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ring, video, doorbell, 3, plus, review, differenceI’ve had a Ring Video Doorbell installed in my home since the first generation version came out years ago. Recently Ring has updated its Doorbell to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. I’ll take a look at what’s new in this version, why you might want to upgrade and the overall quality and how easy it is to set up and use.

What is Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus?

This is the newest video doorbell option from Ring. There’s a few new features in the 3 Plus:

New features in Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Snapshot Cam

Snapshot Cam will record still images of your property throughout the day. This allows you to review what’s happened in front of your devices in between events.
The images taken by the snapshot capture feature are added to your timeline along with the videos taken during motion events and Live View. That way you can scan through a single timeline and get a good overview of what’s happening around your home.

Pre-Roll Video

Pre-Roll video is new with Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. It starts recording before you get notified of motion or before someone Rings your doorbell. It essentially extends the length of your recorded videos, and to save battery life, Pre-Roll video is black and white and silent, and it only works when its light out.

Battery or Hardwire in one

The great thing about this Doorbell version is that you can install it using the battery or hard wire it in. Previous versions meant you needed to choose one device or the other.

Rechargeable Battery pack

This version of the Doorbell (like the Doorbell 2) has a removable battery pack so you can recharge easily. In my previous experience the batter lasts around 2-3 months on a single charge, but this does depend on the number of rings and how often it trips motion.

ring, video doorbell, camera, 3, plusStronger Signal

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus has a stronger connection than previous versions. With Dual band Wi-Fi the connection should be more reliable than ever.

Record, download and save videos: What is Ring Protect?

In order to get the most from your Ring Video Doorbell and cameras, you should know you’ll probably want to enable Ring Protect. Ring Protect is a monthly plan that allows you to save and view recordings from your devices. Prices range from about $5 to $15/month and there’s no contract required so you can cancel it any time.

There is a free version that lets you vies your camera’s live feed, but you won’t have access to recordings of previous events. The details of the different Ring Protect plans can be found here.

ring, video, doorbell, 3, plus, reviewHome security all in one easy app

One of the best features about Ring’s home security devices, in my opinion is their integration and management all from one app. You can link your lights to your doorbells or cameras so that if motion is detected, all your Ring lights will turn on, or if the lights detect the movement, you can have the cameras start rolling. You can see every one of your devices from inside the Ring app. It’s easy to manage and configure everything there.

What is new Ring Chime Pro?

New Ring Chime Pro is an optional add-on device for your Ring Video Doorbell. There’s the Chime Pro and the ‘new’ Chime Pro. The new version is a little cleaner and nicer designed and does away with the spacey antennae that used to adorn the original version.

The new version is three things. First, it’s an audible doorbell speaker—without one, the only way you get doorbell alerts is to the app on your phone. So Chime Pro lets you hear the doorbell if you’re not near your phone. It’s actually quite handy. There are over 30 doorbell chimes to choose from and you can adjust the volume to your needs.

You can set Chime Pro up to not only send a Chime tone when someone presses your Video Doorbell but also if motion is detected on your Security Cams, if you want that.

ring, video, doorbell, 3, plus, review, chime proChime Pro is also a Wi-Fi extender so your Ring devices have better, stronger connectivity.

It’s also a built-in automatic nightlight.

Link a Chime to your Doorbell

If you have a Chime or Chime Pro you’ll want to link it to the doorbell so you’ll hear any rings from Chime’s speaker.

To do it, set up your Video Doorbell first, then choose the Linked Chimes button in the settings and enable the audio.

What is the difference between this Chime Pro and the previous generation?

The main differences are the new Chime Pro has dual-band 2.4GHz & 5GHz wifi connectivity (vs 2.4GHz only), an updated, sleek design with a built-in nightlight, and guided feedback during the setup process to help you find the best location for your Chime Pro.
Both generations of Chime Pro are compatible with all existing Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, plug into standard wall outlets, extend wifi coverage specifically for Ring devices, and let you hear real-time notifications anywhere in your home.

ring, video doorbell, camera, 3, plusSet up Ring Video Doorbell

Getting this doorbell set up was simple. The last time I set up a Ring Doorbell for my in-laws, it was fussy and took numerous attempts, so I’m happy to report this one set up easily on the first try.

First make sure you have the Ring app and an account so you’re ready to sign up of log in. All you need to do is fully charge the battery and insert it into the doorbell. You’ll hear the device power up. Then go to the app and choose ‘add device’ and follow the instructions.

Set up Chime Pro

Setting up Chime Pro was easy also. Just plug it into an AC plug in a central hallway and it will power up. Use the Ring app to enable it and choose your settings including the sounds and volume. Ine was ready to go in seconds, and then I was also able to connect my other new Ring devices to it for stronger connectivity.

ring, video, doorbell, 3, plus, reviewUsing Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

What can I say about using this device; it’s easy, convenient and does exactly what it says it does. You can answer a ring to your Doorbell, and see and speak with whoever’s there. You’ll get notified of motion and it’ll be recorded, so even if someone doesn’t ring the bell, you can still see them and communicate.

Adjustable Motion Alerts

Your Ring cameras are designed to alert you to movement on your property. You’ll get an alert to your phone whenever the camera senses motion. You can configure exactly where the alerts are detected, and you can disable the area in front of a a busy public sidewalk for example, or your dog run. You can also adjust motion sensitivity to alert you to any movement, or just major ones.

Should I upgrade my old Ring Doorbell?

If you already own a Ring Doorbell and it’s working fine, you probably don’t need to upgrade just yet, unless you need those additional features like the Pre-Roll alerts or if you’re having connectivity concerns. If you’ll be making a new purchase this is a great device to start you off.

Shared Users

Heading out for a vacation and want to let a neighbour keep watch over your home too? You can add Shared Users in the Control Center. With a few taps you can give access to certain cameras, doorbells, or to your whole home. You can revoke the access at any time.

ring, video, doorbell, 3, plus, review, alexa, amazonAdding Alexa to Ring: see Ring cameras on Echo Show

One of the great options with Ring is the ability to connect the cameras and doorbells with Amazon Alexa so you can get voice control or remote viewing using an Amazon smart device with a screen.

If you have a newer Echo Show device, great news, the device will be automatically added to your account, so you can just say, “Show me the Front Door” when someone rings and the feed will pop up on screen.

If you do need to do a manual set up, you can enable Ring as a skill inside the Alexa app.

Overall Review Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus & Chime Pro

Overall I’m happy with the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. The video quality is great, it’s easy to communicate, and I do like the option of having the Cloud to access videos.

The rechargeable battery lasts for months, which is great and I love being able to use my Amazon Echo Show to view the cameras without needing to reach for my phone. Downsides? I can’t think of any. Ring makes really great quality, reliable, easy to use home security products.

When it comes to the new Chime Pro, I think it’s a great addition to the kit. I’ve never had one before, and I like now being able to hear the doorbell when my phone isn’t handy. I feel like it’s also helping with the overall connectivity of my (now extensive) Ring home security system. I also like the new more minimalist design a lot better.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus sells for about $249, plus the cost of a Ring Protect if you want it, and I do recommend it. The new Chime Pro costs about $40.

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