recently had a chance to try cordless styling tools. The Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus recently arrived to my vanity for testing and review, along with the Lunata Beauty Cordless Curling Iron & Wand, which you can also see the review of here on the channel I got to spend a few glorious weeks with them and here’s what I found.

Review: Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus

This Flat Iron has 1” titanium rose gold plates and like a lot of these stylers can also be used to curl or wave hair too. That’s likely that the Plus in the name refers to.

Lunata beauty, flar iton, curling iron, wand, styler, plus, review, how to, temperature

There’s some enticing prospects to this device. For starters it’s that lack of cords. You have so much more freedom without them and thats something I noticed right away. The Lunata Flat Iron heats up to 450 F and will last up to 45 minutes on a full charge.
The Flat Iron comes with a USB-C charging cable and a silicone sleeve that lets you safely transport it while it’s hot.

I will say the product is lovely; the black and rose gold design is sleek and pretty, and the rose gold carries to the heating plates too.

Heating time Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus

The iron heats up fairly fast; it took longer to get up to temperature than my plug-in Conair did. The Conair is ready in about 45 seconds, while the Lunata took about three minutes to come to the same temperature. Perhaps not surprising for a battery powered device, but worth being aware of.

Battery life & Charging of Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus

I did find that the predicted run time of 45 minutes was about right in my testing. There also appears to be no auto shut off so it’s pretty easy to deplete your battery if you forget to turn it off.

Charging takes 2-3 hours, which does seem really long, in my opinion. But it is what it is. The other part I don’t love about that long charge time is the manual says you can’t use it while it’s charging, so that’s a bummer.

Lunata beauty, flar iton, curling iron, wand, styler, plus, review, how to, temperature

The other thing I noticed which I didn’t love is that the Flat Iron really only lasts for two days worth of styling (at about 20 minutes per session) before it needs to be plugged in and recharged. A few times I was caught off guard, and the iron’s battery died without warning, leaving me with only three quarters of my hair done. A proper low battery warning, or a countdown timer would be a nice addition here. I guess I could also keep it plugged in or plug it in overnight, but that takes planning and/or clutters up the bathroom counter.

Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus: Heat levels

During my first uses I set the iron temperature but felt like it wasn’t as hot as my regular iron. I quickly figured out why. The Lunata, despite being a Canadian company, only displays the temperature in Fahrenheit, so I had to do some quick math to get the temperature to translate.

My regular setting of 220C on the Conair is 425F on the Lunata. (Max heat on my Conair is 235C which is 455F, so the Lunata comes close to this.)

Buttons & controls

This device, unlike the Lunata Curling Iron doesn’t have an auto lock for the buttons, so it’s definitely possible to nick them and change your heat setting while using it. That happened to me a lot in the early days of my testing. The only remedy is to adjust technique and take care to avoid hitting them. Not great, but what can you do.

Lunata beauty, flar iton, curling iron, wand, styler, plus, review, how to, temperature

Styling results: Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus

Once I found my true heat settings the Styler Plus worked like a dream. It got good and hot, and it was able to give me sleek, straight layers.

Using it as a curling iron worked well too, though the slightly squared edges meant I needed to take care not to get boxy curls. Some Flat Irons have a more rounded design that is more conducive to curls and waves, but this one obviously doesn’t. It’s easy top give yourself tight curls, or less pronounced waves, depending on your technique.

The Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus is quite portable. You could drop it in your bag to give yourself a wireless touchup during the day or before an evening outing.

Lunata beauty, flar iton, curling iron, wand, styler, plus, review, how to, temperature

Overall review: Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus

Overall this flat iron has some pretty great features and it will be a dream gadget for a lot of us. The lack of cord is huge. The heat settings are just what the stylist ordered, and the results are great. I also really like that the flat iron and the curling wand use the same charger, so you could pack both tools and just one cord. It’s also dual voltage so you can take it with you if you travel.

On the downsides of this device? I would be nice to be able to use it plugged in in a pinch, particularly since it takes so long to recharge. Locking buttons would also be on my wish list. I’d also like a bit of a longer lasting battery or a countdown timer so I know if my iron has enough juice to style my hair for the day.

But overall I can recommend the Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus as your new styling tool, particularly if you’re looking to cut the cord. I also want to give a shout out to Lunata’s beauty products. I tried their hair spray and dry shampoo and they are ridiculously good quality and they smell amazing.

Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron Styler Plus sells for about $185USD and you can get it from Lunata or places like Amazon and Best Buy.

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